The taste of Marrakech in six restaurants


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Marrakech reaches you straight to the heart, and there is not a single reason that prevents you from visiting it. From its colors in the Souk, to its cafés overlooking Jemaa El Fna, mosques, fruit and spice markets, is there any way to get rid of its magnetism?

You can only heal by visiting it again and again. That is why if you have already done so, you will be willing to devour new places, and that is what it is, to find them for you. We know that you love Nomad with that unique and modern style that it has, and the Spice Café but there is much more in Marrakech. Come on!


New airs blow through the center of the city and the name of Shatto, a concept store in the Medina near the Café de las Especias, sounds more and more. From the terrace you can also enjoy the hustle and bustle of Marrakech and its colorful roof blanket.

And eating? Well, international flavors mixed with Moroccan cuisine are not lacking here: fresh fruit juices, that perfect snack after a morning of walks in Marrakech, pancakes, sandwiches, typical Moroccan salads or tortillas with the traditional khalii . Suitable for vegetarians and healthy food addicts, if you are looking for more places like this you can use this app.

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There is nothing like having a mint tea in the tranquility of a riad, appreciating every sip and every corner, much more if you are in Dar Cherifa. Marrakech Riads is the owner of this place inspired by the Madrasa of Ben Youssef where you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in the tranquility of the city center.

The traditional Moroccan dishes are not lacking here: five kinds of vegetable salads, taboulé, their typical dishes with spicy sauces and, why not, an orange pie in the middle of the afternoon. You choose!

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A few meters from the Majorelle Garden and the Jemaa El Fna square is Blackchic Cafe, a perfect place to discover the new Moroccan cuisine, more urban and modern.

Here you will find Senegalese salads, Arabian snacks, avocado tartines, hummus, and other Berber dishes such as spicy chicken with lemon and onion accompanied by rice and vegetables. In addition to the original Moroccan pastries and their lemonades, they have five different ones.

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When the afternoon falls the favorite place is Le Salama, here the sunsets are spectacular and the parties too. This restaurant and sky bar, with happy hour, in the Medina breathes glamor through all its corners and is perfect for a romantic dinner or with friends.

The nights accompanied with oriental dances will bring you the best of Marrakech cuisine, such as the classic taboulés, the roasted lamb with couscous and its unique stews with such flavor.

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La Famille is a real surprise, a French and Moroccan garden in the Medina with elongated wooden tables to share, also small corners for couples, an open kitchen and signature souvenirs that you can not resist.

Its cuisine is French and vegetarian but with touches, obviously, of Moroccan cuisine. Their organic salads, their pizzetas, their pasta dishes are made with such love. The decoration, the treatment and the taste of your kitchen makes you feel at home, perhaps hence its name.

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Located in the Mamounia hotel, Le Morocain is a festival of spices, aromas, textures and colors. Chef Rachid Agouray's dishes will bring you even closer to genuine Marrakech .

Romantic and elegant where there are them, there is no shortage of tasty tagine, such as Agadir lobster or monkfish marinated with white onion sauce. Already starting to notice Morocco on your palate?

During Ramadan (this June), they recommend the special menu, '#Ftour', by La Mamounia and Rachid Agouray . Traditional Moroccan soups such as harira, a crushed wheat soup with thyme and chorba, and others such as chicken soup, vegetables and noodles will be served.

This menu will be available to guests before sunrise and after sunset, when the fast ends.

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