Why you have to live in Paris for a few years ... or forever


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True, Paris does not have a reputation as a welcoming city, but Ernest Hemingway will have some reason when he wrote in Paris it was a party : “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then Paris will accompany you, wherever you go, all the rest of your life. "

There are thousands of reasons to live in the city of light and get trapped for a few years, there are some.


Nothing like living the Parisian dream in a beautiful Haussmanian apartment with the most desired trio fireplace, moldings and old parquet, to be able to be Hungary tip.

You will feel like in a French decoration magazine in which any furniture you choose will be magnified.

Las casas parisinas son, por obligación, románticas

Parisian houses are, by obligation, romantic © Getty Images


There are more than a thousand different varieties and all exquisite, to try them in their entirety there is no better excuse than staying a long season in the city of love, and fromage.

Taste a bit in one of the most appetizing cheese shops in Paris or get carried away by the menu of the new restaurant - fromagerie Beau et Fort, designed by Pierre Gay, Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

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Among its succulent cheeses, it proposes a T rap p e d'Echourgnac based on cow's milk with the aroma of walnut liqueur from the Notre-Dame de Bonne-Espérance abbey; a tasty Brillat - Savarin triple crème de Bourgogne, considered as the foie gras of cheeses, or a soft Margalet, made with sheep's milk from l'Aveyron.

Bodegón de la perfección en Beau et Fort

Still life of perfection in Beau et Fort © Facebook / Beau et Fort


Paris preserves numerous cinemas with a lot of charme that attract moviegoers and other spectators in search of Parisian romanticism.

Thus you will attend the legendary Louxor, or endearing independent rooms where they screen large black and white films such as Le Christine, Le Grand Action or Le Champo, one of the most reputed of the Latin Quarter frequented by the students of the Sorbonne.

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Another option is the Cinéma du Panthéon, active since 1907, which highlights its elegant vintage-style lounge with leather sofas and its mythical room in which each armchair has a plaque with the name of a director .

Also during the summer months, you will enjoy under the stars the most appealing outdoor summer screenings.

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Their breads are incomparable, delicately crispy on the outside with the perfect point of spongy inside. Among the most demanded countries are the tradition, rustic-style craft and the famous baguette with which they also prepare their simple but delicious snacks like the classic jambon-beurre.

In addition, in Parisian bakeries you can give them a sybarite with your requirements, it is well seen to ask the boulanger for your pain parfait, little baked but golden brown, very crispy, with the crumb color cream and cut in half, s'il vous plaît.

So strong is the love for pain that the best baguette contest is held every year, in which everything is measured; the ideal measures between 55 and 70 cm and weighs 250 to 300 g. Also according to tradition, the winner of this award will be the supplier of the President of the Government for one year.

Try the original Gontran Cherrier breads such as rye with red miso or curry baguettes ; Utopie's toasted charcoal and sesame bread; or some natural recipes of the Boulangerie BO that follows a traditional manufacture based on organic yeast and flour.

Gontran Cherrier

Original and award-winning baguettes in Gontran Cherrier © Gontran Cherrier


In addition to the endless works of art and permanent exhibitions of its prestigious museums, Paris offers magnificent artistic exhibitions throughout the year both in the famous Louvre, d'Orsay and Pompidou and in other muses that you may not know like Cluny's ; the Jacquemart-André Museum or the Bourdelle .

"La Victoire", avec glaive et bouclier: une figure allégorique conçue avec espoir par #antoinebourdelle pendant la guerre de 1914 pour accompagner le #monument au général Alvear destiné à #buenosaires, mais achevée après la victoire des Alliés in 1918 … the #victoire of 1945 that rappelle ce mardi 8 mai férié: le musée Bourdelle est ouvert from 10 to 18h, venezuela and flâner! #museebourdelle #AntoineBourdelle #atelierdartiste #ateliermusee #monumental #allegory #argentina #monument #sculpture #bronze #victoire #victory # 8mai #quefaireaparis # jourferié #museeouvert #ouvertetgratuit #parisimeuse shared May, 2018 at 10:05 PDT


You will not get bored going around the block; In addition to the classic typically Parisian neighborhoods, in Paris every arrondissement is a world.

You will explore the Indian area of La Chapelle where you can try some parathas, a tandoori chicken and a lassi or buy aromatic spices garam masala or a pinch of black salt.

The Asian neighborhood of Choisy, to be tempted by some nems, some dim sum or a delicious lacquered duck and why not, end partying in a karaoke.

In the Barbès-Rochechouart area, its African population stands out with shops of wax fabrics to make a bag, baby clothes or decorate your home.

In another style, the Opera area, specifically rue Sainte-Anne and its surroundings, combine simple and delicious Japanese restaurants. Kunitoraya, Udon Jubey and Iguma are specialized in udon, ramen, donburis … Juji-Ya proposes its rich bentos and aki original matcha cakes.


