An island of unicorns? Yes, it exists, and it is in the Philippines


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Unicorns are certainly in fashion. For some time now they are present everywhere, from emojis, cosmetics and t-shirts. There is no doubt that the concept sells, just look at Instagram, where the #unicorn hashtag has more than 9 million posts.

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Experiences that you will only live in the Philippines

Katrina Kay Lacap, and her three partners, saw it clearly and knew how to take advantage of the business opportunity.

Inflatable Island o la isla de los unicornios

No need to dream: just go to the Philippines © Inflatable Island

This group of traveling friends wanted to bring a unique experience to the Philippines and they set to work by opening Inflatable Island, an unicorn amusement park in April 2017. Of unicorns, as it sounds.

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The park has become known as the "largest in Asia." It is located in Subic Bay, about 80 kilometers west of Manila, and is designed for the child we all carry inside to find a place of fantasy.

The investment was not a crazy idea. Lacap and its partners already had similar projects for children in the Philippines . She, for example, is one of the founders of Ball Pit Manila, an adult park where you can play for hours in a pool of thousands of balls. Lacap is also the founder of the Jungle Environment Survival Training survival camp, also located in Subic .

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The goal of the project was to “create a unique experience, as Princess Ann Reyes, marketing manager of Inflatable Island explains. They also wanted to "offer something that everyone can enjoy regardless of age." And they have certainly succeeded.

The welcome was very good . Reyes says they were able to accommodate 60, 000 people in their first two months of life. Given this, it is not surprising that the company recently announced that they have expanded their inflatable playground. It currently has an area of ​​no less than 4100 square meters, which is equivalent to eight basketball courts placed next to each other.

In the floating zoo you can find from inflatable pastel pink slides, swings, trampolines and white slides as if we were in the clouds. Each of the attractions is taken care of in detail making it a perfect instagrammer scenario, including a rainbow path and a giant inflatable nicorn.

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The complex also has a beautiful backwater called Pink Bali Lounge . Those who want to rest, can do it here, next to the shore of the beach, under beautiful cloth umbrellas and pink and lavender puffs .

The price of the experience is not exorbitant. The one-hour pass is 499 Philippine pesos (about 8 euros), while the whole day's entry into the park for 849 pesos (13 euros).

The attractions receive customers even during the typhoon season, since Subic Bay is in a privileged situation to be surrounded by mountains keeping calm all year.

Pink Bali Lounge en Inflatable Island

Pink Bali Lounge © Inflatable Island

The owners are already thinking of expanding the project and opening other similar parks in other parts of the country. As Reyes says, "We are currently working to take Inflatable Island to other places, so stay tuned!"

Un sueño hecho realidad

A glitter dream come true © Inflatable Island

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Experiences that you will only live in the Philippines