The best restaurants in Vizcaya (beyond Bilbao)


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Asador Etxebarri (St. John's Square, 1 tel. 946 58 30 42) $$$$ $$$

Considered, rightly, the great grill artist, Bittor Arguinzóniz can lead the world ladder.

What we point out in the first impression of this restaurant in the Deep Biscay may come true sooner than expected.

Etxebarri is about to be proclaimed the number one in the world in the controversial, but very often, list The World's 50 Best Restaurants, and if not, time to time.

It is a unique case on the planet and its owner, a visionary genius who has designed gadgets tailored to the best delicacies to officiate them perfectly, each with its proper embers . His expertise permeates ingredients such as oysters to caviar.

The arrival of the sommelier Agustí Peris, formerly of El Bulli, has internationally revalued this innovative grill.

Restaurante de la semana: Asador Etxebarri

Ingredients: product, smoke and knowledge © DR


Boroa (Boroa Caserío Garai neighborhood, 11 tel. 946 73 47 47) $$$$

One of the most interesting gastronomic hamlets, with the infallible grill duet and signature cuisine.

Located in a relatively industrial area, on the outskirts of Bilbao, do not rely on the surrounding landscape until you are faced with this beautiful shady hamlet with centuries-old trees .

Contemplating the Boroa is the best appetizer. Then, to put yourself in the hands of the specimen Mari Asun Ibarrondo, lady among the ladies of Basque cuisine, and Chef Xabier García, an SUV that, over the years, is fine recreating the popular recipe book and handling the embers, which are a of the great specialties of the house. Product category.

A curiosity of this hamlet is its art gallery, where traveling exhibitions are held.

Boroa alt=

Contemplating Boroa is the best snack © Boroa

Jauregibarria (Barrio Bideaur, 4 tel. 946 30 16 32) $$$

It is one of those Basque restaurants that hide a treasure: its chef Beñat Ormaetxea, one of the good ones.

Magnificently renovated ancestral farmhouse next to Amorebieta in which one of those cooks who we all followed with magnifying glass in his beginnings by his forceful and refreshing imagination exerts his teaching.

Ormaetxea, Champion of Spain of Young Chefs in 2001, was called to be one of the leaders of Basque cuisine, but since he is a wonderful and thorough guy he has dedicated himself to being happy in his hometown.

Dual cuisine, a populist and a more modern cut, with irreproachable techniques and dishes that are perfected over time.

What better dessert in the hamlet than a caramelized French toast with frozen nut cream . To cry with emotion.

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Castillo de Arteaga (Gaztelubide, 7 tel. 946 24 00 12) $$$$

Spectacular Relais & Châteaux with a tall female kitchen. Great product and important grill. In the table. Conceived as a hotel and restaurant, this castle was commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III and his wife, Eugenia de Montijo, Couvrechet, the architect of the Imperial Sites.

It is a relaxing and quiet place that is savored. In the kitchen, chef Estíbaliz Mekoalde, who has been in charge since its opening.

The menu, due to its distribution in chapters, is almost perfect: traditional cuisine, grilled cuisine, creative cuisine and palatial cuisine; the latter in tribute to the scenery . Why choose? Well, without hesitation, for something in each chapter. Of course, this is a restaurant to tell stories.

It is an ideal place for celebrations of any kind, for its large spaces and for being located on a very large estate.

Pulpo a la plancha de Castillo de Arteaga

Grilled octopus from Castillo de Arteaga © Castillo de Arteaga


Taskas (Bilbao Airport Business Park tel. 946 74 12 10) $$$$

A magnificent restaurant at a gas station? Well here they have it, next to the Bilbao airport.

The Taskas is a surprise, from its cozy and well thought out staging to its sybaritic collection of gastronomic details, which go through luxury alcohols, well-maintained dishes, bibs to avoid lamparones, a service that knows what it offers and that contributes to the staging dressed gracefully.

And, of course, a raw material selected with magnifying glass and, therefore, is paid. Although it is advertised as a grill, it is convenient to be attentive to the speech with the offer of the day, after observing the fish and seafood display of the entrance.

Two curious dishes are sliced ​​sirloin steak and crayfish in red sauce


Baserri Maitea (Achondoa, s / n tel. 946 25 34 08) $$$$

One of the most beautiful restaurants in the world with the great grill of the scholar Juan Antonio Zaldúa .

A hamlet to make dozens of photos, inside and out, nestled on the top of a hillside of the Ría de Gernika and one of the most outstanding embers, thanks to the wisdom and selection of the raw material of Zaldúa, ex Athletic goalkeeper and considered in all gastronomic forums as an off-the-shelf product, meat or marine.

The menu is simple: smelling the aroma of fire between stones and centuries-old woods, you have to put yourself in the hands of the boss's recommendations. The gender is guaranteed and the point, to applaud.

To better understand the large kitchen of the hamlet , the dessert of coffee with milk and smoked bread.

Restaurante Baserri Maitea

Perhaps one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world © Restaurante Baserri Maitea


Andra Mari (Barrio Elechalde, 22 tel. 944 56 00 05) $$$$

The icons of the Basque restoration with fine tablecloth in all its apogee and the guarantee of the Asúa surname.

The regularity of this beautiful hamlet with spectacular views, like its other Aretxondo business, right next door, has been what has made it one of the favorites of all lovers of good food.

It is listed as a projection focus for great chefs, as many of today's great stars worked here as chefs. Your kitchen is rooted, with the right seal of update.

Impeccable and endearing female service, illustrated winery to teach and Roberto Asúa commanding the ship with its bonhomy as host.

Do not forget to practice (g) astronomy from the elegant terrace on summer nights.

Andra Mari

Do not forget to practice (g) astronomy from the elegant terrace on summer nights © Andra Mari


Azurmendi (Barrio Legina, s / n, exit 25 Corredor del Txorierri, N-637 tel. 944 55 88 66) $$$$$

Estate, cellar and restaurant with gastronomic ecology as a flag. Dizzying climbing on the lists of the best restaurants.

Eneko Atxa has been the youngest cook in our country to receive the highest international distinction from the Red Guide. His place seems taken from a science fiction movie. Live and experience the sensory walk that the chef proposes to customers for their orchards, laboratories and the rest of the galactic spaces of the place.

The restaurant is located on top of the largest winery for the production of txakolí de Vizcaya, an elongated brick, wood and glass building, which can be seen from the highway. Aspiring to everything.

The Eneko, a more affordable Basque bistro, has just opened on the same spot.

Azurmendi (España)

Azurmendi (Spain) © Azurmendi


Casa Garras (Barrio Concha, 6 tel. 946 80 62 80) $$$

It has been done with the culinary leadership of the Western Biscay thanks to the determination of Txema Llamosas.

Restaurant of the Las Encartaciones region driven to the stardom of gastronomic recognition thanks to the son, who takes over from a family of restaurateurs who are already in the third generation.

Txema was tanned among the best of the culinary, with chefs such as Arzak, Adriá, Arbelaitz or Eneko Atxa, with whom he was head of departure in Azurmendi.

The result is more than evident, in view in their creations, a section that combines properly with traditional cuisine based on the pantry of its surroundings. Carranza's meat, from its own livestock, is as cheered as its bean stews.

Annually, in autumn, it organizes a conference dedicated to authentic beef.

€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

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