Four essential restaurants to know the province of Albacete


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Our bar (Mayor Conangla, 102 tel. 967 24 33 73) $$ - $$$

Traditional cuisine. Theirs is a local proposal without useless concessions, tasty, simple and well crafted.

Everything in this place conveys history and roots : from the beautiful building to the bar area, through which the restaurant is accessed, also passing through the custom of welcoming the client with a glass of Albacete crow.

Attention to your garlic slaughter. Atascaburras, ruffles crumbs, garlic and brains tortilla, battered lamb hands or pickled red partridge shape a card centered on the most immediate recipe book and in which there is also a good selection of sweets as usual. An attentive and classic service.

Ask for their pots of the day: village pot, lamb stew, oxtail or partridge beans, among others.

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Maralba (Violeta Parra, 5 tel. 967 31 23 26) $$$$

Creative cuisine, with an aesthetic and finesse that is much appreciated for these parts.

Does your Michelin star surprise you? Not so much for those who have seen the evolution of this restaurant over time and the efforts of Fran Martínez (in the kitchen) and his wife, Cristina (in the room) to bring it to fruition.

The basis of its creation is Mediterranean cuisine, La Mancha and product and season, with fixation by fish and cephalopods. The menu is always a surprise, literally. Do not miss your cheese cart, probably the best selection in the region.

Mesón de Pincelín (Las Norias, 10 tel. 967 34 00 07) $$$$

It is one of the references of the most classic cuisine of the Manchego East. Founded by Pascual Blanco "Pincelín" and his wife Josefa, it is their children Diego and Pedro who run this house today.

In addition to the classic stews of the area, it is known for its excellent selection of seafood and mojamas, served both in the restaurant and in its popular bar.

Pickled partridge salad; stuffed potato gratin; tuckling of a suckling kid with garlic; Gachamigas with tripping. You have to try their Manchego gazpachos: with rabbit, chicken, pigeon, chanterelles and snails.

Mesón de Pincelín

Pincelín Inn. Almansa © Mesón de Pincelín


Saffron (Avda. Reyes Católicos, 71 tel. 967 14 52 98) €€€

Contemporary kitchen. About to turn a decade, it is a restaurant of local recipes with a moderate dose of reasoned update.

Teresa Gutiérrez has a solid track record (Riff or La Sucursal, in Valencia; El Faro del Puerto, El Puerto de Santa María) and with training in dietetics and nutrition, aspects that are reflected in her offer, articulated through a letter and menu tasting Meatballs of ratatouille vegetables; Homemade pork loin with sweet salmorejo; vintage crumbs with grapes, sardines and bacon; Tiznao cod with stew of tripe and pine nuts.

Special attention is paid here to local wines and artisan-made Manchego cheeses.

€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

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