Cala Saladeta: guide to use and enjoy this Ibizan paradise


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Imagine with a mojito in your hand, your feet submerged in turquoise waters, the aroma of pine trees mixed with the salt of the environment, music playing and the sun warming your skin. Then, someone approaches you while asking you: Do you want another cocktail? Yes, life in Cala Saladeta can be wonderful.

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For that natural environment, the incredible bluish and green tones of the Mediterranean, its atmosphere, the views of the islet of Sa Conillera, its sand, the golden hills … For only one of these reasons for all at the same time, this little piece of coastline is of Mandatory visit for anyone who approaches Ibiza for the first time.

Cala Saladeta: guía de uso y disfrute de este paraíso ibicenco

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There are few places on the island that offer so much in so little space and, therefore, Cala Saladeta and Cala Salada are two of the beaches with the largest influx of people.

A rock divides both coves. On the left, next to the parking access and the bus stop, extends Cala Salada. Its atmosphere is more familiar and has sun beds, umbrellas and pedal boats.

Its waters are emerald in color and there are numerous stones in the first meters of shore, so some booties will always come in handy (although you can survive without them). This beach sector is usually relatively quiet and is a great option to enjoy this natural corner with a little more calm.

To the right of the rock, however, extends one of the most famous beaches in Ibiza. It is called Cala Saladeta, although its denomination is often confused with its sister, Cala Salada.

It can be reached through the rocks, but the road has its dangers and it is always more advisable to do it on a path that is born behind the rocks. It is longer, but do not think about it because, in addition, it offers great panoramic views of the sea in which you are going to bathe. A final staircase takes you to the arena where, at almost any time of the day, the desire to party is noticeable in the environment.

Cala Saladeta: guía de uso y disfrute de este paraíso ibicenco

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If you have arrived early you will find some corner to locate your things and establish a base camp. If you have not done so, touch patience and search which browser. Always keep in mind that the sun sets in the west, so the closer you are to the pine forest that exists to the right of Cala Saladeta, the sooner the shadow will come in the afternoon. You decide if you want it or not.

The size of this calita is not particularly wide: of its nearly 100 meters long, only one third is about 20 meters wide, while the rest only reaches four or five.

Therefore, it is not difficult to find towels in unexpected places, such as the roofs of fishermen's huts or between the rocks. And be very clear: you would never lie down in such an unlikely place if it were not because you are in an Ibizan paradise and here any gap is good.

Once you find that clearing in the crowd, it's time to savor the bathroom in one of the most incredible environments in all of Ibiza. Just take some strokes (the water is barely sloping, so you will continue standing) to have a panoramic view of a paradise island. The reason is obvious: you are.

Las aguas de cala Salada

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Cala Saladeta has no services, but a series of people who make your life a little easier. And there are not only those who offer you a board to practice paddle surfing, there are also those who take care of selling you refreshing cocktails, approaching empanadas and other Argentine snacks and, depending on the day, offering you Ibizan dresses, sarongs and large scarves for your next beach break.

Of course, there is always the possibility of transporting your classic beach fridge that you must fill with ice if you want it to stay cold throughout the day. In it you can also store your food, and a sandwich or a rich Hawaiian poké that you can order to take in Poké Planet, in the center of Sant Antoni and with a delicious variety of bowls.

Whatever the chosen place or the way to spend the day, one thing you will always have assured: you will have spent the day in one of the most beautiful corners of the planet. And nobody will take that away from you.


CALA SALADA RESTAURANT. A step away from these two twin coves there is only this place to eat. Family-born, he was born in the 70s, when he was barely a kiosk in the middle of the sand. In 1982 he moved to his current location on the left side of Cala Salada. Until there a boat arrives every morning from the local Fishermen's Association loaded with the best fresh genus, with local species such as rotja, grouper, monkfish, San Pedro rooster or sirvia.

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With many of them they make a tasty peix bullit (fish stew) and their subsequent rice a band, in this case with sepia. "We also add potatoes and reduced aioli, " says Vicenta Riera, one of its owners.

There are many other options on the menu, ranging from a rich Ibizan lobster stew to a hamburger with potatoes and fried eggs. Taking any of these dishes on the terrace overlooking beautiful transparent waters is a unique experience for lunch or dinner. In season it opens every day and it is recommended to book in advance.

CAN POU. A little further up, just under two kilometers from the sand and right at the crossroads between the road to the beach and the Santa Agnès road, is another restaurant, Can Pou, which this summer celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

Its cuisine is a mixture of Ibizan, Scandinavian and French flavors. All this is because one of his chefs, Daniel Cardona, has Swedish ancestry and has studied at the Stockholm hospitality school; while the other half of the stove, Claire, comes from France and its owner, Juan Cardona, was born in Ibiza and brings the Mediterranean touch. "Here is the whole family in garlic and that gives the restaurant a very familiar and simple character, " Cardona says from the beautiful garden of the establishment.

Cala Saladeta: guía de uso y disfrute de este paraíso ibicenco

Paradise inside paradise © Café Restaurante Can Pou (Facebook)

An example menu can be formed by a homemade duck liver, herring and marinated salmon as starters and a great grilled Ibiza serving, to end with strawberries with cream or a fresh goat cheese with homemade fig jam. But there are also salads, baked cod with garlic and chilli, Swedish meatballs or scrambled eggs with sobrasada. You'll always find where to choose, except Mondays, staff rest day.


Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta offer a difficult picture to match, hence it is a place of pilgrimage at any time of the year.

In the cold months it will barely serve to make a nice photo of an empty beach that will work, yes or yes, on social networks. Its size does not allow long walks, nor its surroundings, so you can not do much more than enjoy the panorama and watch the sunset.

Spring and autumn are the moments to take advantage of good sunny days and find a place in the sand for the towel. In summer, yes, it's early to find it. Anyway, this little piece of coastline looks a lot like paradise, so at least you have to try.

Cala Saladeta: guía de uso y disfrute de este paraíso ibicenco

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By highway. Given its location on the outskirts of Sant Antoni de Portmany, the narrow road that must be taken and the steep final slope, reaching this beach by walking or cycling becomes almost utopian and quite dangerous.

The private vehicle is only an option in case of arriving very early in the morning or late at night: there is only a small parking lot that is filled very soon and, as soon as it does, access to more vehicles is prohibited to facilitate possible entry of emergency services and preserve the environment.

Hence the best idea is to take the bus, which passes every 15 minutes by the stop next to the Can Coix sports center, where there are many free parking places to leave the vehicle there. The trip takes just over five minutes and costs 1.90 euros each way. It works from mid-May to September 30.

By sea. For about five euros each way you can also reach Cala Salada by ferry. A 45-minute trip from the port of Sant Antoni also serves to reach this small paradise and, incidentally, to know the coast and the surroundings of the island from another point of view. There are several schedules that can be consulted here. And, if you feel like it, you can also arrive paddling by kayak.

Cala Saladeta: guía de uso y disfrute de este paraíso ibicenco

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