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We were told … "that until May 40 do not take off your sayo", so we can not complain … And less if it is a weekend and we have a thousand alternative plans to not stay in defense of your excuse "is that it's June and it doesn't look like June " , ah … no! A weekend traveler is for 'that we take away the dance'.


The Paradise Festival comes to the rhythm of electronics. It will be on the UCM campus in Madrid where on June 8 and 9 you can enjoy the very first edition of a festival that pretends not to leave anyone indifferent with groups like Apparat Dj set, Black Coffee, GusGus, Acid Pauli, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, Awwz, and many more.

You can still buy the ticket per day or a subscription for both days, even if you go in a group you have the option of buying a ticket for everyone with a group price. On Friday 8 it opens its doors at 7:00 p.m., while on Saturday you can attend from 5:30 p.m.

It will have three different scenarios to break dancing. Here is a list of Spotify to warm up engines.

In addition: a gaming area for those dead times between artists or to rest the body. We can remember old times with Arcade machines, get addicted to the Xbox One and also give us a trip to Virtual Reality. THIS FESTIVAL HAS IT ALL.

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Paradise will not only make you fall in love on the dance floor and in your conscience (with its organic and responsible merchandising, its zero waste policy and its 'harassment-free' policy), it will also do it through the stomach.

Chef Rebeca Hernández (from La Berenjena ) will put her savoir faire at the service of the food trucks that will speck the space. Eye: vegetarians, vegans and celiacs will find in them various options so they can enjoy the festival in equality.

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A VIDEOCLUB : which is not a plan, but PLA-NA-ZO! The Jameson Video Club to be more specific, because there is no other like it.

In the Royal Sky rooftop of Serrano Street, we realize that this whiskey is more of Game of Thrones than of Peaky Blinders apparently, because every Sunday from June 10 to July 29, we can choose between a variety of the best and most prestigious series and movies of HBO Spain !

Popcorn and a glass of Jameson, to enjoy a real Sunday. In addition we can enjoy in the same space other experiences, both gastronomic and leisure, such as retro games and activities, football, nintendo 64, ping-pong….

It will be like going back to the 90s, with movies and series like The wizard of lies, Succession, The wire, The Sopranos, Last Days, Handmaid's tale, Westworld, Fahrenheit 451, Open wounds and, of course … Game of Thrones.

Admission costs 15 euros and in addition to access and free screening provided by HBO, includes a cocktail, a popcorn bucket and 2 months subscription. Now yes, blessed Sundays!


This weekend also begins the fourth edition of FILMADRID International Film Festival, which brings the most promising cinema, with national premieres, but also unpublished films internationally. From June 7 to 16 you can enjoy more than 70 movies!

The Equis Room is incorporated as a new headquarters for the seventh art, but it also goes outside with the cinephile route and the 'Vanguard Live' section in the form of performances .

It will also feature a seminar taught by Nicole Brenez and other courses, taught, for example, by Eugène Green . Your most special detail? It begins and ends with two films that honor South Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo, but also reserve a special place for other masters such as Frederick Wiseman, Chantal Ackerman or Claire Denis .

Not forgetting its important section 'Spotlights', dedicated to international filmmakers and in this edition is dedicated to several themes: the night, Israeli feminism, the new African-American cinema and Italian.

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The First Toletvm Electric Racing Benefit Concert - Afanion . And we must go yes or yes because one of our new favorite groups that is so revolutionizing the music scene this year appearing every two times in posters and rooms, touches to animate the city. They are the Inverse Triangle and they show us that there is nothing better than dancing supporting a good cause!

It will be in the Classics room at 9:00 p.m. and for only 8 euros. In addition, other artists such as Meison, Kike San or Kike Calzada will set the pace .

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But if our plans are to pack … let it be to Valencia to enjoy the Festival of les Arts! Headliners include Crystal Fighters, Dorian, Carlos Sadness, Lori Meyers or Sidecars. May music, art and gastronomy fill our weekend.

And speaking of music … this Friday, June 8, tickets to the farewell concert of the great Elton John of his 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' tour go on sale .

It will take place on June 26 at the Wizink in Madrid, where you will be surprised with your piano and your voice, but it must also be said … with your jacket and your glasses!


This weekend one of our favorite streets in Madrid celebrates its parties with a multitude of plans and activities. As fish we will move through its bars, testing the skewers of Pez Tortilla Bar, and its coffee shops, such as La Torch.

If you go to La Fiambrera Art Gallery, you will discover the surprise it has prepared. And don't forget to visit the bookstores (the Cervantes Bookstore has something we can't describe, you have to go), the vintage shops, enjoy the theater, and much more.

Also, if time permits (and if not, too), savor a delicious Nordikos ice cream .


The Lalalá Group has opened this new and eighth space that joins the family in Calle de las Huertas, number 20. It is more of the same, that is, more of the different (in its line, go): modern brewery, Quality and groundbreaking decoration, as always .

