Fireworks and music over the ocean: Madeira receives summer!


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During the month of June, Madeira boils activity. Markets, theater, concerts, fairs, parades, dance … take their streets within the framework of the Atlantic Festival with which the island welcomes the summer.
And it is so, in this climate of celebration, where Saturday nights are eagerly awaited, since that is when the festival reaches its peak of beauty in the form of pyromusial shows.

Around 10:30 p.m., the Pontinha's outer dock darkens to gradually light up with the sparkles of fireworks that are launched at the rhythm of the music.

Fuegos artificiales y música sobre el océano: ¡Madeira recibe el verano!

Every Saturday in June, its night sky lights up © Madeira Promotion Association

Each of these interventions is carried out by different pyrotechnics companies from all over the world that display their know-how to get the trophy awarded by the spectators. For this, a popular vote is held online and through the posts placed in Funchal (the city quay on the day of the show, La Vie, Marina Shopping and the Tourist Office of Avenida Arriaga).
Thus, after the Spirit of life on June 9 by the Austrian Fire Events, this Saturday, it is the turn of the South African Fireworks for Africa with its African Pride . On June 23, Pirotecnia Reyes (Mexico) will try to impress the public with Fiesta with firework ; and the closing of day 30 will be a thing of the Portuguese Macedo's Pyrotechnics and its Epic .

Fuegos artificiales y música sobre el océano: ¡Madeira recibe el verano!

In Madeira, summer begins like this © Madeira Promotion Association