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We have all been rookies at a festival: we have burned, we have gone with the mobile at 30%, we have been cold, hot, we have soaked … But always, always, we have returned, more prepared than the previous year.

The Mad Cool Festival 2018 is just around the corner, with a poster that will make the capital vibrate on July 12, 13 and 14.

Pearl Jam, Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode, Dua Lipa, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, Tame Impala, Kasabian …

We know that you have the bracelet prepared and stored as a treasure in your little box. We know that you have been repeating the lists of your favorite groups in Spotify for months.

Therefore, we have prepared this guide of plans and very 'cool' tips for you to enjoy those three days to the fullest. We start!

Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner, leader of the Arctic Monkeys, one of the most anticipated groups of the festival © Getty Images


The third edition of the Madrid festival premieres in the north of Madrid, in Valdebebas - Ifema. The baptized as Mad Cool Space has been conceived to house 80, 000 people (35, 000 more than the previous edition) in its 100, 000 square meters, extending the five scenarios last year to seven.

On the festival website you can reserve your parking space, both for one day and for all three and its schedule is from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.

What do you not want to take out the car? –A very good choice–, the suburban C1 leaves you in Valdebebas in 20 minutes. Do you prefer the bus? Buses 174 and 171 stop at Juan A. Samaranch - Gta. Antonio Perpigna and from there you can walk to the site.

One last tip about transportation: the lines to get a taxi back can be scary, but they go fast. You will avoid waiting (or despair) if you leave a little before it closes.

Mad Cool

The Mad Cool Festival 2018 premieres location and expands the five stages of last year to seven © Facebook Mad Cool Festival


Yes, that may seem silly, which is the month of July, … But don't trust - or don't you remember the universal flood of Burriana?

Sunglasses for evening concerts, a jacket (or sweatshirt for the night) and a raincoat. No, don't put your hands to your head yet. We've thought of everything, also that it doesn't seem like you're going to ride on the water trunks of the amusement park. The transparent raincoat will be your ally!

For them? A hooded parka, like this one from Pull & Bear and ready to endure the (possible) downpour.

This is a redundancy, but yes, heels have been seen in the Mad Cool, and no, it can not be more uncomfortable, inconsistent and other adjectives ending in -in. Put on your favorite shoes and jump!

Chubasquero Zara

The transparent raincoat: the essential garment in every festival © Zara


And we arrive at one of the points that leads those who don't want to miss a concert: the overlaps. The first step is to accept it. The second, organize a plan.

Download the schedule on your mobile (with battery, please) and decide which artists you can not miss, which you do not mind seeing from afar and which you will miss (if you can).

And speaking of batteries, when you want to realize, it turns out that your one hundred thousand Instagram Stories have left you with 5%. Take a replacement and it will save you in more than one emergency. Even so, it does not hurt to establish a meeting point in case someone is lost.

Neil Young

Neil Young during Mad Cool 2016 © Getty Images


Review this list before leaving home to not "go with the feeling that you forget something": the festival bracelet (if we say it is because more than one has arrived at the door without it), cash (a "for if anything ”that will be good for you), tissues and some pain reliever (in case you have to listen to Justice next to the speaker or the hangover from the previous day lasts).

Important: a backpack or a fanny pack. They are comfortable, they leave your hands free and your belongings proof of theft. Apply this mother's advice to not regret theft: the backpack always in front!


In addition to the new restoration area (if things are like last year, you can not put food or drink outside), the festival has two spaces dedicated to creativity: the Mad Cool Gallery and the Art Market.

Mad Cool Gallery was born from a contest in which 462 photographic proposals and 396 illustrations participated. The jury has selected 25 works from each category that will be exhibited during the festival, in addition to receiving their corresponding awards.

Mad Cool

The Mad Cool during the 2017 edition © Marcos Marx


Whether your plan is to stand at the door at 3:30 pm or go to the concerts at night, we have a few Madrid addresses tested to all palates.

