Hainao: the individual hot pot arrives in Madrid


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We love hot pot and we know you too. Although we also know that sometimes discrepancies arise when sharing it .

Spicy or not spicy? Pork broth, chicken or vegetables? Don't despair, Hainao has arrived to solve all your doubts. Why? Because he is the first Chinese to offer individual hot pots. The fights are over!

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First, a brief reminder of what a hot pot is . It is one of the most popular meals in China and consists of a hot pot with broth, in which the most diverse ingredients are cooked (boiled), accompanied by different sauces.

It started as a poor meal in which you boiled what you had at home, whether they were herbs, casserole for being cheaper, vegetables, meat or fish.

Traditionally it is usually eaten downtown and from a giant pot and its circle shape symbolizes the union of diners. That is why this restaurant is different, because, as is currently the case in China, they intend to make individual pots fashionable, so that each one chooses what they want most.

Los ingredientes para preparar un hot pot

The ingredients to prepare a hot pot © Hainao

Hainao is the first restaurant in Madrid that presents hot pot for a single person . A few months ago, Chinese entrepreneur Jiajia Hu and her partner Yinjing Chen, who officiates as head chef, opened this restaurant in the Chueca neighborhood.

Both have been in Madrid for a few years and started working on Chan Street. At first, the idea was intended solely and exclusively for the Chinese who wanted to eat “home-flavored” food while they were away from their country.

Now, they have decided that it was time to open their sights and make the Madrid public enjoy their fun and casual proposal. And why not, to expand Chinese culture through gastronomy and educate our palates. Because friends, the spring rolls and the rice three delicacies are not authentic Chinese cuisine.

La sala del restaurante Hainao

The Hainao restaurant room © Hainao

In Hainao the taste is purely genuine and homemade. The thing seems simple. First you choose the broth between four different flavors (mushrooms, tomato and vegetables, Thai agripicante or spicy Chongqing style, the latter for spicy lovers) for your personal pot, although it is best to order the yin yang pot with two separate spaces for To be able to try more things.

Next, you dive into its menu to delight in its more than 150 different raw ingredients. You arm yourself with your chopsticks and let everyone cook the necessary time, soak it in any of their homemade sauces and enjoy. Easy, right?

Hot pot, una de las comidas más populares de China

Hot pot, one of the most popular foods in China © Hainao

The best? That is rich and healthy. The vast majority of ingredients - more than 95% - are homemade. For example, they have a wide variety of Chinese vegetables that they bring directly from an orchard in Castilla y León.

There is a farmer specialized in planting Chinese fruits and vegetables that can hardly be found anywhere else. For example, one of the most typical vegetables in China, tonjao (similar to our spinach), Chinese cassava, bamboo or lotus root. Without forgetting a whole section dedicated to mushrooms and another to tofu .

Are you meat or fish? Here you can order for your hot pot fish such as sea bass, cuttlefish, squid grills or meats such as beef, Iberian secret, lamb or Chinese sausages . These come in some curious frozen rolls so that when you put them in the pot they do not fall apart.

Another of the most striking ingredients that you have to try yes or yes, is its prawn pate . Do not imagine a spreads to spread, but rather a kind of pasta that they get by crushing the prawns and that they introduce into a kind of tube, and then put in the broth and acquire meatball texture.

El hot pot deconstruido de Hainao

The deconstructed hot pot of Hainao © Hainao

There is also a place for the 'cowboys' as they have more than 12 ingredients dedicated to the farmhouse between corns, aorta, duck intestine, sliced ​​kidneys or pork brains. They are usually always ordered with spicy pots, as tradition dictates. "In China we are very symbolist, for example, if you eat chicken legs, you will run very well, if you eat a lot of pork, you will gain weight …", points JiaJia Hu.

And you may wonder, how long do I cook each ingredient? For this they have dedicated a space in their menu with the approximate cooking times for each ingredient.

Once you have it cooked, dip it in any of its homemade sauces (seafood, sa-cha, sesame and peanuts …), let it rest a little on the plate (if not you will burn the taste buds, as a servant), savor and Then tell us what you think.

You are advised that it is highly addictive …

Sala de Hainao

As in China but better © Hainao


They also have some starters such as crispy bacon with Sichuan peppers, edamame, cucumber salad, chicken with spicy sauce or ginger sauce and a very interesting proposal of drinks to accompany: Matcha milktea, fruit iced tea or a Chinese drink of brown sugar jelly, among others.


Because you will like it and you will want to repeat. Because it is fun, healthy and different, besides that its creators are lovely. If you have doubts, you just have to put yourself in their hands.

La sala del restaurante Hainao

The Hainao restaurant room © Hainao

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Infantas, 6


91 053 40 49


From Monday to Sunday from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and from 7:15 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Half price

20-25 per person (each ingredient amounts between 4 and 5 euros)