The library of the future is called Oodi and ... it has just opened its doors!


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There is a subject that should be included in all the Architecture faculties of the world - with permission from Urban Planning, Structures and Projects. It could be taken for a couple of days, a week or even a month, and even then, you would never finish studying.

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The best of all? You can take it on your own, because the subject we are talking about would be named as: 'Visit Helsinki'.

And it is that the Finnish capital overflows architecture and design by turning every corner, looking up, down, stepping on each of its museums, its galleries, its green areas and … its new library: Oodi, which has just opened its doors.

La biblioteca del futuro se llama Oodi y… ¡acaba de abrir sus puertas!

Oodi has opened its doors in Kansalaistori Square © Tuomas Uusheimo

The Helsinki Central Library project received more than 500 proposals from around the world. Finally, the Finnish studio ALA Architects was the winner of the contest.


The library, located in the heart of Helsinki, is a multifunctional space, open to all citizens from Monday to Sunday, born with the vocation of becoming the new central point of the city's impressive network of public libraries.

With an area of more than 16, 000 square meters, it has become the largest library in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and it is estimated that it will receive an average of 5, 000 visitors per day and 1.5 million per year.

“The basic services of the library will be free and public, ” says Jenni Pöyry, from Helsinki Marketing, to In addition, throughout the premises there are exclusive spaces for children, areas of silence and reading, and specific places for events.

In short, Oodi plans to be much more than a library with 100, 000 books, it will also be a meeting place, a reading house, an urban space, and even a masterpiece of modern architecture.


Helsinki residents have actively participated in the design of Oodi, expressing their wishes and needs.

"The Unel-moi! Campaign, carried out in 2013, received more than 2, 300 ideas from citizens for the design of the library, " they tell from Oodi.

La biblioteca del futuro se llama Oodi y… ¡acaba de abrir sus puertas!

The basic services of the library will be free and public © Tuomas Uusheimo

That same year, the Helsinki Central Library was one of the first to test the participatory budget, which allowed residents to decide which four pilot tests would receive 100, 000 euros of available funds.

But that's not the end: the Friends of the Central Library project collected the contributions of 28 developers on the design, functionality of services and events.

Why Oodi The name was born from a competition in which all citizens could participate and received 2, 600 proposals, 1, 600 of them with different names.

"The name selected by the jury, proposed by Mirja Lounameri, was finally Oodi, which means ode in Finnish, " explains Jenni.


Oodi has a glass and steel structure with a wooden facade, and each of its three floors has its own visual identity: an active ground floor, a quiet upper floor and an intermediate space between them with more specific functions.

"The distribution on three floors is executed by building the library as a bridge, supported by two steel arches, which covers more than 100 meters above the ground floor's open space, " they comment from ALA Architects.

"It is an innovative solution that creates a column-free zone to maximize program access and visibility within the public area, " they explain.

La biblioteca del futuro se llama Oodi y… ¡acaba de abrir sus puertas!

And if we stay to live here? © Tuomas Uusheimo

The library's ground floor houses an auditorium, an exhibition area, a family library area, cinemas, a cafeteria and a restaurant.

The intermediate floor, 'Attic', consists of irregularly shaped rooms, intended for learning and creativity. There will be exhibitions and workshops with the latest technology that will allow you to edit videos or even create objects with 3D printers.

On the top floor is the 'Book Heaven', a quiet area with panoramic views of the city center that corresponds to the traditional space to read or study under its roof in the form of a cloud.


Environmental efficiency reigns in the ALA Architects project, highlighting the use of natural materials such as local wood.

In addition, it has been built taking into account the climatic conditions of the city. The facade has been built with pre-assembled elements to insulate the building; and for the coating, first-grade Finnish spruce has been used, with a parametric 3D design.

* This article was initially published on 08.06.2018 and updated

La biblioteca del futuro se llama Oodi y… ¡acaba de abrir sus puertas!

Modern architecture was this © Tuomas Uusheimo

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