It's a museum? Is it a grocery? Do not! It's the Real Factory: your favorite store of old products


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Alpine paintings, Rubio booklets, Chispas colony, Martínez Lacuesta vermouth, La Purísima paprika, Amatler chocolates, Álvarez encyclopedia, violet candies …

Where were all those products of a lifetime? This is the question that many ask ourselves and that finally has an answer: in the Las Letras neighborhood!

Real Fábrica Española, which already had an online store, has just landed in the capital and every corner of the place is a journey through time that will take you through your best memories.

Some have always been in our house, others are known by our parents and grandparents and, many others, will become the perfect gift, the most beautiful object in your living room, your kitchen, and even your clothing!

Real Fábrica

The store is an authentic museum of the industrial history of our country © Real Fábrica Española


Rocío Muñoz, creator of Real Fábrica Española, is a native of Seville, where he studied Communication and Business. After working a long time for someone else, he decided to take some time and give a new direction to his life.

In his travels he realized that people abroad valued crafts and brands with history. "It seems that the trend has begun to expand in Spain but until recently it had not begun to give value to these products of a lifetime, " says Rocío.

This restless Sevillian by nature spent two years traveling through our country collecting all those treasures she found in her way. “And suddenly, when I had the warehouses of my family home in Punta Umbría full, I said to myself: what now do I do with all this?”, He recalls.

Why Royal Spanish Factory? "For the manufactures created in the eighteenth century by the Bourbons: the Royal Tapestry Factory, Clocks, Cloths … They manufactured mostly luxury objects for the aristocracy of the time." Explains Rocío.

“The objective was to promote the economy of the country by producing in Spain, since before all these products were brought from abroad. The game at the end makes sense, that is the reason we decided to call it the Royal Spanish Factory, ”he concludes.

For six years, the Real Fábrica online store has managed to give new life to the usual Spanish products, revalue them and make them available to all those who missed them.

Real Fábrica

Decoration, books, gourmet products … the perfect (auto) gift is in Real Fábrica! © Royal Spanish Factory

But Rocío's dream was still to open the physical store. The search for the place was not easy, none seemed good enough or well located. And then, the thing changed when he found this space in the number 9 of Cervantes Street, in the heart of the most traditional and literary Madrid.

"We are wall to wall with the House of Lope de Vega, corner with Quevedo Street …", says Rocío.

In addition, the idea is not only to sell these brands with history, but that the visit is an experience and a journey through the history of Spanish industrialists. "It's like a museum, since behind those objects are the stories of people, closely linked to that of our country, " he explains.

Real Fábrica

Rocío spent two years traveling in Spain discovering many brands with history, many of them about to disappear © Real Fábrica Española


"We have many gourmet products, such as paprika de la Vera, fuet de Vic, anchovies from Santoña, orange blossom water …", says Rocío. Orange blossom water? But that is not used in perfumery? “The water of Azahar, from the Luca de Tena family, was formerly used in confectionery and is now still used for the roscón de Reyes and for the gin and tonics!

They also sell many gourmet packs for gifts, businesses and events. For example, the 'Spain canned' packs (with olive oil, Arroyabe anchovies, salt from Ibiza, pate …) or 'Locos del queso'.

One of the most successful? "Without a doubt, the pack 'Paquito el chocolatero', which comes in a basket with two cups, a chocolate maker and chocolate to Simon Coll's cup, " says Rocío.

In the packaging we can read: "Pack Paquito el Chocolatero to animate the stretcher tables in Spain".

And let's not forget the kits, which range from the box with all the ingredients to make artisan bread, to make your own gin or your own vermouth.

“One of my favorite products are Violets candies and orange and lemon wedges, also caramel, ” confesses Rocío. “They are very difficult products to find today. In fact, they stopped manufacturing them for three or four years. I am very happy that they have returned and we have been able to commercialize them again, ”he concludes.

Real Fábrica

"Paquito el Chocolatero Pack to animate the stretcher tables in Spain". © Royal Spanish Factory


“In the cosmetic section we have brands such as Maja, Álvarez Gómez and Maderas de Oriente. My favorites are the latter, because my grandmother used them, ”says Rocío.

For them? The legendary Valencian brand of shaving irons, Vie-Long or Floid lotions also take their place on the shelves of Real Fábrica.

The cherry soaps of Jerte, orange blossom and marigold, signed by Olivia Soaps and Maja, will make you feel in the middle of the field.

Real Fábrica

Maderas de Oriente, the secret of our mothers and grandmothers © Real Fábrica Española


“We have a lot of crafts: palm, esparto, ceramics, Agost white mud, Extremadura red mud, wicker animal heads, Gordiola glasses… and everything 100% made in Spain!” Rocío tells us.

Three Montehermoso caps hang in his escape , which, after being used in his day to work the Extremadura countryside, became part of the regional costume. "These caps are still braided by hand by the only recognized craftswoman who continues with this work, " he says.

In the middle of the store, a ladder serves as a hanger for the mohair blankets of Ezcaray and those of León (known as the Maragatas del Val blankets).

"And what about these babutxes of Mallorca lined with lamb?" Rocío teaches me enthusiastically. Next, the legendary Victoria shoes take their place sorted by color.

Real Fábrica

Babutxes made in Mallorca by hand, with bovine leather and lamb © Real Fábrica Española


“There are books about Spanish cuisine and cuisine, photography, about the history of Spain, of Madrid…”, says Rocío.

And let's not forget the famous Álvarez Encyclopedia, which occupied the desks of a whole generation to learn that “the Ebro was born in Fontibre, province of Santander, passes through Logroño and Zaragoza and flows through Amposta, in the province of Tarragona”.


“We reach very different audiences, ” says Rocío, “ from the grandfather who is looking for his shaving brush or Floid lotion to the young architecture student who loves product packaging and books about the old buildings in Madrid” .

Anecdotes? "Many! And that we have been open for a short time! ”He exclaims. The other day a lady came to buy several things and soon returned with some friends or family speaking English, I was telling them all product by product! ”, Says Rocío.

Real Fábrica

The Álvarez Encyclopedia, with which generations and generations of children grew up © Real Fábrica Española


There is much to do, but the energy and enthusiasm of Rocío is infinite: “We would love to organize workshops with artisans so that people can see live how baskets, slippers, ceramics are made …”, he says.

It would also be great to collaborate with brands. For example, we had in the shop window a butterfly made with Victoria shoes in tribute to the fable El Sueño de la Mariposa, referring to the resurgence of the Spanish brands of all life, such as Calzados Victoria, which has already been more than a century old.

And, in the end, that is the meaning of all this dream: to know our history through the products that our grandparents treated as everyday and that today are authentic treasures that we cannot let disappear.

Real Fábrica

The mythical violets candies © Real Fábrica Española