This week Salamanca will shine more than ever and you can't miss it!


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Salamanca once again hosts the Luz y Vanguardias Festival, an event where creativity and talent will illuminate the most emblematic buildings in the city.

On the facades of the capital of Salamanca , works by national and international artists, others submitted to competition and artistic and documentary proposals developed by students of the two universities will be screened .

Luz y Vanguardias

Salamanca shines brighter than ever this weekend © Ángel Llopis


The Luz y Vanguardias route will take us through five of the most iconic places in the city, starting at the Plaza Mayor, where the international video-mapping contest will be held , projected on the facade of the City Hall.

The novelty of this year will be the incorporation of the Monterrey Palace, which will serve as a canvas for Juan López's VTR work .

The Cantabrian artist defines his work from three elements: city, subjectivity and power. VTR is based on the relationship between architecture and writing, taking the Vítores as a starting point, a very characteristic element of the city's history.

Luz y Vanguardias

Workshops, exhibitions and performance complete the Luz y Vanguardias offer © Ángel Llopis

Von Berner will apply the Bechdel test to the historic facade of the University of Salamanca with the work Veravenus. This test measures the active presence of female characters in the cinema as well as the importance of their roles.

In this case, it is verified that, of the 26 human representations of this facade, 21 are masculine and 4 or 5 feminine.

The New Cathedral, in Anaya Square will be the space dedicated to Ouroboros, by Charles Sandison. The Scotsman will combine computer-generated artificial life algorithms in real time with medieval alchemy. Thus, an amazing mystical illumination of the 2.0 era will be created.

The Valencian Eugenio Ampudia will display all his talent in the convent of San Esteban with a work entitled Reality is not essential, which will explain how art reduces the coefficient of need to practically zero.

Finally, the pieces made by the students of the University of Salmanca (USAL) and the Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA) will be presented on the Casa de las Conchas .

Luz y Vanguardias

The most emblematic buildings will serve as canvas for national and international artists © Getty Images


Since last year, Luz y Vanguardias incorporates the + LUZ section, a cultural program in which the main artistic spaces, both traditional and alternative, of Salamanca participate.

The participants last year are joined by three more, forming a wide range of workshops, exhibitions, film projections and audiovisual and gastronomic performances.

“A festival like Luz y Vanguardias has to project abroad not only the monumentality and history but also the artistic pulse of this city always interested in the contemporary trends of each of its periods, ” explains Alberto Mariñas, director of Luz y Vanguardias.

Luz y Vanguardias

A magical journey with light as the protagonist © Getty Images

The DA2 contemporary art center has prepared a matinee dedicated to video art on Saturday, June 16 at 10 a.m., which will begin with a workshop on the software Processing and culminate with the audiovisual performance of the artists Marta Verde and Mounqoup.

Until July 30, the Adora Calvo gallery will exhibit the Circulatory System project, by the Brazilian digital sculptor Anaisa Franco, from June 13 to July 28 .

The multidisciplinary space Nuca will present LUZAZUL, from the Madrid photographer and video artist Irene Cruz, a night exhibition of dreamlike and surrealist style. From 22 to 1 h. as of June 13.

Luz y Vanguardias

This year, the Monterrey Palace joins the tour of a festival that leaves no one indifferent © Ángel Llopis

For its part, the foundation of the Salamanca sculptor Venancio Blanco, who died this year, pays homage to him by projecting a 3D piece dedicated to his work.

The Sausage will present the exhibition ZUL of the artist Rafa Sendín and NOLUZ, dark dinners by chef Juanma Melchor. Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16 at 9:30 p.m., € 30 per guest.

And we continue to eat with Bruma Marina, the proposal of the restaurant En la Parra. A gastronomic performance that will take place on Saturday, June 16 at 10 p.m. and Sunday 17 at 2:30 p.m.

Finally, the La Calcografía gallery will be transformed into a dark room to show small pieces with the light as the protagonist.

Luz y Vanguardias

Anaya Square during the previous edition © Getty Images