The best shops to return from Tokyo with the suitcase full of fashion


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Toki o y moda is an explosive mix, its nose for trends is undeniable and they are the greatest cool hunters we will see in our lives.

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Let's put a real example: the trend gurus ruled 3 years ago that ties would be a trend along with the sporty look. That season, Japanese sneakers stores were selling handful Puma sneakers with tie closure, and on the street they were everywhere. We had never seen them and in Europe we had not smelled them .

Six months later, Puma launches them in the United States with the image of Rihanna and ties fever is unleashed in that country. Another six months later he arrives in Europe and even Zara makes his version of the shoe with bow.

Su mezcla, explosiva

Your mix, explosive © Getty Images

Walking around Tokyo paying attention is a mixture of future trends, current and classicism in equal parts, it is pure fun for those of us who live in fashion.

Clothing stores only have one catch, size! For women, the largest size is an L, which is Spain is an M; in footwear they reach 38, and rarely until 39. But beyond the size, the visual display of their stores and the aesthetics so carefully, it is enough to enjoy a good day of shopping through these Tokyo temples of the fashion.

Siempre en el futuro pero sin olvidar el pasado

Always in the future but not forgetting the past © Photo by Tianshu Liu on Unsplash


It could be our equivalent to El Corte Inglés, but in Japanese version what clearly differs from any European establishment. What separates us from the outset is the delicacy with which any Japanese behaves, from walking down the street to talking with another person, they are extremely respectful, and quite silent.

Entering Isetan is entering a temple where behind each counter there is a person smiling at you and greeting you with a bow.

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The ground floor is where brands and cosmetic counters are located . And what a cosmetic! What you have heard of Japanese skins is little until you see them live. It is a pleasure to ask for each cream and each specific product .

Of course, there is representation of all known brands, and with specific versions for the Japanese public, but the second area with mandatory stop must be that of pastry and food .

The Japanese are in love with the French-style pastry shop, and here the counters are like jewelry, with themed areas of either butter cakes or strawberry tarts. So you can take it home or to the hotel, they separate an individual portion, put it in a custom box with ice and go to the bag!

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This is a very special store, with stands that flow one after another with a very different style between them.

Firms such as Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons or Loewe follow one another teaching their most modern proposals. The store is a great pleasure for the brands, but even more for the visual of each one of them. Not to be missed.

Dover Street Market

Not to be missed © Dover Street Market


The most classic multi-brand of all. Sober colors with straight skirts, t-shirts and twin sets are pieces that can be found here and that will give you a great wardrobe.

Tomorrowland, perfecta para conseguir el fondo de armario que deseas

Tomorrowland, perfect for getting the closet floor you want © Tomorrowland


A multi-brand with a very marine air. Multibrand is the predominant store style in Japan but each of them has its own style .

In this we love boy clothes, very preppy but at the same time with a 50s marine roll that gives a lot of roll.

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Another multibrand with a lot of style. Its roll is modern, simulating a Colette in Paris, but softer.

Your gift area is very fun, since in addition to clothes you have accessories and even household items .


Now that it has arrived in Spain, it is less new, but stores outside Japan will never be the size of those there.

Their pens are and have been the star of their collections, but they have much more worth buying here.

The Japanese cotton is magnificent and the shirts with drawings of Basquiat are fantastic.

But his hit are cashmere sweaters at a great price, with different necks and a beautiful range of colors.

All clothes are basic, from the raincoat to the shirt dress, it is a shop to which trends only affect you in certain details, the rest is made to last.

Beams alt=

The whole roll from your house to your closet © Beams


It is the luxury shopping district in Tokyo, with each brand occupying a building designed by a renowned architect.

The beautiful Vuitton building by Jun Aoki or the one by Prada made by Herzog & De Meuron, Pritzker Prize for architecture, is impressive and worth a visit.

Llegando a Omotesando

Arriving at Omotesando © Zubi

Also the impressive Tod's of Toyo Ito, the Omotesando Hills shopping center of Tadao Ando or the MVRDV Gyre occupied by Chanel, Moma, Comme des Garçons and Bulgari.

Our favorite? Perhaps the exquisite Dior that is like a couture dress designed SANAA.

Strolling through this neighborhood and entering stores with the courage to be a foreigner is an amazing luxury experience.

El edificio de Tod's en Omotesando

The Tod's building in Omotesando © Getty Images

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