Grosso Napoletano (Santa Engracia 48) for lovers of Italian food, the taqueria Gracias Padre (Ortega y Gasset, 55) if Mexicans or El Buda Feliz (Tudescos, 5) love you for Chinese food lovers.

Do you prefer something healthy? Superchulo (Manuela Malasaña 11), Honest Greens (Castellana 89) and Planet Organic (Castelló 63) are your places.

And to start picking up the rhythm, the star combo: beer + tapas. La Latina, San Fernando Market or Vallehermoso Market never disappoint.

Mural de Superchulo

Superchulo mural © Superchulo


What do you come from outside Madrid? No problem, on the Mad Cool website you will find the official hotels of the festival, all of them with direct connection to the venue by public transport.

We are Chamartín (10 minutes near the premises) or Cat's Hostel (approximately 20 minutes) are two good options.

Cat's Hostel

Cat's Hostel, a place to start (and end) your festive day © Cat's Hostel


Vinyl lovers will find their paradise in Radio City (Count Duke 14). Also, do not forget to visit Cuervo Store (Velarde 13), where in addition to the best music, you will find books, leather jackets, Crosley record players, Dr. Denim jeans … and they even have an open studio for everyone who wants to enjoy doing a little of music!

Cuervo alt=

Crow Store: music, books, clothes and even a studio for the most daring! © Cuervo Store


After three days from stage to stage, play rest … no! Let's finish squeezing the weekend! The best plan? Spend the hangover of the Mad Cool to soak and with views of the entire city: those of Room Mate Óscar, the Urban or the Emperor will not disappoint you.

For those who prefer to walk, we will not go with alternative plans and secret sites, the best place to walk, lie on the grass and relax is undoubtedly the Retreat.

Yes, which is also one of the favorite places of tourists, but answer this question: have you ever gone beyond the Crystal Palace? Be sure to stop by the Florida Retreat terrace.

Another of the urban oases that you will love is Casa Corona and the outdoor yoga classes they organize on Sundays!

Now, start the countdown to one of the most anticipated appointments of the year. Long live music!

Hotel Emperador

Hotel Emperador © DR Text: Gema Monroy


These are, for days, the schedules of the groups that form the head of the Mad Cool poster. Put on comfortable shoes that we started!


Tame Impala will climb at 9:40 pm on the Madrid stage while preparing to go on the Mad Cool stage at 23:20.

The dilemma of the night will be to choose at 1:30 between Kasabian (on the Madrid stage) and Justice (The Loop scenario). At 2:50 there is no doubt: MGMT in the Mad Cool stage.

Artists Kán Ferreiro and Post Malone will perform on the stage Koko . Polar Response Model and Biznaga will do the same on the Thunder Bitch stage .

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On Friday at 20:45 will come the turn of Snow Patrol (Mad Cool stage) that will give way at 22:00 to J ack White (Madrid stage).

At 23:50 the Mad Cool stage will host one of the most anticipated groups of the festival: Arctic Monkeys, who after almost five years, have just released their sixth studio album: Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

At 1:30 go to Madrid stage, because Franz Ferdinand arrives with his new album, Always Ascending, fresh from the oven. At the same time, Massive Attack will perform in The Loop stage.

At 2:50, alarm !, overlap between The Bloody Beetroots (Mad Cool stage) and LAMODA (Koko stage).

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And to close the festival, more main courses: Queens of The Stone Age will jump to the Mad Cool stage at 9:35 p.m., at the same time as rapper Kase.O on the Koko stage.

Do not say goodbye because at 22:55, Depeche Mode will be in the Madrid stage. On the same stage, but at 2:05, Dua Lipa, another of the most anticipated.

Underworld will close the Mad Cool stage performances at 3:15. But if you feel like finishing in the funniest way, Elyella djs and her mythical mask will be in the Mondo Sound stage until 4:15.

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You can also check all the schedules here.

* This article was initially published on Monday, June 4 and updated with the festival schedules on Thursday, June 7.