The most beautiful lavender farm in the world is in London


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The lavender season at Mayfield Lavander Farm is approaching, although it may vary every year, from June to September you can participate in one of England's most fascinating landscapes . This show for your five senses is located in Banstead, Surrey, the county of rural tourism par excellence 24 km from London.

The farm, which has become another attraction in the country, is the creation of Brendan Maye, the former managing director of the fragrance division of Wella UK. At that time, Wella was the owner of Yardley, a former English brand of Lavender. To make it grow, Brendan proposed to open a farm where they could grow lavender themselves, but it did not succeed.

So Brendan wanted to make his dream come true by other means, and after many years he paid off in 2008 when he decided to leave the business world to create with his wife the lavender farm of Mayfield Lavender, rehabilitating it and making it what it is Today: the largest organic lavender farm in the United Kingdom.

Un espectáculo de la naturaleza.

A spectacle of nature. © Alamy

And it is no coincidence that it was here, since 100 years ago this was the most important place of cultivation of lavender, a lost tradition that now resurfaces and that you can know first hand at the Banstead farm, open only in season, and in the Epsom store and nursery, open all year. In the latter you can buy organic cosmetics made from lavender, seeds, learn to grow them yourself or take a beautiful bouquet of flowers home.

But without a doubt, when it comes to life it is in the months of June to September when all fields are dyed an intense purple because lavender is in bloom. Such is the expectation, which they recommend, especially in July and August, to do the excursion during the week.

Un paseo por los campos de lavanda en flor.

A walk through the blooming lavender fields. © Alamy

What can you do in Mayfield ? Here you can enjoy a delicious lunch or snack in your outdoor cafe with picnic tables (no outside food allowed), they have homemade cakes, lavender teas and barbecue. They even serve a lavender cider made by themselves.

Once in the field, the possibilities are varied. One of the activities you can do is a tractor ride, which lasts between 15 to 20 minutes, and where you can see three different kinds of organic lavender, in addition to their happy butterflies and bees. These rides cost about two pounds per person, and you can buy them at the same site. Or how about picking up a book and sitting around reading surrounded by hectares of lavender?

You can also organize private parties with capacity for 16 people, and private group visits. But without a doubt, one of the ones that is taking strength is its photo contest . Each year they receive more photographs and videos, so they draw for the best 200 pounds as a prize. These are the images of the previous years.