Costa Rica unknown: seven places that will surprise (even more)


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Yes, the Pura Vida! It has come so far that it has even sneaked into the most festive football songs. This attitude, beyond being the most used phrase by every Costa Rican that boasts, is the best way to summarize the wild and raw beauty that can be enjoyed in this green country of Central America.

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Destinations that are reasons to fall in love with Costa Rica

Not surprisingly, nature has become the main attraction of Costa Rica . In just 51, 100 km 2 it hosts up to 227 different species of animals and 5% of the planet's biodiversity is represented. Some figures that amaze, but that become more real than ever in their forests, jungles, mountain ranges and seas.

Quetzal en Costa Rica

Costa Rica represents 5% of the planet's biodiversity © Visit Costa Rica

It is normal that in the retina, or on the first trips to this green paradise, some of the most spectacular corners are archived such as the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Park, where lazy bears reign at their leisure or the bare skirts of the Arenal volcano. And yet, there is still much to discover among its forests and mountains. Unique places, of those that when contemplated provoke a "But how did I know that this existed?" In the head.

The good thing about facing a trip through these coordinates that you can draw a route through places that nobody on your Instagram has posted throughout the country. In addition, as with the rest of the typical natural wonders, they are destinations with infrastructure and ecological, a combination that allows you to enjoy a breathtaking ecosystem live without negatively affecting it.

Cataratas Llanos de Cortés

Llanos de Cortés Waterfalls © Visit Costa Rica

In addition to the incentives to be the first and live each experience intensely, these places have plenty of reasons to fall in love. On the one hand, there is the experience of contemplating animals in their habitat and in their splendor, either in the waters of the Las Baulas National Marine Park or in the pools of the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, a wetland where birds are fed in full migration.

Then there are the geographical findings like the Cerro de la Muerte, where the king of the world feels when crowning a summit from where you can see both coasts or the most magical streams and waterfalls. And it is that both the aquatic show of the Llanos de Cortés waterfalls and the magnetic psychedelia of Río Celeste deserve a small excursion.

And suddenly, when it seems that the human being is not present, his presence and his works appear dialoguing with the environment in very different ways. For example, in the Orosi Valley, between peaks and thermal rivers, the Church and the Colonial Museum of the eighteenth century . Further south is the Bribri indigenous community, who retain customs and a very attractive way of life on the banks of the Yorkin River, on the border with Panama.

And if this trip through a Costa Rica still without many likes has known you little, here the route is widened by these hidden treasures that are waiting for you.

See 7 photos

Destinations that are reasons to fall in love with Costa Rica