The language, the main barrier to travel of the Spanish


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What exactly worries us and prevents us from taking full advantage of our trips, launching 100% and feeling citizens of a place called world ? What slows our desire to travel without limits?

Language. Although it sounds superfluous and simple, it turns out to be one of our worst enemies and one of the impediments to travel as evidenced by a study . According to him, in which 20, 500 travelers from all over the world have participated and the one that has been carried out to know the barriers and concerns that prevent taking full advantage of each trip, it is confirmed that " 64% of Spanish travelers believe that they do not take advantage of everything your trips could. "

But it is not because we are not looking forward to it with all our strength: the study also confirms that "62% of Spaniards are interested in knowing new cultures", be it their local dishes, their places or their people.


There is something inside us that wakes up that wanderlust spirit and that makes us want to go to the other side of the world, but when we are going to take the step … what stops us? Are we afraid of the new and the different? Is it the trip or is it us? 15% of Spanish travelers have never felt that they have unlimited opportunities during their vacations, the largest gap being that of the language.

The last study carried out by certifies it: "language is still a barrier for 20% of Spaniards when traveling", 20% take the language barrier as if it were the Winterfell wall . Did Willy Fog know how to speak all the languages ​​of the world?

Also, to a lesser extent, the difficulty they think they have in finding accommodation (33%) or having to face something unknown during those days (19%) is taken into account.

Tenemos un sinfín de oportunidades más que antes para organizar un viaje

We have endless opportunities more than before to organize a trip © Booking


The survey shows that all is not lost, gentlemen. 36% would eliminate these barriers if they found good accommodation options and, of course, it is very recurrent to know the opinions of other travelers to follow the same path.


Let us not think that this wanderlust spirit to which we refer belongs to a small part of the population: it is not only in the genes of Generation Z (half of the respondents between 18 and 24 years are eager to make a route by car).

Se ha observado un aumento en el número de personas que viajan solas

There has been an increase in the number of people traveling alone © Booking

This spirit is also found among those who are between 55 and 64 years old (the so-called Baby Boomers): 44% of Baby Boomers would prefer to live a sabbatical year, and they also see an increase in the number of people traveling Alone to overcome the limitations, more than half of the respondents have already done so and it has been in the last year. Traveling without limits is not old, of course.


Are we the Spanish adventurers? Or are we a cradle with buts? The truth is that dreaming that they do not take it away from us, “organize a sabbatical trip (49%), take a long distance train route (46%) or take a surprise trip (44%), are the main escapes I would like to live the Spaniards even if they don't dare ”, this is demonstrated by the survey.

In fourth and fifth place are the wishes to make volunteer trips (43%) or trips to meet local communities (39%).

However, with what we dare and practice all the time, they are camping trips (59%), last minute trips (37%) or car routes (34%). 30% of Spaniards do fulfill their desire to travel long distance by train and another 30% embark on "gourmet adventures." These types of trips affirm "that they were allowed to live a complete experience, " which they would repeat.

A muchos de los encuestados les gustaría hacer un viaje de larga duración en tren

Many of the respondents would like to take a long train journey © Booking


We are in front of the computer, one hundred open tabs, twenty maps, fifty guides with 'everything you should do', but … "I still do not have it completely clear." Does the excess of information paralyze us? The recent survey shows that every time technologies put us on a tray, and yet it seems that we continue to doubt the chef, looking for the fine print.

More than half of respondents admit to using technology frequently during the trip. Your best companion or maybe the one who can't fail.

A muchos de los españoles les gustaría tener un año sabático

Many of the Spaniards would like to have a sabbatical year © Booking