This street in Barcelona is the one we would all want in our neighborhood


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Without franchises, their businesses depend on a creative business and with another way of understanding consumption. From handmade pieces to natural vermouths, Verdi is the heart of the Barcelona neighborhood of Gràcia.

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Secrets of Barcelona to inspire a creative traveler

With 1, 300 meters in length, Google indicates that you can walk it in just over a quarter of an hour. Specifically, in 16 minutes. But why so fast?

Where do you go in a hurry when it is best to like yourself, walk it calmly, look for its secrets. And discover that the walk can be extended throughout the day: the minutes can be hours at the rate set by the vermouth, fashion stores and vintage decoration, the original version cinema or gastronomic venues to enjoy at any time.

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The road tries to escape from gentrification and, in fact, has three neighborhood associations (the one above, the middle one and the one below) that ensure that modernity arrives slowly, step by step, respecting the origin of the neighborhood and without ravage it Only then can the charism of a place that is much more than asphalt and trees be maintained.

All this is understood, simply, walking it from beginning to end. The street is born near the Park Güell, where the day to day is calm and similar to that of a town but with the occasional clueless tourist looking for Gaudí's dragons.

In its first third, everything is like a neighborhood where people have known each other for a lifetime . And little by little it is taking on more life, especially after crossing the Travessera de Dalt, where some yoga venues invite you to think that the area offers the necessary respite in a big city.

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An old cellar seems to transition . This is Ca'l Pep, with almost a century of history and where tourism is only sporadic. Vintage posters share walls with objects from another era and a messy order where everything fits.

It is a good place to have breakfast chatting with the parishioners and, if the thing gets longer, take a delicious vermouth from the house accompanied by Antequera olives. And so in loop.

For that there will be time, so it is best to continue descending slowly. The thing is encouraged from the intersection with Carrer de Biada and Carrer de l'a Providència, right where the European Design Institute is located.

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But before filling the stomach it is time to be inspired and go through some of those places where you can spend days without realizing it. One of them is Rekup & Co, where recycled wood is the star.

Also the raw material of Emmanuel Wagnon, designer arrived from the French city of Lille. Wine racks, hangers, lamps, beautiful mirrors and wonderful tables are part of its furniture that also offers quite reasonable prices.

A few meters below, some suitcases on the facade indicate the arrival in Fulanitu i Menganita, an initiative of Gemma Cubilà that opened five years ago. His initial idea was to take vintage objects at affordable prices to this beautiful corner of Barcelona. "I opted to open a place where people did not run away just look at the price and, instead, I could say, hey, I can give myself this whim, " says Cubilà, who travels Europe to find unique objects and small brands.

Stockholm or Milan are some of the cities you have visited recently to bring what you were waiting for to give the final touch to your home.

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Craft proposals, design pieces, Nordic products and unexpected objects make up this story shop from which all kinds of light bulbs hang alongside original lamps. Around, furniture, posters, esparto cactus, wrought iron and glass elements, wooden shelves, restorations and a thousand stories that make up this space of inspiration.

And as Gemma's idea worked, a couple of years ago he opened another store a few meters higher called the Chicken Hen, with a proposal similar to the first.

Both places are in constant motion and every month and a half are being renewed to surprise you at any time . "So we always create expectation and people want to see again what we have brought. Because I, like the singers, do not exist without my audience, " stresses the head of these two beautiful spaces.

Gallina de Piel

Everything in this shop is one surprise after another © Gallina de Piel

Around it, fashion stores are the protagonists. Vialis Barcelona and Kling are the known exceptions. In Streeters you can find the shoe you had been looking for for a while and in Mi & Co a little piece of Formentera so that you want to visit the Balearic Islands.

One of the most classic is El Piano by Tina García . The designer pioneered the opening of her establishment 20 years ago. It was in 1998 and a decade later he opted for a second trade, this time dedicated to men's fashion. Classic designs but also current and casual proposals are part of your closet, in which you can get lost while deciding what you are going to take.

Another of the most interesting is Picnic Store BCN . With a minimalist decoration in the style of Northern Europe, you can find everything from printed shirts to small earrings, select shoes, flirty sunglasses and even travel literature for your next getaway.

And, of course, a pair of clothes hangers with beautiful clothes in which the most difficult thing is to choose the one you like best for you because you will love them all.

Picnic Store BCN

Accessories for your next getaway © Picnic Store BCN

Nearby are also The Vos Shop, with a great catalog of latest trends that also fit some wonderful backpacks and handicrafts and D * Lily, created by the designer Sara Saavedra at the beginning of the 21st century.

Pia Barcelona is another jewelry option on the same street and just a little below. And if you dare to sew and sing, the Costuretas Social Club team will receive you to chat about life while you learn sewing techniques, improve your skills or simply spend the afternoon in good company.

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And since from one place to another always goes hungry, it is best to start looking for a restaurant. Undoubtedly, one of the best ideas is to enter the Salvatge Bar, where you receive a great hippo that the current owners inherited from the previous business, the now disappeared restaurant Sol i Lluna.

