What has a madrileño lost in a hotel in Madrid? Bastard arrives


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For days in Madrid a murmur has been heard. A new tenant has come to the city stomping and his revolutionary character is on everyone's lips, we talk about Bastardo Hostel .

If you are not lucky enough to meet him yet, it is a space, between Malasaña and Chueca, that does not understand labels: it is neither a hotel nor a hostel nor a cultural center nor a bar nor a cinema nor a restaurant. It is absolutely everything.

The dictionary says that the adjective 'bastard' means "that degenerates from its origin or nature . " And that was the end of this accommodation, getting out of the conventions and becoming a meeting point for locals and visitors.

Bienvenidos a Bastardo, un hotel ilegítimo

Welcome to Bastardo, an illegitimate hotel © Bastardo

This cultural epicenter, whether we are guests or not, invites us to enjoy the best activities of the contemporary scene , covering all kinds of tastes: art, music, cinema, poetry, theatrical performances, gastronomy …


A trip does not start at the boarding gate, on the train platform, when you get in the car. Start the moment you start fantasizing about undertaking it. When you obsessively look at a point on the map, while witching on the web about a destination, when consulting books, guides, while chatting with other travelers or with natives about that dream place, you're actually on the way, ”they say on their page Web.

And that has been Bastardo's philosophy from the first minute. Although the official opening was on Wednesday, May 23, they have been preparing their trip for a few weeks.

To this end, they have been organizing free events such as a Marwan recital to celebrate Book Night, which, according to Adrián Bermejo, director of Bastardo, was a success. "Here the cultural issue is the most important, " he tells Traveler.es.

Marwan recitando en Bastardo Hostel

Marwan reciting at Bastardo Hostel © Bastardo

Upon arrival, I am struck by the huge glass of the building, which invites you to browse and wakes you up to discover what is inside. Some girls paint her with a brush stroke.

“It is one of the interventions of # herepasancosas. They are students of Fine Arts who are finishing the degree. The idea is that every two months they intervene in the glass to tell through art what is happening inside, ”explains Ruth Enriquez, Bastardo's content director.

We transform! ? We do not have a window, it is a large blank canvas that premieres @danielaardanaz #IntervencionArtistica #accionurbana #aquipasancosas #BastardoMadrid #IHateHotel A shared publication of BASTARDO Madrid (@bastardohostel) on May 30, 2018 at 3:58 PDT

On Fridays and Saturdays at night there is a DJ until approximately 02.00 hours, which animates the room from the top of the stands behind the bar. This large staircase serves to accommodate the public when an event such as a concert or the 'electroverbena' takes place.

“The electroverbena is very festive and fun. It is to turn the verbena, which is a very Madrid concept. How? Mixing the usual music with electronics and with a performance, that the artist is not only singing but interacts a bit with the audience. We do it at 12.30 pm, to recover the vermouth time, and people of all ages come, ”says Enriquez.

Storytelling for children, a microteatro that raises how Juana la Loca's life would have been with the new technologies, a representation of two dancers from the National Dance Company, silent movies with live music, fashion events, book presentations …

¿Para dos? Esta maravillosa habitación con terraza

For two? This wonderful room with terrace © Bastardo

All that and more will take place on the ground floor of Bastardo during the next weeks. But always under a premise: make a nod to the classics but decontextualizing them, adapting them to this space.

In turn, the restaurant has also been open for about three weeks and has a very tempting menu: homemade chicken and ham croquettes (€ 6.50); charcoal roasted chicken (€ 7); Grilled beef burger with melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, chimichurri and village bread (€ 9); Spinach au gratin with Havarti cheese (€ 4.50); Chocolate mug cake with cookie ice cream (€ 4.50)…

Almost all the delicacies cooked on charcoal have been marinated 48 hours before being passed through the grill. The restaurant is intended for lunch and dinner, where you can sit and enjoy the dishes, both at individual tables and at longer tables to share with other visitors, while breakfast is served in the bar area.

We want Madrid people to have at least one reason that makes them pass through here at least once a year. This is like our mini slaughterhouse, ” Enriquez tells us enthusiastically.


"Yes, it's free (but we can't all)" © Bastardo


“Bastardo is very focused on Millennials, both adventurous and with children, ” says Bermejo, director of Bastardo.

Private or shared rooms, for those who travel alone, for couples, for groups, families, with terrace … The goal was to create an unusual accommodation, and they have succeeded.

Bastardo es el hostel madrileño definitivo para ir con tus amigos

Bastardo is the definitive Madrid hostel to go with your friends © Bastardo

They have a room mix: the first two floors are hostel (from € 18 per night), for the more adventurous; and the remaining two are hotel rooms (around € 100 a night), which have towels and amenities (the third floor for families or groups and the fourth for two people).

The six bedrooms, for example, are distributed around the shower, in this way the bunk beds are facing the wall and you have more privacy than if they were in front of each other. As for family members, the double beds are combined with bunk beds, always seeking as much privacy as possible.

Each of the rooms is a tribute to a 'bastard', to someone who did something different or transgressive in his time. Patti Smith, Luis Buñuel, Divine, Emiliano Zapata, Marie Curie, Confucius, Frida Kalho … These are some of the characters that we can find decorating the walls of the rooms.

And one of the best parts of the building is found on the top floor: a spectacular terrace with bar, tables, umbrellas, beach chairs, sand, garlands of lights to warm the atmosphere at night and incredible views of the rest of the roofs of Madrid Can there be a better plan to inaugurate the summer season in the capital?

Finally, in the basement there is a kitchen for those who want to prepare their own food and a laundry with a very retro decoration. Presentations made. Come, see and enjoy!

Así da gusto hacer la colada

That's how nice to do laundry © Bastardo