Sanxenxo or the perfect beach town of Galicia


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With permission from Cambados, La Toja and Baiona, we are going to talk about the town that best sums up the summer lifestyle of Galicia. Her name is Sanxenxo and I 'm sure you have been told about her as the Marbella of the north, but that is as bold as saying that Los Angeles is the New York of the North American west coast.

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Las Rías Baixas (or why paradise is closer than you think)

In an attempt to place it in the imaginary general traveler, we are ignoring its idiosyncrasy, its geographical characteristics and the great variety of leisure options that it brings together.

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If with this we want to imply that it is an elitist destination where days move to the rhythm of the activity of its marina, Juan Carlos I, we accept 'boat', but Sanxenxo is much more than that, its 13 Zul flag beaches (the coast with the most certifications in all of Spain), are its restaurants nourished with the freshest fishing and seafood of the day and that lively 'after beach' atmosphere of wines and tapas and ice cream at sunset on its promenade .

For this reason, in this guide of use and enjoyment of Sanxenxo (of the city, but also of the 'Concello') you will find leisure activities for all ages and purchasing levels.

La Madama, una escultura de Alfonso Vilar Lamelas, se ha convertido en símbolo de Sanxenxo.

La Madama, a sculpture by Alfonso Vilar Lamelas, has become a symbol of Sanxenxo. © iStock


The authentic drama of the Sanxenxino summer comes when booking a room at any of the hotels in the most desired area of ​​the Rías Baixas.

Experience tells me that in order to choose the one you really want to do it in the spring, at this point in the game you will find a "complete set for these dates" or with a "you are going to pay two stars at a price of four".

Only those who spend the summer in Galicia know that for those who arrive late there are seafood lentils, that's why I don't miss myself when in a two-star family hotel called La Terraza I jump in the search engine for € 150 a night the first week of August.

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There are no five-star hotels in the area, but those of four replace their absence with the same exclusivity and first class services. The Gran Talaso Hotel boasts views (over the urban beach of Silgar) and spa, although the water area and treatments of Carlos I Silgar make it the favorite of relax addicts for its three spa areas: the Occidental, the Oriental and the World. A hit is their mud, seaweed, wine or chocolate wrappers.

Further away from the beachfront is the four-star superior Augusta Spa Resort, which allows it to have wider common areas and an incredible garden in which to have breakfast in the shade. In addition, so that you do not miss the proximity of the beach they have devised a Caribbean Chill Spa, with a hot water pool, surrounded by white sand and sun loungers in which to have a cocktail.

Caribbean Chill Spa del hotel Augusta Spa Resort, en Sanxenxo.

Caribbean Chill Spa of the Augusta Spa Resort hotel in Sanxenxo. © Augusta Spa Resort

For those who seek proximity to the leisure area there are several interesting options, the three stars Faro Salazón and Rotilio or the modest and, at the same time, privileged O Son do Mar, whose particularity lies in the fact that it has direct access to Panadeira beach, a tiny urban beach located east of the marina.

Just a kilometer and a half from the urban center of Sanxenxo, far from the "excitement of the most important tourist town of Galicia", as they say on their website is the Nanín Spa Hotel, opposite the less crowded beach of Nanin. And a little further, in the collection of Areas beach, Riveiro offers up to three types of accommodation, a two star hotel, another three and recently built apartments for those who need an equipped kitchen.

To the west, the urban beach of Silgar is separated from the beach of Portonovo (or Baltar) by the Punta del Vicaño, where there is a park and a viewpoint and a hotel, the Punta Vicaño.

At the beginning of the gigantic beach of La Lanzada, whose ownership is shared by Sanxenxo and O Grove, there are other hotels that are rather simple, such as the Blue Dolphin or La Lanzada. You will have to go to the neighboring municipality to find a four star: the Pousada A Lanzada.

El lujo en O Son do Mar, en Sanxenxo, es tener la playa Panadeira a escasos metros de la ventana de tu habitación.

The luxury in O Son do Mar, in Sanxenxo, is to have the Panadeira beach a few meters from the window of your room. © O Son do Mar


The Sanxenxo coast has been leading the list of blue flags of our country for years, this year with a total of 13 award-winning beaches.

Silgar: it is not usual for an urban beach to obtain this certification, but this sandy area of ​​less than a kilometer in length, even with its excessive influx of people during the summer months, maintains the quality and cleanliness of its waters. In addition, it has a promenade with lots of shops, bars and restaurants. Its most recognizable icon is La Madama, a sculpture by Galician artist Alfonso Vilar Lamelas that stands on the stone of Corbeiro.

Baltar, Canelas and Caneliñas (in Portonovo): to get to the first one you will have to cross a green area with an interior wooden walkway, the second one is small and the third one is flanked by the west by the cliffs of the tip of Cabicastro.

Areas: family beach with calm waters and wind pick-up. There is a nearby car park and a grassy area with trees at its eastern end for those who want to eat (almost) or take a nap on the beach, but not on the sand. Although, to tell the truth, you will not need to bring food if you are going to spend the day there, since in the restaurant A Postiña and its elevated terrace on the sand you will find a menu loaded with local product at reasonable prices.

A la izquierda de la Ermita de Nuestra Señora de La Lanzada, la playa de Areas Gordas, a la derecha, la playa de Foxos.

To the left of the Hermitage of Our Lady of La Lanzada, the beach of Areas Gordas, on the right, the beach of Foxos. © Getty Images

Foxos, Areas Gordas-A Lapa and Espiñeiro : these virgin shell-shaped beaches seem much smaller than they really are since they are located right where the 'immensity' of A Lanzada starts, in the list of the best Atlantic beaches of the world, among other things, for being surrounded by a protected dune space.

