The other Spanish islands to discover


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In the almost 6000 kilometers of the coast of Spain there are few places to conquer. The sun, the beach and the Swedes have made, more or less successful, the national coast is a paradise for vacationers of all kinds.

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The secret islands of Spain

And yet, these 12 islands of the 164 that our geography has, remain silent, solitary, virgins at 99% and with that status of legend, as if from one day to another they appeared between the tides and the sailors of the area will keep the secret of their intermittency.

Cabrera alt=

Cabrera, a miniature Mallorca with hardly any tourist vices © Getty Images

It is time to discover them, to fix the anchor on their docks and walk them with a certain spirit of Hernán Cortés but without holocausts. At the end of the day, neither Google Maps nor Google Street View give many clues about them more than their shape and the occasional sneak peek over the few remains of a passing civilization.

Because, in the warm months, these places are revealed, that halo of secrecy and legend are removed to receive ships, expeditions and adventurers who, in some way, live a different excursion without giving up tanning, bathing in the sea, to water sports and contact with nature.

Come on, an opportunity to get to know that Spanish coast before the brick boom, European tour operators and the polyglot menus with which to make your vacation, at least, more original.

Isla de Lobos (Fuerteventura)

Isla de Lobos: one of the most original ways to spend a day in the Canary Islands © Getty Images

* Article initially published on 06.11.2018

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The secret islands of Spain