' Sacred Places & 039 ;: the book to travel through the most spiritual corners of the planet


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Sacred Places is that book that, with a stroke of text and delicate illustrations, collects 25 destinations throughout the world and with one thing in common: its strong spiritual burden. Mystery and divinity fit perfectly as a definition of these places, whose history and origins the reader can know with a simple turning of pages.

Here we don't talk about beauty, but about a connection with the traveler that makes millions of people visit this kind of enclaves every year, which oscillate between the religious and some kind of spiritual force.

“The world is becoming increasingly secular, but not necessarily less spiritual : people are still looking for connections and meaning . This book aims to teach all types of spirituality, ” explains Sarah Baxter, author of the book, to Traveler.es.

Isla de Pascua

Easter Island © Harry and Zanna Goldhawk

Mount Kailash in Tibet, the ilsa of Iona, Mount Olympus in Greece, the Ganges river in Varanasi or the already mediated Camino de Santiago are some of the stops on this particular trip.

Baxter took into account a good geographical distribution and the type of places to choose the destinations that make up this book. "Some are ancient temples, others are more recent churches or monuments and others are natural sites that have imbued humanity for millennia."

Many times , driven by stereotypes, we define in advance how a place has to be to surprise us. However, the reality is that it is not that they are the most beautiful, unique or monumental in the world, but that they have that 'something' (a do not know what, what I know, that I love) that makes them special .

The planet gives us infinite places of pilgrimage full of energy. Jumping from continent to continent, flying over the oceans, crossing deserts, exploring between mountains and reaching the heart of cities are just some of the proposals of this fascinating journey.

And it is that Baxter intends with this book to transport you to them, to those places that perhaps you had not considered traveling. And leave a clear message on its pages: visiting a site is not just based on "geological curiosity or the feat of architecture".

Monte del Templo de Jerusalén

Mount of the Temple of Jerusalem © Harry and Zanna Goldhawk

Based on the illustrations made by Harry and Zanna Goldhawk, you will see how the destinies are reflected on the paper, understand their legends, their beliefs and religions.

The best of all? There are many sacred stories left to tell. “There are so many places, so many wonderful temples and churches, so many mountains and lakes full of legends. Volume 2 could be very large! " Says Baxter, referring to a hypothetical second part.

Shwedagon Paya

Shwedagon Paya © Harry and Zanna Goldhawk