With strong waves and high winds, A Lanzada is ideal for sports such as bodyboarding, surfing, windsurfing, suflsurfing or kitesurfing. In the Prado Surf A Lanzada and Tartaruga Surf & Dive Center schools they will teach you how to master your beach break regardless of your level on the board.

And since we have come to spend the day on the isthmus that connects the O Grove peninsula with Sanxenxo, why not visit Arroceria & Sunset A Lanzada, where in addition to eating a rice with seafood overlooking the beach you can have a drink in your beach bar, practice yoga or listen to live concerts.

The other blue flag beaches of the municipality of Sanxenxo are Montalvo, Bascuas, Major, Pragueira, and Paxariñas.

La increíble playa de A Lanzada es perfecta para practicar deportes acuáticos y de viento.

The incredible beach of A Lanzada is perfect for water and wind sports. © Getty Images


A good place to have breakfast, at number 26 of the Silgar beach promenade and overlooking the Atlantic, is the terrace of the Marycielo hotel. The locals, on the other hand, prefer to start the day with the sweet delicacies of La Pastelería La Granja (Augusto Besada, 14) or the Bread Boutique (Rúa Ourense).

In Sanxenxo, as in Galicia, eating seafood is not a sign of ostentation, it is actually the product of closeness that has been feeding its neighbors for centuries and those who are lucky enough to visit its coast.

For years the place of reference is La Taberna del Nautical. Barnacles are the most delicious and largest (they are the size of a big toe) I've tried in my life, as was the bill when it came to paying. It doesn't matter, a day is a day and we are on vacation. We have come to participate in the culinary spectacle that the estuaries offer in summer and it is always preferable to pay attention to word of mouth to be safe.

Mejillones en escabeche con hummus de aguacate y jalapeño, en el Bar Berberecho.

Pickled mussels with avocado and jalapeño hummus, in the Bar Berberecho. © Cockle Bar

The Taberna de Rotilio (Avenida Do Porto, 7-9) is another classic with its ox cannelloni, its crispy monkfish and its Galician hake. For its part, the Terrace of the Sea, in the Hotel del Mar (Paseo Praia de Silgar, 52), has sophisticated its dishes to combine with its modern interior terrace chill out style. Thus, in his letter the octopus 'a feira', the seaweed clams and the razors with lime oil, garlic and parsley continue to appear, but there is also octopus pizza, Galician bread roll stuffed with tetilla cheese and free-range eggs with potato foam, crispy mushrooms and sausage oil.

Also creative is the style of cooking practiced at the Berberecho Bar, which does not take away to serve an impeccable seafood under more alternative interpretations, such as pickled mussels with avocado and jalapeño hummus.

And in Dorsia, designed by the Galician studio NAN Arquitectos, you will enjoy a state-of-the-art multipurpose space overlooking the sea: it is a cafeteria at breakfast time, restaurant for lunch and dinner and it is transformed into a night pub where you can have a drink or Some cocktail

For tapas and a wine in a lively atmosphere The aviator (Augusto González Besada, 4) is perfect for his live concerts. Other bars where you can peck or have a snack are La Trastienda (Rúa Augusto González Besada, 9) and the Gabba brewery (San Isidro, esq. Plaza Portugal).

En el espacio polivalente Dorsia, proyectado por NAN Arquitectos, lo mismo puedes desayunar que tomarte una copa.

In the multi-purpose space Dorsia, designed by NAN Arquitectos, you can have breakfast the same as having a drink. © Dorsia


Expanding the coastal routes is the objective of the Sanxenxo council. It aims to reach 30, 000 kilometers of paths and thus cover 100% of the coastline of the Pontevedra estuary. Can you imagine walking along the sea from Poio to Launched?

Currently, the Sanxenxina coast has six distinctive Blue Paths, awarded just like the blue flags by the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education (Adeac): from Sanxenxo to Portonovo, from Canelas to Punta Cabicastro, from Montalvo to Major, the Sendeiro Máxico da Lanzada, from Areas to Punta Festiñanzo and from Paxariñas to Montalvo.

No te vayas de las Rías Baixas sin acercarte a conocer las islas Cíes o la isla de Ons, en el Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlánticas.

Do not leave the Rías Baixas without getting to know the Cíes Islands or the island of Ons, in the Atlantic Islands National Park. © Getty Images

And finally, it would be a sin to be on vacation in the Rías Baixas and not to get to know the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, of which the Cíes Islands and the island of Ons are part.

You can take a regular boat with Pirates of Nabia, which leaves from the port of Portonovo to Ons or rent one in the port of Sanxenxo with Eolo Charter, who have been sailing these seas for more than 15 years.

El pueblo marinero de Combarro, declarado Conjunto Histórico Artístico por sus hórreos y cruceros.

The fishing village of Combarro, declared a Historic Artistic Site for its granaries and cruises. © Getty Images

Why with this company and not with another? Because with these eyes I have seen how Carlos, its owner, has waited patiently in the middle of the estuary while the tide was rising, fluttering in the marine electronics of his ship, dodging small rocks at the bottom, just so that I, as a film actress arriving in Cannes in the afternoon, I got off directly from starboard on the old pier of Combarro just to eat some simple - albeit delicious - grilled sardines on one of the terraces of its incredible historic center, known for its architecture granaries Galician popular.

A peculiar personal anecdote that precisely sums up the secret of Sanxenxo's success, that of enjoying Galician everyday life in the most exclusive way possible, if that is the case and coincides that high tide arrives, of course.

Marina o Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I de Sanxenxo al atardecer.

Marina or Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I of Sanxenxo at sunset. © Getty Images

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Las Rías Baixas (or why paradise is closer than you think)