From New York to Canada by car: eight days ' on the road '


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You have worked as if there were no tomorrow all year long to deserve this vacation. But it's only 15 days and you have to spend a few with the political family in Benidorm . Time is on you and you want to see new and different places to the office. Do not be afraid, if you are one of those who keep the best of each place in record time, Canadian roads are made for you.


It's not bad to start the trip in New York . Once you have done the rigorous ride on Fifth Avenue with a bagel in your hands, it is time to drive about four hours to reach the first destination: Boston.

Ok, this is not Canada, but that is between us, because the capital of the New England region is history and culture and eats tremendously well.

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

History, culture and good food. Welcome to Boston! © Getty Images

Founded by Puritans newly arrived from England in 1630, it is one of the oldest and most costly cities in the United States.

Before entering Boston, and whether or not you are a fan of Love Story, you have to visit a university that may sound like you: Harvard. You may find it familiar for being the oldest institution of higher education in the United States (established in 1636), for having 47 Nobel laureates among its graduates, for former students such as Bill Gates and JFK or for having one of the admission fees lowest in the world, 4.59%.

The campus is in Cambridge, a small town separated from the city of Boston by the Charles River. The red brick, the white columns and the neo-Georgian houses are the hallmark of a quiet complex and nothing overwhelming, in which the magnificence is left to the minds. Free guided tours are offered every Saturday, so you have no excuse! Who knows if you will come across a future Nobel?

Once in Boston, a very good way to start is to try one of the typical recipes in the area. Yes, in the United States there are traditional dishes beyond the Big Mac. It is the New England Clam Chowder, a clam and potato cream that revives anyone. Try it at Boston Chowda Co. You will find it in Quincy Market, a 'gastromercado' National Historic Monument dating from 1825 and which houses 18 restaurants and 35 food stalls.

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

Harvard Campus © Getty Images

If you have room for a lobster roll, go ahead! You will return to the gym when the holidays are over.

Digestion by visiting, now yes, the old center of Boston . The English influence is evident in its architecture, in Victorian buildings, in stone and balconies.

You can tour the Freedom Trail, a guided 4-kilometer route that passes through 16 historic places in the city. You can also do it on your own, starting at the State House and following the path of red tiles - the yellow ones we leave to Dorothy.

Tour Commonwealth Avenue to check the living standards of the wealthiest residents and Newbury Street for shopping and posh restaurants.

Wherever you go, do what you see, so soak up the love for Bostonian culture at the Boston Public Library, the first large library that opened to the public in the United States. If you go in summer, check the agenda because the inner courtyard of the building serves as a stage for concerts.

Well, you have passed the first day! Rest in the Stay Alfred apartments on Garrison Street and gather strength for tomorrow, which is the time to cross the Canadian border.

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

Boston Public Library © Alamy


Wake up insultingly soon, because they wait about seven hours (not counting the border crossing and technical stops) until you reach Quebec, the cradle of French culture and identity in the country.

The journey is worth it for the boreal forest of elms and oaks, for the blue of the maples … Try to be a co-pilot and do not hesitate to stop breathing pure, pure air.

Be prepared to not be able to blink in amazement when you enter the city. Take advantage of the evening hours to see the Château Frontenac and laugh at Disneyland Castle. Sleeping Beauty would get long teeth with this hotel built in 1883 and designed to accommodate travelers of the luxury train that arrived in Quebec.

Why not emulate Charlie Chaplin, Queen Elizabeth II or Grace Kelly and walk through its walls? For photographers and instagramers, the best views are 'hunted' from the Citadel of Quebec. They say it is the most photographed hotel on the planet.

Stop for dinner, nothing better than a soupe à l'oignon, a lifetime onion soup, but even better. Canadians in this part of the country have a French heritage of a father and a very good lord of mine and the gastronomy was not going to be less. Take it at Le Continental, maybe something old-fashioned, but a safe bet.

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

Château Frontenac and laugh at Disneyland Castle © Getty Images


Even with the hangover of a story night, it is time to continue touring the only walled city in North America.

Why nobody had spoken to us before this wonder? Divided into Upper and Lower Old Town, this 400-year-old street museum is a World Heritage Site freehand.

With the airs of a northern European town (narrow streets, 17th-century houses, colored bricks, pointed church towers and silent squares) it is hard not to forget that you are in America. Tell Spielberg, who chose it to shoot scenes of Catch Me if you can, set in France.

Quebec asks to walk it without maps, but there are some essentials: the Petit-Champlain neighborhood, with one of the oldest shopping streets in the city; Place Royale, the place of the first settlement in New France; the church of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires and the Terrasse Dufferin, an esplanade on the San Lorenzo river.

For history lovers, the Citadelle of the 18th century was the defensive line against possible American attacks. Today it is a military base and the changing of the guard is at 10 am every day.

Before embarking on a trip to Montreal, you can go through the island of Orleans, a retreat 15 minutes from the city where there are only apple orchards, porches with wooden chairs, houses with gardens, smiling neighbors and trees.

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

Saint-Paul Street in Montreal © Getty Images

You know you're going back to Quebec, but for now, take the road and blanket again and drive three hours to Montreal.

When you arrive, acclimatize in the best way: eating! Here is one of the most attractive culinary movements in North America, and one of our essentials is Kinka Izakaya, a Japanese tavern in downtown: we don't know how they do to have those heavenly scallops.


If something defines Montreal is to have known how to combine its past with its present in a symbiosis of styles. It retains that rural gesture, but it is both a contemporary metropolis.

A test? Under the old buildings is one of the most interesting places, especially for architecture lovers: the underground city. Underground, Montreal is a 33-kilometer Gruyère cheese with 2, 000 stores, lobbies, plazas … All so that the inhabitants of this icy part of the world can shop without fear of freezing.

