Best hotel breakfasts: Four Seasons Bosphorus


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We start the day with a lesson in Turkish gastronomic history and culture. Well, first, with a tea. Then we will have breakfast as sultans - at the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus there is no other - and, later, throughout the day, we will have coffee after another, always slowly, with short sips so as not to swallow your grounds and with a glass of water always nearby.

Coffee is so important for the Turks that it is useful to know if the guest who comes to your house is hungry - if you drink the water first, it is time to take out the food - and even if your fiance really loves you: at hand requests, the future wife serves the coffee with salt and he has to drink it without squealing and without vomiting!

We learned all this by having breakfast at the Four Seasons at the Bosphorus where, in addition to the traditional selection of fruits, sausages and western pastries, you can try Kanlica yogurt (the best in the city) with honeycomb honey, cheeses from different regions of the country, more types of olives than you can imagine, homemade simits (a circular bread, halfway between the bagel and the bretzel) and delicious gözleme made at the moment, in front of your eyes.

To sublimate the moment, we recommend that you sit outside, on the banks of the Bosphorus . By the way, did you know that the Turks inspired the creation of croissant?

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