"When we saw it we decided to leave it where it was and make it the axis of our image, " said Kike Vila, one of the partners of this space opened last November and focused on natural wines, that is, those that have the least possible intervention of the man. "Basically, it is taking the grapes and fermenting spontaneously, as in the past, without filtering or added products, " explains Vila.

They have a dozen of these wines in bulk, but also many other bottled options from many wine regions. And even with a natural vermouth, produced in the Finca Parera biodynamic winery, owned by another of the establishment's partners who also serves as a winemaker and winemaker.

This exquisite vermutera exception is perfect for making the aperitif with one of the packs with Espinaler products that they propose every weekend.

For 12 euros you have half a liter of this great drink accompanied by anchovies, potatoes, olives, mussels and cockles. For now it is only possible on Sundays, because the rest of the days they open for lunch and dinner, although they are already considering changing the schedule to accommodate you.

Salvatge alt=

The perfect place to eat © Salvatge

And while you enjoy it under a large orange neon, you will see around you a multitude of posters of wine fairs, old wooden tables and a stone bar. " We want it to be like a traditional tavern, where to have a good wine at an affordable price and in a nothing snobbish environment, " adds Vila. T

You speak of cheeses, organic sausages, pork ribs, hummus or cous cous are some of the other options outlets, also highlighting the empedrat amb arengada or the skeleton.

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And if you want to continue knowing the world of wines, a few meters above, The Festival offers a modern place with a wide catalog and proposals in bulk, while the Mallorcan Wineries delve you into the tradition.

There it will be easy for them to find who is looking for a wine with striking labels and who goes with their own plastic bottle to be filled in the barrel.

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The Trini is another one of those places where you can sit and spend your life, because they offer you a world of possibilities from its opening at 9.00 in the morning until its closing after midnight.

The place-door with door to the Green Cinemas has been dedicated to gastronomy since 1915, although with this name it has been for 12 years, when Xavier Moreno wanted to honor his mother. "The philosophy has always been to be a place to feel good and comfortable at any time of the day. Like at home, " says this son of La Mancha born in the neighborhood of Gràcia and for whom Verdi Street "has something special which is not easy to explain with words. "

La Trini

The Trini © Nacho Sánchez

Being a native of the area is the key so that you can get the best products from the nearby Mercado Abacería and then you can take them after going through the good hands of Fabio and Marc, who take care of the stove.

Like those anchovies that perfectly accompany each and every one of the 14 varieties of vermouth that they offer, those that make up their tasty menus of the day at 10.5 euros (specialty in the Gràcia neighborhood) or the ingredients that you can savor in Its rich rice.

But there are also croquettes, tortillas, scallops, sausage boards, salads and even hamburgers that allow you to quickly reach the cinema with a full stomach or fill it up after a good movie. And if it has not been so good or you have not understood anything, you will always have some of La Trini's delicious cocktails to forget.

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To follow the gastronomic route there will always be Kibuka, a Japanese who has achieved what he was looking for when it opened in 2005. That is, offering a good product at an affordable price and in a pleasant atmosphere.

"At that time this type of cuisine was quite elitist, so Kibuka opened to make sushi more popular, something for any occasion, " says Oriol Ruiz.

He was the one who found the key after spending six months in New York, a city ​​in which Japanese food was already another option of local cuisine, as it is a good part of large cities in Spain.

His menu is incredibly broad and, therefore, there are options for all tastes. Even for those who are not attracted to raw fish, since there is this duck magret makis.

"Over the years we have westernized the kitchen, bringing it to our land and making it more Mediterranean, " adds the chef, who highlights the existence of dishes with Thai, Mexican or Italian touches.

The letter offers more than fifty proposals, so it is best to sit, choose, ask and enjoy. Finally there are tasty desserts and jugs of hot or cold sake, a drink that puts the perfect finishing touch to any lunch or dinner.

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And, beyond that, if you want to keep trying, Verdi Street also offers you the Palestinian and Arabic food of the Askadinya restaurant, the tasty vegetarian dishes of Café Camelia, the Mediterranean tapas (and more) of La Bicycle, the charm of Gastrobar Vita, the Asian flavors of the refurbished L'os Panda, the gourmet snacks of DO Vins i Platillos, the craft beers and cocktails that accompany the snack of Entre Hores or the tradition made gastronomy in the Canigó bar.

This is one of the most mythical places in the area and, on the way to reaching a century of history, it is the ideal place to take the first, or the last, as it takes place.

Of course , right there Verdi ends, we do not know if minutes, hours or days after starting to walk it. Ahead, the September Revolution Square of 1868, which opens to remind you that there is still much to see, eat and drink in the Gràcia neighborhood .

Of course, you still have to take a break before continuing. For that, in fact, the great classic of the road, the Verdi Cinemas where there will always be a movie for you, is perfect .

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Secrets of Barcelona to inspire a creative traveler