The Menorca of the Menorcans ... and those who want to be


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The quietest island in the Mediterranean still has hidden corners, coves where you want to reserve a piece on the shore and places to wish it is summer all year. You just had to meet a Menorcan to have the best road map.

It is to set foot in Menorca and know that you are in paradise. And because summer on this island of the Balearic Islands is the most literally Mediterranean . It has little to do with the older sister Mallorca, much less with the furthest Ibiza, the rebel and mainstream sister.

Menorca is calm from minute one and melancholy from the minute you leave, because you're going to want to come back. In the summer months it is when its waters are more crystalline but it is also the months when finding a haven of peace is complicated. But it is enough to take paper and pencil to realize that escaping the fuss is possible.

Aquí se trata de encontrar el lugar de relax perfecto

This is about finding the perfect place to relax © Getty Images

Citadel is the popular Menorca in San Juan, while Mahón, in the distance of its 45 kilometers apart, will be closing the summer season in September with the last fuss. Or so those who come from outside think, because the Menorcans know that their best corners are still almost inhospitable .


To sleep, any mahonés will tell you that it is better to stay in one of the boutique hotels that we find in the center of the capital of the island or its surroundings. Many dot different streets of the historic center, and because of its location and its careful decoration, make you want to return in autumn or spring, when the island is only for a few.

Jardí de ses Bruixes - and its wonderful patio-, Casa Ládico or Síndic Hotel are some examples. Many of these buildings are cataloged for their architectural value, so it is worth covering themselves with the sheets of one of these small hotels.

Ciudadela, Menorca, o la vida imparable

Citadel, or unstoppable life © Getty Images

Casa Ládico, for example, dates from the mid-nineteenth century and there was born the Greek newspaper La Ládica, which arrived on the island in 1753. If the Italians are from Ibiza, the Greeks from Menorca. Another example is the Jardí de ses Bruixes, whose lands belonged to the Church and which, due to consequences of life, ended up in the hands of the cousin of Don Francesc Femenías Fábregues . Any Minorcan of a lifetime will tell you that he is the first architect of Menorca.

Precisely Femenías Fábregues was the author of the markets of Mahón and Ciudadela, and that of Mahón - with views of one of the largest ports in Europe - the Menorcans meet every Saturday .

Jardí de ses Bruixes

Its wonderful inner courtyard and the style of its rooms, do everything © Facebook / Jardí de ses Bruixes


In the Mercat d'es peix, life is celebrated with ointment - local brandy, the Xoriguer, with lemonade -, skewers, and any delicious snack ahead. Of course, Mahón cheese and sobrasada cannot be missing.

If you thought that there was atmosphere in the Barley Market in Madrid, it is because you have not been to this Menorcan market where music and drink are distilled in equal parts. There is no plan more mahonés than enjoy a Saturday in this corner.

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And continue it in Sa Bodega . If you had some islander parents, they would tell you: Seny! before a plan of this caliber. Although for jaleo - it is called that, literally -, its well-known summer parties that are spread every weekend by different localities of the island … And in its squares, popular music resonates while the horses walk and jump in them.


Menorca is known for its beaches, and beyond the classic ones - Cala Macarella and Macarelleta, to give an example-, there are natural corners that are worth knowing. Just take the car or a motorcycle to arrive in the blink of an eye to Eden .

A few steps, literal, from the famous and busy Binibeca we find the small town of Binisafua . And at the foot, Ses Olles, pot-shaped rocks that overlook the sea, where many Menorcans have embraced the sea for the first time.

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Sitting on its rock steps, jumping into the water, and watching the path of white houses that runs along the coast while the sun sets, is a pleasure that only a few live.

A few steps from Ses Olles is the Binisafua Maritime Club, which with its instagrammable doors in different shades of blue, becomes a perfect setting not only to take a picture, but also to enjoy any snack while listening to your neighbors Table talk in menorquin. Or as Joan Pons sings: "escort is vent that of Menorca t'arriba …".

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After bathing and sleeping, it is time to fill the stomach . Soaking up the hippy spirit that Ibiza breathes is possible in Paput, possibly the best known burgers in this area of ​​Menorca . A hippy kiosk where from time to time, there are parties, and where it is possible to eat and also have a drink.

Full of saltpeter, devouring a hamburger and a cold beer becomes the best pleasure in the world. This is enjoyed with views of the port of Mahón.

Paput alt=

Paput: saltpeter, beer and hamburger © Paput

If you want a table and tablecloth, a Menorcan will tell you to go through El Rais, of the owners of Ses Forquilles (it is also an option). The best? Your views and that asking for rice for one here is possible.

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The pleasure of enjoying a paella pan will be one of your Menorcan experiences . If you prefer to eat in the middle of the field, point out the cuisine of Bread and Wine, Sa Pedrera d'es Pujol and La Caraba . To end the day, an alternative night plan to the already beaten Cova d'en Xoroi ? The concerts in Sa Terrassa des Claustre, through which Love of Lesbian or Juanito Makandé have passed. This year they will be trodden by Iván Ferreiro or the Mahon jazz pianist Marco Mezquida.

Cova d'en Xoroi

Cova d'en Xoroi © Getty Images


Another of these essential experiences is getting lost on its beaches . A thought that you put the first one in the suitcase. Forget the most classic. Menorca is fortunate to be an island of contrasts, and has corners wet by the sea in which silence is breathed. Cala Tortuga, near the Favaritx Lighthouse, requires a small crossing with breathtaking views.

Cala Tortuga, Menorca

Cala Tortuga, Menorca © Alamy

A few kilometers from Mahón, the Menorcans bathe in Sa Mesquida –ojito, they rest the saltpeter in the kitchen of Cap Roig or Ca'n Bernat des Grau- … And if a native wants to surprise you, he will tell you to go to Watch the sunset at Cala Cavallería . It will be like being on Mars and in paradise at the same time.

Sa Mesquida, Menorca

Sa Mesquida, Menorca © Alamy

If we want more examples of where to place the towel, there are La Vall, Cala Pilar, Cala Pregonda. Another option? A good excursion by cam de cavalls to Cala Escorxada from the virgin beach of Binigauss … To complete the list of corners on the map for the next visit.

Cala Escorxada

Scorxada Creek © Getty Images

And when you return, leave it in the hollow suitcase to fill it not only with local products ( cheese, sobrasada, camot, carnixua, ensaimadas … ), also with clothes and decoration of one of the stores in the capital of the island. Aim La Cerería or Kala, to get carried away by that boho and relaxed style that is breathed in this corner of the Balearic Islands. You cover them as footwear - which are not Menorcan - are taken for granted.

That of "wherever you do what you see" - he pronounced himself in Rome the first time and it was something like Cum Romae fueritis, Romano vivite more - it should be pronounced, in Menorcan, yes, once he sets foot on the island and you notice the moisture in the skin. Swim against the tide, in the most literal way. It will make you soak up the spirit of the island and want to return when there is nobody. Gone.

Cala Macarelleta

Cala Macarelleta © Getty Images