Three crazy flavors you can try in Madrid


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At the table, as in life, we like to be surprised. We are bored of the cloned letters to exhaustion and those noon menus that have used up their weekly magic formula. Now the jack, horse and king no longer serves us. We live an unprecedented gastronomic explosion and we are not willing to accept 'chicken' as a companion animal every day.

That is why, increasingly, restaurants seek to feed on products or raw materials that differentiate them and make them peculiar. A culinary innovation that we are seeing especially in vegans, worried about decorating their recipe book, either with kale in their salads, romancesco in their accompaniments or chia seeds as the final touch.

And what about the meat? It is possible that abroad to eat rabbit meat is something very exotic, but - whether it is garlic, tomato or rice stew - for us it is a Sunday classic. I don't tell you anything anymore if we talk about the pig, from which we eat up to the hooves, yes, but remember: (except in the form of Jabugo ham) "how tired" says the saying.

If the same thing happens to you and you are looking for new taste sensations, different and alternative flavors, yours are exotic meats. Today they may seem crazy, but we are sure that sooner or later they will find their place in the profiles of the 'foodinstagramers' advantageous.

Mesa en el restaurante Sasha Boom, que en junio celebra el mes del curry. Reserve

Table at the Sasha Boom restaurant, which in June celebrates the month of curry. © Sasha Boom


If you live in Madrid, surely you have already been in the restaurant Sasha Boom (Raimundo Fernández Villaverde 26) letting you be seduced by its mixed race cuisine with Asian and Peruvian influences. And, although you should return as soon as possible because they have renewed their menu with proposals such as Laksa Soup or Duck Ravioli with Peking Sauce, what really interests us this week (June 11-17) is to talk about their crocodile curry.

Within the month dedicated to curry, chef Luis de Los Ríos has devised this unique recipe in which the crocodile (a healthy meat for having high content of Omega 3 type fatty acids) is marinated in rice and ginger vinegar, cooked to Low temperature and accompanied by a sauce based on green chilli, chili thay, onion, lemon grass, coriander and cashew nuts.

Ancas de rana maridadas en soja y sake con salsa de mango y habanero, en Amazónico.

Frog legs paired in soy and sake with mango and habanero sauce, in the Amazon. © Amazonian


No, definitely frog legs don't taste like chicken. The meat of this amphibian is smooth and tasty, but with its own personality. In the rural surroundings of western Castilla y León it is a well-known dish, but it is true that in Madrid there were not too many places to find them. He had to arrive in 2016 Amazon to remind us that it is an equal taste of homeland than white meat, although they give it an exotic and avant-garde polish.

In this restaurant at number 20 on Jorge Juan Street, what they have done is to sophisticate the appearance of frog legs so that they are more suggestive. Marinated in soy and sake, they are accompanied by mango and habanero sauce. Take advantage that you have the culinary creative day to also order the tandoori marinated wild boar sirloin steak marinated with white mole.

Cocina abierta del restaurante Amazónico, conocido por el exotismo de sus platos. Reserve

Open kitchen of the Amazonian restaurant, known for the exoticism of its dishes. © Amazonian


Many people go to the restaurant Dishes Rotos 39, Ferraz Street for its giant ostrich egg. Here the walk or not walks makes sense when in the middle of a paella pan a huge fried egg appears that occupies half of its diameter and that is not suitable for couples because of its disproportionate size (usually accompanied by fried potatoes, grilled vegetables and blood sausage).

But the dish that concerns us with its texture and flavor is the ostrich burger (they also have a wild boar or camel), which comes accompanied by lettuce, tomato, red fruits, Iberian pate and Parmesan flakes. With a taste very similar to beef, although a little more juicy on the palate, the best of all is its high content of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and Omega 3.

Hamburguesa de carne exótica en el restaurante Platos Rotos de Madrid. Reserve

Exotic meat burger in the Platos Rotos restaurant in Madrid. © Broken Dishes