This hotel is a circus!


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The curtain opens and a hotel of the Vincci chain redecorated by Alejandra Pombo appears … What is it? It is the Vincci Soho of the Barrio de las Letras that premieres interior design and does so with a lot of allusions to the artistic spirit of the area, the so-called Madrid Art Triangle.

Circus, theater, dreams … any imaginative detail related to the essence of what is the literary heart of Madrid has been shamelessly and without half measures by the young decorator, who claims to have used "objects that transport us to travel in time, at specific moments, such as a reception furniture in the entrance plafonado with an old finish, sconces that evoke at that same time, a metal structure with the old form of the entrances to the theaters, curtains type curtain, old theater seats as a seat Standby…".

A visual spectacle for the senses that is articulated around the bar-like bar. With her vivid colors and peculiar lighting, I ask Alejandra if she is her favorite part of the hotel because she is the most striking, but quickly - and with the diplomacy of a mother who is asked which of her children she wants more– He answers that every corner is unique and special.

La barra del bar con aspecto de carrusel articula el proyecto decorativo. Reserve

The carousel-like bar bar articulates the decorative project. © Vincci Hotels

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"Each space is exclusive and extraordinary, we cannot keep with just one, since everything has a common thread, but each one makes you live a different experience. At the entrance, it is worth mentioning as a surprise factor, the giraffe Lola, that you welcome in the hallway. The reception transports you to a bygone era with the design of a theater box office. Then there is the circular bar, which unifies all the areas, and the terraces, which surround you with domes decorated with plants ", Pombo reiterates.

The creative dialogue between all these environments is natural as well as magical, with full-bodied fabrics, unique furniture and a circus and theatrical staging: like the roof strings reminiscent of a stretch or a huge giraffe that comes from within of the wall.

La interiorista Alejandra Pombo, en el Vincci Soho.

The interior designer Alejandra Pombo, in the Vincci Soho. © Vincci Hotels

In the restaurant, NoMad Food & Bar, is where the current decorative influences and less surrealism and fantasy that lead the hotel renovation project are perhaps most noticeable.

"We have combined some lines that mark a" concept "of ancient theater with new trends, such as the corduroy fabric that we used to upholster part of the furniture, " explains the decorator formed in the study of Pascua Ortega.

In neutral tones and with a wallpaper exclusively for the restaurant with drawings of hummingbirds, the most outstanding part of the restaurant is its reserved with size for 16 cage-shaped diners, crowned by paper birds.

El restaurante NoMad Food&Bar tiene un reservado en forma de jaula coronada por pájaros.

The NoMad Food & Bar restaurant has a birdcage-shaped cage reserved. © Vincci Hotels

The Vincci Soho also has two terraces, one of them covered, invaded by elegant vegetation. In fact, the exterior boasts lush domes that open above the tables, inspired by the weeping willow tree, the romantic tree par excellence. When night falls and their lanterns come on they become idyllic and are the perfect place to have a drink or a cocktail during the hot summer months.

And the thing does not end there, since an original row of ants made by the Coolesguay brand in fiberglass, with metal legs and antennas, has been installed on its exterior facade.

Details and more archetypal details that make the new and renewed appearance of the Vincci Soho fit like a glove in which it is considered one of the most magical and theatrical neighborhoods of Madrid.

Terraza interior en el hotel Vincci Soho de Madrid.

Interior terrace at the Vincci Soho hotel in Madrid. © Vincci Hotels

Hormigas en la fachada exterior del Vincci Soho del Barrio de las Letras.

Ants on the exterior facade of the Vincci Soho of the Barrio de las Letras. © Vincci Hotels

Espectáculo de luces que recuerda a la tramoya de un teatro en el Vincci Soho.

Light show reminiscent of the stage of a theater in the Vincci Soho. © Vincci Hotels

Alejandra Pombo diseñó la recepción del hotel Vincci Soho como si fuera la taquilla de un teatro.

Alejandra Pombo designed the reception of the Vincci Soho hotel as if it were the ticket office of a theater. © Vincci Hotels