These are the maps of the 8 road trips you should do in the United States


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How does the seventh art make us dream! Climbed on a motorcycle or in a convertible, glued to glasses so that the sun does not prevent us from enjoying every detail of the journey and with the wind explaining to our mane what freedom means . A road trip in the purest American style is an experience we all want to live once in a lifetime.

From movies like Thelma and Louise to songs like 'Ride' by Lana del Rey are the culprits that we want grab a flyer and jump on the asphalt to discover, through sunrises and sunsets, the beauty of the spectacular landscapes of the United States : impressive national parks, desert stretches of reddish sand, flirty villages, large cities and beaches where you can reconcile with the world.

Therefore, for those looking to disconnect, live an adventure or an idyllic getaway, NeoMam Studios, in collaboration with the illustrator Ilias Sounas, has created 8 minimalist maps with the most iconic routes to travel the United States on wheels.

“We chose these 8 road trips because we think that together they provided a balanced perspective on the geography of the United States. They are also some of the most historic routes through a fascinating country, ”explains Mike Nudelman, CEO of NeoMam Studios, to

It is difficult to opt for one, each one has its appeal, but see for yourself. Ready to boot?

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Pacific Coast Highway

This road, which runs along the cliffs of the central coast of California, offers stunning views of the coast and its villages. The starting point is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco . Drive south, to the rhythm of The Beach Boys, until you reach Santa Cruz, where you still feel the spirit of the 60s.

Keep leaving your wake along the coast to Monterrey, here you can enjoy watching whales before heading to Big Sur, a mountain region that invites bohemian and hippie life. If you take the surfboard with you, the perfect stop for you is Malibu, it will conquer you with its stunning beaches. Live the night of Los Angeles and finish your road trip in the city of San Diego .

La carretera madre, la legendaria: la Ruta 66

The mother road, the legendary: Route 66 © NeoMam Studios

Route 66

This is the quintessential American road trip . Route 66 begins in Chicago and ends in California. Although the mother road ceased to be part of the United States road network because there were other alternative routes in better conditions, it remains one of the most iconic.

Let the Eisler Brothers Old Riverton store in Kansas, the Cadillac Ranch in Texas, the Painted Desert of Arizona or the ghost town of Calico entertain you along the way. Ah! And do not forget to get on the ferris wheel of Santa Monica when you finish the trip.

US Route 20

US Route 20 © NeoMam Studios

US Route 20

We present the longest road in America, for those who like to live to the limit. This road, which goes from coast to coast, runs from Boston to Newport, crossing the heart of the United States and passing through 12 states. First stop? The impressive Finger Lakes.

If you look at these lakes from above, they look like the fingers of one hand (hence the name). Halfway, take out the paleontologist you have inside and visit the Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park in Nebraska . Then, admire the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park and end up marveling at the stunning landscapes of Oregon.

“As a team, our favorite road trip is the US. Route 20 The coast-to-coast road is the longest road in America, covering an impressive one in 12 states. We still have not had the luck to make that road trip, but it is in our radars for 2019! ” NeoMam Studios confesses to

La ruta por los Cayos de Florida

The route through the Florida Keys © NeoMam Studios

Florida Keys

If you're looking for a quiet and inspiring road, get first in Miami and park in Key West. Explore the Everglades National Park before reaching Key Largo, the gateway to the paradisiacal Florida Keys.

Give yourself a gastronomic tribute in Marathon, cross the famous Seven Mile Bridge and let the turquoise waters, dolphins and tropical birds that you will find in the Lower Keys hypnotize you. Don't leave Key West without visiting the house where the writer Hemingway lived.

¿Un road trip hawaiano? ¡Hana Coast!

A Hawaiian road trip? Hana Coast! © NeoMam Studios

Hana Coast

Give your retinas relaxing views of black sand beaches and waterfalls . This route, which runs along 83 kilometers along the east coast of Maui (Hawaii), has a lot to offer: from the lush Garden of Eden, a botanical garden that appears in a scene from the movie Jurassic Park, to the spectacular Waianapanapa State Park.

“The United States has a very varied landscape : from arid deserts to beaches, through snowy and saline mountains below sea level. A road trip is the best way to understand how these lands blend together and appreciate the historical sites and interesting people that populate the landscape, ”says Mike Nudelman, CEO of NeoMam Studios, to

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway © NeoMam Studios

Blue ridge parkway

Nature everywhere . That's what you'll find if you choose the Blue Ridge Parkway route. This road connects two of the most popular natural parks in the United States : Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains. Beginning in Charlottesville, Virginia, this tour will guide you through postcard landscapes drawn by trails, forests, caves, mountains and waterfalls that will remain in your memory.

Four Corners: descubre el punto donde se unen Arizona, Utah, Colorado y Nuevo México

Four Corners: discover the point where Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico meet © NeoMam Studios

Four corners

In the southwest we find a unique mix of fascinating landscapes. This trip begins in Flagstaff and passes through places such as: the Petrified Forest National Park ; Monument Valley, a must see place; by the Four Corners Monument, the exact point where Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico meet ; the impressive mountains of San Juan ; and puts an end to the ski resort of Telluride.

Seward Highway

Seward Highway © NeoMam Studios

Seward Highway

Alaska is home to some of the most impressive landscapes in the United States. Although they are only two hours away, what we find on this road are authentic natural treasures.

The tour departs from Anchorage and crosses the cliffs of the Chugach State Park, the Portage Valley glaciers and the Canyon Creek lands (gold carriers). At the end of the road is the port city of Seward and Resurrection Bay, home to a wide variety of marine fauna.