If you are in Madrid this weekend ... Stop by the Pez street parties!


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We are sorry sardine, this fish is very alive by its neighbors and there is no one to celebrate its burial. They celebrate the opposite, that this street has an enviable pace, and also some OWN HOLIDAYS.

From Friday June 8 until Sunday 10, a blue handkerchief is the only thing you need to decide to come and enjoy the Fiestas de la Calle Pez in the emblematic Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña .

So we prepare our party outfit and we will feel like little fish in the water on a street that could not bear another name.

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We feel this way when we enter a cafeteria out of the ordinary or we are conquered by the occasional tortilla skewer that will seem to us the best in Madrid in every bite. A hotel with a decoration that surrounds you , bookstores with thousands of books hidden in its recesses or avant-garde art galleries full of works with stories.

It has something so special … and it could not be less on a street where Clara Campoamor was born or some personalities such as Emilia Pardo Bazán, Luigi Boccherini, the painter of King Miguel Jacinto Meléndez or Rosalía de Castro lived .

This year it will be Pedro Bonet, director and soloist of the La Folía group and neighbor of the neighborhood, who gives the proclamation in Carlos Cambronero Square, where most of the activities will take place.

There will be workshops for painting, beading, bobbin lace, crochet …; concerts in which they will be interpreted from ballroom dancing to Madrid folk music, through classical music.

And for music that is not, because we can also attend the concerts of The Blue Mondays, Gut Dervy, Oliver Green, enjoy the country of Canyons and Butter, or Blue Deers and Bum Motion Club.

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Photoespaña will also have a place at these parties and will participate in the La Fiambrera art gallery, opening that same Friday , June 8 at 7:00 p.m. an exhibition: Dr. Case's Symbiosis.

In addition, the tracks will be animated with parades, puppet theater for the little ones, even a parade by the hand of Tarabbu Show and, of course, a host of activities that will always be mixed with craft beer routes, vermouth and cocktails (a special prices) in the local area.

At these parties a plaque will also be placed at number 13 of Pez Street in honor of Mortadelo and Filemón, since it was in that portal where the artist Ibáñez placed in his comics the office of these well-known characters. And the icing on the cake? A neighborhood paella to say goodbye to the holidays until next year, starting at 1 pm on Sunday, June 10.

Of course, there was a tribute to Casto Herrezuelo Lobete, from the emblematic El Palentino bar . Because El Palentino was not just any bar, but an entire institution in the Malasaña neighborhood.

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That we have not yet convinced you? In this street fit all kinds of activities and for all audiences. Also for the most daring and athletes there will be acrobatic football, by Paloma Pujol, the two-time world footbag champion.

Activities like Bollywood dances for the most international; games in Local Generation X (Puebla street, 15); performances, performances, talks about the neighborhood, clowns for the little ones and even an initiative supporting a good cause: the association Do not leave me alone for the defense of animals.

In addition, this year is special, because Malasaña has a preacher, a new project of Lope de Aixela, who will walk the first day of the holidays through the emblematic street. He is known for his 101-night project , in which he proposed to spend the night in 101 different houses in Malasaña to promote the escape from the isolation in which he said he lived.

Good places, great proposals and a better atmosphere make up the cocktail of the Pez Street parties whose complete program you can check here.

Cartel de las Fiestas de la Calle Pez 2018

Poster of the Fiestas de la Calle Pez 2018 © Somos Malasaña