Barbès-Rochechouart © Getty Images


Paris has numerous concert halls such as the legendary Olympia music hall, others such as Le Trianon, La Maroquinerie, or the Au Duc des Lombards, New Morning and Caveau des Oubliettes jazz clubs.

You will enjoy the great concerts of classical music in La Philharmonie, the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, in the different churches such as Saint-Merri, the Sainte-Chapelle, the Madeleine or even in the Château de Versailles .


Nothing like blowing a tooth into a Parisian butter croissant, a pain au chocolat that melts in a thousand slices at each bite, a creamy Saint-Honoré cake, a macaron or a succulent Paris-Brest. Do not miss the Pâtisserie Yann Couvreur ; by Maison Gérard Mulot, by Pain de Sucre or the new pastry of chef pâtissier Cédric Grolet of the Hotel Meurice .

Por su bollería y pastelería

For his pastries and pastry © Getty Images


Wherever you go you will come across the memory of a historical event, a statue of an influential character, the memory of an event, the souvenir of a writer, a commemorative plaque and millions of anecdotes.


One of the best inventions of its beautiful parks are its recognizable green chairs, which you can move as you wish, to direct them towards your favorite view, the most refreshing fountain or that long-awaited sunbeam.

Discover the Luxembourg Garden, the Tuileries Garden or the intimate Jardin du Palais Royal, either just for a leisurely reading, or as a couple for a romantic moment.

Jardines de Luxemburgo

Luxembourg Gardens © Getty Images


Paris is the paradise of antiquities of all ages and vintage decorative objects of any style. You can get lost in its multiple antique dealers and markets to find that piece of decoration so desired that it has had several lives before reaching your hands.


With the arrival of spring the picnic season of the pique-nique opens and all its meadows are dressed in tablecloths and cups … There are even companies that prepare it to your liking and take it to the corner that you most want for a Déjeuner sur l 'herbe.

The Le Bristol hotel offers very chic pique-nique shopping bags with blanket, cutlery and crockery. The beautiful basket keeps a menu made by its chef Eric Frechon, based on crispy vegetables, olive goat cheese with herbs, Sologne caviar with blinis, Breton lobster with gazpacho and guacamole and finally Ossay Iraty with jam Black cherries, a chef Julien Alvarez fraisier , sweets and chocolates.

Pique-Niques como los de París… no existen

Pique-Niques like those in Paris … they don't exist © Photo by Kaci Baum on Unsplash


Each neighborhood has its own and everyone enjoys a palatable bon enfant atmosphere . In addition, on sunny days the “bobós” rush to some markets such as Richard Lenoir Boulevard , where they stand in their oyster stands that accompany with a white wine or in their stalls of prepared, traditional or exotic food.


It is true that Paris is a large city and there is also no beach, but you can change the air just 100 km from the capital, walk through lush forests, ride horses, meet another gastronomy, visit sublime châteaux or rest under a tree together To a lake


Paris breathes fashion, for something the myth of the Parisian allure is still latent. If you are a fashionista you will gloat over the show of Fashion Week, either with the parades of the elegant maisons de mode or with the sway of the most sophisticated street style models.

The rest of the year you will be inspired by its superb boutiques and with the je ne sais quoi of the Parisians that you will cross on the terraces.

París romántico

Its inherent romanticism © Photo by Fred Pixlab on Unsplash


Taking a night walk through downtown Paris is like floating; its perfect lighting manages to further sublimate its great monuments giving them the appearance of unreal, as if it were a movie set.

Take a balade in the middle of the night through the silent cour Carré of the Louvre Museum, cross some of its impressive bridges such as the Pont des Arts, or the Pont Neuf or border the banks of the Seine.


Its cafes, restaurants and shops are inspiring, they manage to turn a decrepit little booth into a stylish bar using lights, some music and a couple of strategically placed objects.

Its florists do not prepare strident bouquets of flowers with mixtures of impossible tones wrapped in cellophane and colored ribbons as a carnival. Parisian florists have exquisite taste and create wonderful bouquets, of delicate dried flowers such as those of Une Maison dans les arbres or wild and fresh such as those of Bergamotte.

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You will be delighted with the reading rooms of the Sainte Geneviève; the Bibliothèque Mazarine, the oldest public library in France; the majestic BNF of rue Richelieu from the mid-16th century; or the Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne from the 18th century.

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Despite living years in the city of love, you will continue to conquer the narrow alleys with dim light of its oldest neighborhoods, the walks through its gardens, the wonderful view of the Place de la Concorde at sunset or the bucolic Île-Saint Louis with a melodic accordion in the background …

And after a few years, you may find the love of your life, a Parisian prince charmant who conquers your heart and tells you je t'aime mon amour.