La Commedia, the new paradise of Italian ice cream in Madrid


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Paola Panzani, a native of Milan, moved to Madrid 12 years ago, "in love with the city." But something was always missing: "A good ice cream." It was not only his Italian origin that was why he felt a weakness for this sweet. It is also that she carries it "in the blood."

“In 1936, when my father was three years old, my grandparents moved from Revere (Mantua) to Milan and set up an ice cream shop. Later, my grandfather had to go to fight to World War II and, when he returned, in 1945, he opened two others, one of them in the center of Milan, near the Arch of Peace, which was an ice cream parlor of reference to the that people were going from far away, ” says Paola.

All this was told by his grandfather ("Who died with 97 years"). And although she could not pass the recipe of her famous ice creams - because in 1956 they closed and went to the ice cream shop -, she is convinced that some of that ice cream passion but for the ice cream she really had.

La Commedia

Italian flavors and raw material. © The Commedia

That's where La Commedia was born , “a divine gelateria, ” as defined. Artisan ice creams prepared every day in their workshop visible to the consumer. "We make them with ingredients without preservatives, without dyes, without palm oil … we take great care of the process, " he explains.

The fruit is fresh and seasonal, the milk of La Colemanareña, from the Sierra de Madrid. “And we bring some ingredients from Italy, such as Bronte pistachios or Le Langue hazelnuts, ” says Panzini. Fundamental to give it the flavor, color and creaminess they have.

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In addition, those of fruits (40%) and dark chocolate (70%) are made without milk, with water, so they are suitable for lactose intolerant and for vegan diets, and subtracts fat. Although they do not have much the rest, he says: "Our ice creams are very light, they have an average of 7% fat, an average, while commercials can reach 30%."

They always have classic flavors: strawberry, chocolate, lemon … but most of them change them: "When one flavor ends, we make another one, " he says. It depends on the fruit that is fresher and what you like on the palate of the sweet tooth that comes there.

La Commedia

Tiramisu, pies … divine sweet tooth. © The Commedia

The idea is to try and offer ice cream with unique flavors, premium flavors, with top quality raw material. These more special ice creams have been called the Divine Line. There is Hell, an intense red color given by a beet that does not add flavor, mixed with mascarpone, white chocolate and biscuit. There is Purgatory, "between sweet and bitter", with peanut, red fruits … And there is Paradise that, as the name implies, "is too good".

La Commedia

Classic flavors and unique flavors. © The Commedia

The Commedia? The Divine Line? Yes, the name is not casual. Born from another childhood and family memory of Paola Panzini. Since he remembers, he remembers seeing an old copy of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy in the living room of his father's house, the house where he was born and grew up. "He still has it there, " he says and shows a photo of the book on his mobile. Moreover, his grandmother was named Beatrice, as the protagonist of the play and Dante's eternal love. And they have dedicated another flavor: the Biscotto di Beatrice.

La Commedia

Ice cream gift. © The Commedia


Because they are real handmade ice cream. You see how they do them in front of you. And for its variety and selection of flavors very special.


In addition to having lactose-free and vegan options . They have cones and flavors without gluten. And not only ice cream is lived in paradise … in the same workshop they prepare cakes, tiramisu, cookies. Desserts for breakfast (although they also have a salty breakfast option) and snack. And they are very clear that ice cream is a great gift in tubs prepared to take a lunch or dinner and be the perfect guest.

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General Pardiñas Street, 7


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Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday until midnight.

Half price

Small tub € 3. Large € 4.