Ten pintxo temples in the Basque Country


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SAGARTOKI (Prado, 18; Vitoria / Gasteiz)

Senén González has made the Sagartoki a place of pilgrimage, especially to eat his great "fried egg".

PERRETXIKOS (San Antonio, 3; Vitoria / Gasteiz)

Josean Merino won the Spanish Championship. Try the cutlet croquette.

GRAN SOL (San Pedro, 63; Fuenterrabía)

Commanded by Bixente Muñoz, it is difficult to choose, but we are left with "Jaizkibel", mushroom stuffed with cheese mousse and Iberian ham.

TXEPETXA (Pescadería, 5; San Sebastián / Donostia)

Anchovy lovers have a temple of worship here. Two unforgettable recipes: the anchovy toast with olive pate and the anchovy with vegetable planter.

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HIDALGO, 56 (Paseo de Colón, 15; San Sebastián / Donostia)

Juan Mari Humada is a crack preparing the nose and pork legs, among many other golleries of his crowded bar. And he is an expert in wines.

BERGARA (General Arteche, 8 San Sebastián / Donostia)

A pintxo institution where modernite snacks with puff pastries, eggs play in the same tone … Ask for a "Udaberri" zucchini with custard cream.

THE VIÑA DEL ENSANCHE (Provincial Council, 10; Bilbao / Bilbo)

Luxury products with Joselito's pools at the helm. Ask for a "Joselín" of toasted bread with foie gras, tenderloin and melted cheese.

CAFETERÍA GORLIZ (Henao, 18; Bilbao / Bilbo)

The potato omelette of this cafe in the Ensanche of the Biscayan capital is unforgettable.

GURE TOKI (Plaza Nueva, 12; Bilbao / Bilbo)

During the last year it has swept prizes. Spectacular bar, good wines (something that is missing in most places) and star pintxos such as scallop with curry crumbs or crab in tempura.

IRUÑA (Colon de Larreategui, 12 Gardens of Albia; Bilbao / Bilbo)

Fantastic the "pintxo moruno", made on the grill of this coffee with solera and tronío.

Diez templos del pintxo en el País Vasco

Spectacular bar, good wines and star pintxos © Gure Toki (Facebook)

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