The 10 festivals where you will succeed with Tinder this summer


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200, 000 spectators from all over the world, Christina Rosenvinge opening the weekend, the Arctic Monkeys back to present their new album and you with the excitement of being in one of the music festivals with the largest influx of audiences. You are where you must be, at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, ​​to enjoy the great musical show (and this year also gastronomic, remember), but does the same thing happen when meeting people for Tinder? That 200, 000 souls dancing - with mobile - together to the beat are many souls …

Well, sorry, if you had the hopes of 'match' on the DJ Coco track, you were wrong on stage. Of the more than 800 summer festivals (according to the Association of Musical Promoters), the busiest are usually not the ones that most people 'match' through this mobile application.

This is the conclusion reached by Tinder after analyzing the number of right-swipes (displacements to the right) registered by its users in the 10 festivals with the largest number of audiences in Spain.

En el Sónar 'coincidirás' con miles de personas alrededor, pero ¿te ocurrirá lo mismo en el Tinder de tu móvil?

In the Sónar 'you will coincide' with thousands of people around, but will the same thing happen in your mobile's Tinder? © Sónar Festival


Mad Cool tops the 'top3' of festivals where Tinder users receive more swiped-rights. In case Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode and Queens of the Stone Age were not enough reason to buy tickets for this macro festival that will be held from July 12 to 14 in Madrid, here you have a new somewhat more social reason.

The second place on the list is occupied by the Bilbao BBK Live (who said that in the Basque Country it costs to flirt?) And the third is for the Rototom Sunsplash, it may have to do with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere caused by reggae music.

Viña Rock, FIB, Sónar, Primavera Sound, Arenal Sound - in this order - are the following festive events where Tinder users slide more to the right. Indeed, in the most popular summer festivals you will not be the most popular in summer.

The list is closed by Low Cost, from Benidorm (July 27-29), and DCODE, the last big party of 2018 (Saturday September 8 at the Complutense University Campus) and the tenth festival where it will be more You probably get a match.

No esperes a que te saquen a bailar, los festivales de verano son especialmente activos en Tinder.

Do not wait to be taken out to dance, summer festivals are especially active in Tinder. © Photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash