Ten years of Lamucca, one more Madrilenian


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Today we see it everywhere: brick walls, vintage furniture that, apparently, does not combine with each other, dim lights. A menu with dishes from here and there, international inspiration with a Mediterranean base, and a kitchen that never closes. Today is so common that the opposite seems odd to us. But 10 years ago it was not usual in Madrid, it was the exception. And the exception was called Lamucca.

Ten years ago it became that place that everyone had to go, when we still didn't say that about place-to-be. And we all went, let's admit it. And many of us returned so much that, 10 years later, there are already five Lamucca restaurants throughout Madrid, the last one with only a year old in a huge and bright place in the Plaza del Carmen, or La Carmen, as they have baptized it.

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When Lamucca gets healthy … © Lamucca

“From our beginnings we were looking to set up premises in which the client felt at home, in the same way that the fridge or the kitchen of a home are always available, we wanted our premises to also become the ideal place to eat or have dinner without paying too much attention to the clock, ” say its creators, the brothers, Ofelia and Alex Marín.

Lamucca de Pez, the first place, which today celebrates those 10 years. It became the epicenter of a new Malasaña. Calle del Pez (where we miss El Palentino so much today) was back in fashion. Its terrace in the square of Carlos Cambronero became a meeting point. Their nachos or the author, artisanal, organic flour pizzas, with unusual ingredients, were some of those dishes that would have flooded Instagram if Instagram had been our constant then.

Lamucca del Carmen

La Carmen, that's what he calls her. © Lamucca

“Our first place in the Malasaña neighborhood was a great bet, the location excited us and the place adapted to our dream of bringing to Madrid a concept of hospitality that the city was crying out for: informal premises, but with a setting in very careful scene, where the client could find the dishes that they love and, above all, with a schedule that can respond to any need, ”said Ofelia and Alex Marín.

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The Brave and very famous. © Lamucca

To celebrate these 10 years they have launched 10 months of celebrations within each Lamucca and in relation to the neighborhoods in which they have become strong.

They have created maps of leisure plans for the neighbors, the faithful muckeros . And they will be organizing specific events every month. To close the circle on the 10th of the 10th at 10 at night with a big party and surprises, they say.

In addition to the new place, in which as attractive they have added musical performances. In this tenth year, and despite keeping intact the star dishes (the brave, boletus pizza, hamburgers), they have decided to sign up in some of their places (Fish, Almagro) to the trend of healthy cooking adding to the menu salad of kale, poké and buddha bowls and a veggie burger.

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With these pizzas we fell in love … © Lamucca


Because you went 10 years ago a lot and, since then, you know it doesn't fail.


The birthday year will bring many new features. We will have to be aware of what happens on the 10th of the 10th to the 10th of the night.

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The first, that of Fish. © Lamucca

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