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Hawaiian food remains for many an authentic unknown. We all know what a Japanese eats. But what do they eat in Honolulu?

Quiet, the new restaurant in Chueca has come to change this and pay tribute to a meal that they have in love with. 'Ai' means food, and oh, we! Who has conquered us. Welcome to Ohana Poké House, in the most Maui style.

Ohana Poké House is what happens when three people fascinated by the culture of an island more than 12, 000 km from Madrid come together. Isabel, Bimba and Bella extend the thumb and little finger and close the rest of the hand forming the 'sign of shaka', the most popular Hawaiian greeting and surf culture, to receive with a smile from ear to ear to everyone You want to be part of your family.

Bella, Bimba y Bea, de Ohana Poké House

Bella, Bimba and Bea, from Ohana Poké House © Ohana Poké House

And it is precisely the food they bring to revolutionize Chueca and Madrid comes from Hawaii and it was the surfers who first became fond of being a fast, healthy and protein-filled meal. They know better than anyone that our time and health are not confronted.

Isabel was in that time when you pack because you have become infected with the syndrome of leaving everything and leaving that changes your life. So it was. His story is very curious, " I went to Shanghai to adventure, there I met my partner and we created a small empire of restaurants with Spanish tapas, " he tells Traveler.es.

Now he returns to Spain stomping and eager to do it the other way around, to bring international culture to Madrid. He went to eat the world and today he returns so that in Chueca he eats Hawaiian bowls with chopsticks.

It transmits an energy worthy of admiration, they say that Hawaiians are happy and carefree people, and it seems that she has been completely infected.

Together with Bella, they had the idea of ​​setting up the store seven years ago . She lived in Shanghai and her partner in Los Angeles, traveled together to Maui a year ago and at that moment the idea finally came true.

Poké bowls, comida tradicional hawaiana con inspiración japonesa

Poké bowls, traditional Hawaiian food with Japanese inspiration © Ohana Poké House

Its star dish is the poké bowls, they define it as "fancy fast food, Hawaiian bowls inspired by sushi ", a delicious dish typical of Hawaiian culture with Japanese influences. "Everything is very fresh and very natural, our motto is healthy is the new sexy", tell Traveler.es.

What exactly is the poké bowl? We could say that it is a kind of salad whose main element is raw fish seasoned and seasoned with other ingredients, with a base of sushi rice. And voilà, or rather ʻaneʻi!

The strong point and what gives an even more special touch to Ohana Poké House are its sauces. "I have lived in Shanghai for 10 years and have met many chefs who have worked in Hawaii, in the United States …, and with them we have created our sauces, to make it different, " Isabel tells Traveler.es. In addition, all are vegan and gluten free.

El photocall de Ohana Poké House

The photocall of Ohana Poké House © Pilar Viñas

You can't leave without trying your favorites. For Isabel, you must eat the Wasabi Grapefruit Salmon ; while Bimba, the chef, dares with the most spicy and opts for Ay Mi México Lindo .

Although they find it hard to have a favorite, that's why they think you can't miss personalizing your own in four steps : you choose the base, the sauce, the protein and the toppings.

The perfect equation that gives infinite combinations. “I eat here every day, and every day I get different, you could come every day and you would never get tired, Isabel confesses.

The products are fresh and of quality, they select them themselves in local markets . The fish is of sustainable origin (another aloha for the environment).

Una selección de Poké bowls

A selection of Poké bowls © Ohana Poké House

In the ingredients we find proteins such as tofu, sea bass, tuna, salmon and prawns . White, brown, wild black or spinach rice . Sauces of vegan orange mayonnaise, marinated in shoyu, 'tiger's milk' or the most spicy wasabi grapefruit and pineapple siracha, not forgetting our favorite, of course: the truffle orange sauce.

In the toppings there is a lot of variety : crispy onion, wasabi peas, roasted cashews, pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit, avocado, fish roe, jalapenos, chives, edamame, wakame, coriander, mint, chopped ginger, cucumber, red cabbage, carrot, radish, watermelon … For them a sweeping point is to add the fermented product.

Poke bowl personalizado

Custom Poke Bowl © Pilar Viñas


They make special products according to the season, for example, for the summer you can enjoy their refreshing watermelon gazpachos.

Your drinks attract our attention and we are passionate. Also its fermented products. We stay, for example, with the Kombucha, a probiotic drink, which for them is “the elixir of life”, but we can also choose between gluten free or artisanal beer, a very special water, bottled on a full moon night, the Water Moon, the Jelly Yuzu Sake (a sweet drink), your favorite individual Sake or coconut water.

His idea for the future is to make a restaurant with a tiki bar (a themed bar inspired by a cultural movement of Polynesian cultures). We will have to be careful not to miss it!

El chef Bimba prepara un bowl personalizado

Chef Bimba prepares a custom bowl © Pilar Viñas

Also in their letter they share the secrets, the beneficial properties that cause their products and ingredients, such as black rice that is known as forbidden rice and that is rich in antioxidants and high in fiber.


Gradually, the traditional dish of this kitchen has been keeping the streets of Madrid, there are already several Poké House that we can find, but Ohana is different, it is a place for and for the poké bowl.

In addition, they wanted to make it unique and they made it pink, with exquisite homemade sauces and a more than instagrameable environment.

Así es por dentro el nuevo restaurante Ohana Poké House

This is the inside of the new restaurant Ohana Poké House © Ohana Poké House

Inside we can also find a room with the photocall to which they invite their diners to wear glasses with flamingos and a flower necklace and take a picture of the most fun - a memory with a special flavor. They want to book it also for birthdays, meetings and events.

Ohana Poké House, también para llevar

Ohana Poké House, also to take away © Pilar Viñas

Aloha is a way of life, a state of happiness, a way of doing everything with love - that is, it doesn't just mean 'hello'. And of course, Isa, Bimba and Bella work with aloha, and of course, in ohana -family- of which you are invited to join.

In short, it is the perfect place to soak up a very different culture, go to eat healthy if you are in a hurry but want to eat well or to go with your friends and live an experience of fusion of colors and flavors, very special.

Mahalo -thanks- Ohana Poké House for wanting to put a piece of Hawaii in the center of Madrid, it is clear that your family is a must!

Ingredientes del bowl 'Ay mi México lindo'

Ingredients of the 'Ay mi México lindo' bowl © Ohana Poké House

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