2 Femmes in 2CV or how to travel the world on a two horse


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Eva Serra and Ana Vega, the two friends behind 2 Femmes in 2CV, with the crisis of the 30 gave them to travel. Or more than traveling to decide between settling in the complaint and hiding in comfort and fear or joining and building something together. That building something together was to launch the world in a 1983 Sky Blue Citroën 2CV 6 Special, the last member of this curious trio.

"The 2CV is a magical car, which raises smiles wherever it goes, " Ana explains to Traveler. "It is a convertible SUV, capable of crossing rivers and mountains." And yes, like you and me, he has preferences: his character is Mediterranean, although he also responds in the coldest latitudes. "Start without problems until -20º."

2 Femmes en 2CV o cómo recorrer el mundo en un dos caballos

What if we dare? © 2 Femmes in 2CV

“Always faithful, don't stop talking to you. He complains when something hurts, he laughs when we take him on his favorite roads. It's much more than a car, it's the best adventure companion, ”Ana describes this peculiar traveler.

It was on the back of this two horses that they left behind Mallorca in the summer of 2015 . "In an initial phase we toured France, Monaco, Italy, all the Balkan countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria) until arriving in Istanbul, " says Ana.

The second stage was starred by Ana alone. "It took me to tour the entire Turkish territory, Kurdistan, Iran, Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Georgia for nine months . " In the third phase Eva rejoined: "we crossed Russia and Eastern and Central Europe".

In total, 20 months of travel. It is said soon and they live slowly, in the purest slow travel style, enjoying everything that happens, throwing themselves into the brave task of constantly embracing the unknown and improvisation and renouncing those comforts that make our lives easier.

“We never knew where we were going to sleep. Our tent was our home for a good part of the evenings, even in the cold winters of eastern and northern Europe. In addition, many families welcomed us in countries outside the European Union (especially in Turkey, Iran and Nagorno Karabakh), ”explains Ana.

2 Femmes en 2CV o cómo recorrer el mundo en un dos caballos

The curious trio in Tuscany © 2 Femmes in 2CV

“Our travel philosophy fits perfectly with slow travel, always adapting to the environment, enjoying the local cuisine, the ways of relating to each country. And, above all, spend a lot of time in each place, taste it, live it more than visit it ”. Amen.

Twenty months give for much, for many experiences. “We had no savings. The idea was to spend little and try to get small income during the trip, ”he says. Thus, Ana and Eva immersed themselves in the collaborative economy to get accommodation and food in exchange for some hours of work. They also dedicated themselves to harvesting or harvesting the olive and kept some jobs as a freelance thanks to the Internet and its ability to connect the world.

They also had time to cross their journey with many people. “Syrian refugees occupy a special space in our hearts. We were collaborating as volunteers in the Presevo refugee camp (Serbia) in one of the most critical moments of the migration crisis. Thousands of refugees were overcrowded on mud and garbage to continue their terrible journey. Many of them wanted to return to Syria, return to war, where they at least felt human, ”they say.

It's twenty months, we insist, of releasing ballast and taking the reins of his life; leaving behind a fear that vanished at the same time as the journey began.

2 Femmes en 2CV o cómo recorrer el mundo en un dos caballos

Smile! You are in Uzès © 2 Femmes in 2CV

“We discovered that the fear of the unknown is a social imposition, especially for women. When there is nothing better than discovering places, people and emotions that we would never have experienced had we not left our fears behind. ” Leaving behind our comfort zone.

“We have realized that the idea we have of comfort is relative. Now for us, comfort is the freedom to do what we want to do at all times, to give ourselves permission to explore places and ourselves. The comfort for us is not on the sofa at home, nor in the security of having a stable income. Comfort lies in taking the reins of our own lives, ”he says.

And, along the way, not only countries are traveled, life is traveled and learning accumulates. A lot. “We have learned to listen. To be more aware of the space and time in which we find ourselves and to savor it. We have learned to say no, to accept our emotions, also the negative ones, and to share them, ”says Ana and then continue:“ We have learned to fix the car, sleep anywhere, share, cook, work the field, to make wine, to plant, to survive in the snow. We have learned everything and we still have everything to learn .

Therefore, they already cherish the idea of ​​a second great trip. Destination? Probably Central Asia, although, for now, you will have to wait for them to say what they have experienced and the result of all this: the publication of the book Two goats at 80 km / h: The peculiar journey of two women on the back of a 2CV to the Middle East .

2 Femmes en 2CV o cómo recorrer el mundo en un dos caballos

Camping in front of the Aegean in Greece © 2 Femmes in 2CV