Canary Islands foodie glossary: ​​call them by name


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Yellowfin tuna or yellowfin tuna. From the tuna family. Put it in tartar, raw or grilled.

Cherne The most common here. In sancocho, in broth or grilled.

Anchete, red dovecote or wide fula … Fatty fish, very scarce and of great quality. Better baked.

Vine shoot. Brown To cook with salt, in casserole or fried.

Black mouth. White and firm meat. Fried or boiled (also in broth).

Medregal Blue fish, somewhat fatty. Perfect for iron, grill, fried, in casserole or onions.

Abbots White meat and low fat. Scarce but delicious.

Canarian hake. Delicate white fish. It is usually eaten fried.

Sama Very common, there are four species. On the back is unique.

Alfonsiño Semigraso, white meat, tasty and very delicate.

Rooster White and silky meat. Grilled or grilled.

Canary bigeye or bluefin tuna . He is the king of the tunas. Most are exported to Japan.

Brunette Of all, graffiti is the most popular. Fried is delicious.

School (or fake butter fish). Very popular in the kitchen "japo".

Albacore A tuna with white meat very similar to bonito.

Mere. White meat, juicy (semigraso) and very scarce.