Old Montreal is a must. On Saint-Paul Street we find the best representation of its European character, especially by the Notre-Dame Basilica. Paradise must have these colors. Blue, gold, purple, green, yellow … We do not exaggerate by saying that it is one of the most beautiful temples we have ever seen.

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

Interior of the Basilica of Notre Dame, in Montreal © Getty Images

Rest your soles a little, if you still feel them, with a bite of the famous Schwartz's Deli in Carré Saint-Louis, a green space surrounded by rows of Victorian townhouses.

You can use the proteins consumed in giving the pedals along the Lachine canal, which runs through the southern part of the city between old factories in the style of Copenhagen. Or walk to Mount Royal Park, the best place for sunsets from the Kondiaronk viewpoint . A perfect image for before going to sleep!


In just over two hours you will arrive in Ottawa, the capital of the country and the opposite of the stressful and asphalt life of the big capitals. Rather, Ottawa is a garden city, a neighborhood of single-family homes, trees and parks.

Walk, ride a bike or, if you already have the twins loaded, enjoy a boat trip on the Rideau Canal, a water trail that divides the city and has been a World Heritage Site since 2007. In winter, it becomes the largest ice skating rink in the world.

Replenish vitamins at Play, the trendy restaurant, and then visit Parliament Hill, where the buildings of the Parliament of Canada appear colossal . Located on a promontory, scanning the city, they seem to claim Ottawa's role as capital, saying “here I am. Do not underestimate me".

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

Parliament Hill and its colossal buildings © Getty Images

The House of Commons, the Senate, the Peace Tower (with spectacular views of the city) and the Library of Parliament are an ode to the neo-Gothic style of hand-carved stone, pointed towers and copper roofs.

Curiose among boutiques, art galleries and local crafts and taste delicacies in the 19th-century Byward Market . Do not miss the beavertails (beaver tails), elongated puff pastry and coated with sugar and cinnamon. Finish the day from the terrace of the Canadian Museum of History to enjoy the best views of Parliament Hill and leave knowing that you will return to Ottawa to visit it.


The day starts soon because you have four and a half hours of car ahead to leave the rest of Ottawa and reach the most American destination in Canada.

Toronto is one of the ten cities with more skyscrapers in the world and there are more towers under construction and design than in Manhattan. Don't go with little girls, go.

Among the 255 architecture giants that shape its horizon, we are fascinated by the Dominion Center, made up of six towers that are an ode to minimalism and the simplicity of glass and steel. Nothing is ostentatious and, at the same time, everything is magnificent.

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

What do you see from the tallest tower in Toronto? © Getty Images

Nor could the underground city be missing . Access through the Brookield Place office complex and hallucinate with the Allen Lambert Gallery, designed by the ubiquitous Santiago Calatrava.

Many times we have heard about "what is seen from the tallest tower in Toronto?" Well, you can finally experience it! It is the CN Tower, the tallest structure in the western hemisphere. Comply with the panoramic refugee between crystals or loose adrenaline rushing with the EdgeWalk, which consists of walking around the tower, held by a harness.

To taste the taste of Toronto, approach the St. Lawrence Market gastronomic market, which has been serving cheese, fish, meat since the 17th century Although what you really have to try is the peameal bacon sandwich, a Toronto classic. Take it in Carousel Bakery . Don't look for the ingredients, let yourself be surprised!

Feed your Instagram feed with a photo in Nathan Phillips Square, with the typical letters that make up the name of the city, and let yourself be seen in Yorkville, the classy area of ​​designer boutiques.

If you want architecture, the Distillery District is your best bet, with the largest collection of Victorian buildings in North America: almost 50 newly restored buildings from the mid-nineteenth century that now house studios, art galleries, cafes …

And to sleep in style, The Drake Hotel, at the heart of the second coolest neighborhood in the world, West Queen West, according to Vogue magazine.

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

Nathan Phillips Square and the photo that will make you increase your followers on Instagram © Getty Images

DAY 7. Niagara Falls

The last destination of this express trip arrives in Canada. An hour and a half of the wheel separates the city of steel from the most famous waterfalls in the world, with permission from Iguazú and Victoria.

On the way, pass through the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, on the Canadian shore of Lake Ontario. Surrounded by vineyards, it is one of the best preserved 19th-century enclaves in North America and seems to be designed to paint a picture. Flowers, horse carriages, lush parks … A must stop!

The Niagara Falls must be seen, it is that check on the map of places in America. And yes, they impress, especially considering that the stream of water that falls at 64 meters high only represents between 50% and 25% of the Niagara River flow. The remaining flow is dedicated to the generation of hydroelectric power. The boat ride and the visit to the tunnels on the back of the fall, where it seems that the world is going to explode in a roar of water and rocks, must also be done.

Just do not expect a virgin spot nestled in a jungle of maple and redwoods, because the construction companies, especially the Americans, have already taken care of creating a whole city of vacations, vices and enjoyment of Marina D'Or. Casinos, restaurants, hotels and rotating towers are piled up on the American shore. But, hey, take it away, I'll dance it!


Having to drive for eight hours and say goodbye to Canada is a pain, yes. But do not fear, because the spectacular landscape is still there, chaired by the Appalachian Mountains.

Close your eyes, if you don't drive, of course! Fix everything you've seen on the retina and start thinking about when you will return.

In the meantime, tell everything to that office partner so fan of posturing. Surely it has nothing to do against your Canadian road trip!

De Nueva York a Canadá en coche: ocho días 'on the road'

Niagara Falls © Getty Images