That is, surely end up joining our list of favorite places in Madrid. And you will ask yourself: why Gustava? You will not have imagined it, because in a groundbreaking way too, it comes with this name that refers to the writer Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, who lived in the same building where the bar opens its doors.

We love it, especially its terrace. A traditional tapas and snack with a Lalala touch is waiting for you in the new conquest of the group (chsss … here our sneak: we recommend the anchovies in vinegar and the Russian salad ).

Uno de los platos de La Gustava

One of La Gustava's dishes © La Gustava

BETWEEN FRAMES. We dance in the rain is not a photographic exhibition anymore. No. It is an honest audiovisual essay and the 'Pepito Grillo', for raising awareness about a subject, Down Syndrome, which we all believe assimilated, but that, however, we do not stop treating from condescension.

We dance in the rain are 54 images of the photographer and architect Ana Amado and a revealing video with which the photojournalist Rober Amado summarizes with exquisite sensitivity the process of creating this series.
Through the reproduction of dance scenes inspired by well-known musical films and color portraits of the leading dancers, the exhibition reflects a daily activity of the users of the Down Coruña Association. The show makes it clear that these people dance, a lot, and enjoy, a lot, doing it.
The series, which has been part of the exhibition of the Sony World Photography Awards in London and has been a finalist in the Contemporary Issues category, can be seen in A Coruña, at the Headquarters Afundación (Cantón Grande, 8), until 23 June. (Hours: Monday to Friday between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.; Saturdays from 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.).

SHOPPING. From June 7 to June 10, The Pop Up Land Summer Edition will be in Calle del Infante, with fashion, art and decoration brands, many of them for the first time Madrid.

THAT THE MARCAPÁGINAS DOES NOT STOP, still in full boil is The Book Fair, and this weekend even more because they are his last days.

You have to take advantage and if you have not left, go to walk between books, attend talks, workshops and meetings, you book the book your favorite writer and update our library.

Feria del Libro de Madrid, ¿qué tienes que hacer?

Madrid Book Fair, what do you have to do? © Alamy

A MUSEUM ON THE NETWORK, the exhibition Faces of Frida. Since last weekend we can find the web the definitive museum about Frida Kahlo. It has been Google Arts and Culture who opens an online exhibition about the Mexican artist. A journey through Frida's legacy, not only through stories told in the first person, but also through the eyes of experts and those who were inspired by her talent, her clothes and her art and, ultimately, her life.

With panoramic views with Street View from Google Maps we can enter Frida's studio in the Blue House, in her garden or in her kitchen, and many of the physical museums that exhibit her works. A renewed “feet for what I want them, if I have wings to fly” from Frida, for today we would not be able to excuse ourselves from knowing everything about this artist for not being able to travel to his native country.

DOSE OF CONTEMPORARY ART, POP UP ART MADRID ARRIVES. This third edition is an ephemeral exhibition and special sale of contemporary art that takes place from June 7 to 9, in the Alcantara street of Madrid, in the Salamanca district, with a cozy and modern New York style. Artists like Felipao, Badri, Paula Varona, Lucas Trevino, Maite Carranza, Pilar Ferrer and this year's bet: AlgodeJaime, among others.

El cartel de Pop Art Madrid 2018

The Pop Art Madrid 2018 poster © Pop Art Madrid

DIFFERENT BARCELONA NIGHTS . That you have not visited the Casa Batlló in Barcelona ?! Then you already have a plan for one of the summer nights in Barcelona. We propose a different summer plan, with a night visit to Casa Batlló followed by an open-air concert with views of the entire city. Immerse yourself in the world of Gaudí, actually augmented!

El grupo de Aires de Rumba en la Casa Batlló

The Aires de Rumba group at Casa Batlló © Casa Batlló

A BOOK, The most fascinating natural landscapes in Europe. 30 essential routes by car, by Jordi Canal-Soler, writer and photographer. And no, it is not a conventional guide, but much more than that, it really shows you the most virgin and wild natural places and routes of the European continent, routes to travel alone, as a couple or with the family.

A tireless traveler, Jordi has published more than 200 articles in magazines such as Viajes National Geographic or Altaïr and has collaborated in more than 400 radio programs, so the advice we will read from his handwriting will come as a ring to the finger. And although it has traveled the five continents, choose Europe to show its most special places . The author stops to think in his book all those times in which we have admired the beauty of a landscape and have longed to have more time to reflect when traveling.

“Nature, in Europe, has been belittled in many ways and, when compared to that of other more“ wild ”continents, we are surprised to see that we still have a great natural wealth in our Old Europe that we must help maintain. Only what is known is loved and what is loved is protected, ”says the author.

IN OUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS. What is better than eating? Travel, yes, but what if … do we eat while traveling? This is what Mel ( @girleatworld) does, eat his way around the world, leaving us with some very instant snapshots.

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