Where to find the best dim sum in Hong Kong?


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"Get to the heart." This is how it translates from the Cantonese dim sum. Can there be a more poetic way of calling a food? Well, maybe yes. Bacon from heaven, but that's another story. Let's return to this delight of Cantonese cuisine, which has gradually become the Chinese cover par excellence.

Its peculiar aesthetics, its great diversity of flavors, masses and fillings are some of its great assets. It is said that there are up to 2, 000 varieties, which walk between sweet and savory. From breakfast to snack, also perfect for a brunch or a business lunch. Of course, always accompanied by tea, as tradition marks, since they were originally served in houses specialized in this drink.

Meats such as pork and veal or prawns are usually the most common fillings, wrapped in delicate and malleable steamed doughs and, rarely, fried. We travel to Hong Kong, the city of skyscrapers - with permission from New York - to find the best dim sum. A route that goes through the lowest cost restaurants, suitable for all budgets, even the most sophisticated. Directions in which both if you are local and western you can enjoy a delicious bite.

En Yum Cha te encontrarás con dim sum en forma de tortuga, de cerdito, de rosas, de zanahorias…

In Yum Cha you will find a dim sum in the form of a turtle, a pig, roses, carrots … © Yum Cha


The DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store is located in the working-class neighborhood of Jordan, where areas of interest such as Temple Street Night Market or Kowloon Park are located. A small but cozy restaurant that can go unnoticed by pedestrians, although their queues usually warn that something delicious is being cooked inside.

Whether you want to eat at your place or take them to take away, your menu has an infinite number of options. The most charismatic? Its sweet dim sum in the shape of a pig face. The challenge will be not to photograph them before eating them (26-28 Man Wui St, Jordan).

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Gastronomy and fantasy take shape in the fun and colorful handmade selection of dim sums of this restaurant. Turtles, carrots, roses, pigs, mustache faces … Imagination is the limit for Yum Cha's creative team.

They encourage diners to share their creations on Instagram before they bite. As they say “camera eats first”. And when they see their original dim sums, they don't lack reason (3 / F, 20-22, Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui).

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This hotel belonging to the Preferred Hotels & Resorts label and winner of the Workd Luxury Hotel Wards award in 2016 has five restaurants inside. We move to the fifth floor to get to know Kwan Cheuk Heen in depth, focused on the excellence and delicacy of Cantonese cuisine and with incredible views of the port of Hong Kong.

In the main room and in your private dining room, you can taste exquisite dim sum such as "steamed rice dumplings with marinated pork" and "steamed wild mushroom dumplings with black truffle" (mushroom dumpling) wild with black truffle), both awarded as the best dim sum dishes of 2015 and 2014, respectively, by the Hong Kong Tourism Board Best of the Best Food Award.

The gold brooch? The restaurant's own aesthetic, a renewed vision of traditional Chinese design in which its metal lanterns, mahogany walls and round doors stand out, and the possibility to taste its selection of premium teas and live an authentic live tea ceremony (23 Oil St, North Point).

Dumpling de langosta y cerdo al vapor con salsa XO de trufa negra, en el restaurante Kwan Cheuk Heen.

Steamed lobster and pork dumpling with black truffle XO sauce, in the Kwan Cheuk Heen restaurant. © Kwan Cheuk Heen


In the heart of Central, the financial district of Hong Kong and near The Mid-Levels Escalator, the longest escalator in the world, is the acclaimed The Landmark, Mandarin Oriental.

The elegant MO Bar is located on the ground floor, a temple of good taste that unites modernity and minimalism with the ancestral magic of Asia. Under the concept of all-day dining, in your letter you can find Dim Sum Bento Box, a selection of nine steamed and fried dim sum with pork, veal, shrimp and vegetables. All paired (if you want) for a wide and rich selection of cocktails inspired by countries around the world (15 Queen's Road Central, Central).

Increíble interior del Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.

Amazing interior of the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. © Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong