You will be reborn in this luxury villa in Cap Corse


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Caribou was the hotel of the Catoni family, which saw tourism in Corsica reborn after World War II . The mythical parties that took place at the hotel made him famous, and even Alain Delon and Romy Schneider dropped down these lands of what is known as the Island of Beauty .

The 70s forged his name and the hotel with a distinctive architecture and located in front of the sea and Elba Island was becoming famous. After three years closed, now his worthy successor is Misíncu, a luxury refuge in Cap Corse, designed by Olympe Zographos, with influences to the Mediterranean and the land of the Corsican.

Is Misíncu at the end of the world? It may be, the truth is that this five-star eco-hotel is an authentic oasis to be reborn among lemon, orange and the Corsica coast .

¿Está Misíncu en el fin del mundo?

Is Misíncu at the end of the world? © Misíncu

Misíncu relives the heritage of the old Corsican villas of the 19th century and the small fishing villages with a white silhouette that stands out between the green and blue, and magnificent arches to let the hours pass.

Located in Porticiollo, Marine de Cagnano, in one of the most beautiful valleys in the region, has a total of 32 rooms, all with sea views and rustic finishes, which have been built by artisans and local builders making a nod to the architecture South American

Among the white marble of Sardinia, the arches and the palm trees you will feel like a true Corsican traveler. Misíncu has a swimming pool, two restaurants, Tra di Noi and A Spartera; The first one with Michelin star . Chef Clement Collet has made Tra di Noi an experience to get to know the local cuisine.

The hotel also has several terraces with wooden tables where you can enjoy a delicious lobster, dinner at the seashore or freshly roasted meat.

Langosta en el Tra Di Noi.

Lobster in the Tra Di Noi. © Misíncu


You will be reborn in your surroundings. You may find it hard to leave Misíncu but it deserves to discover why Corsica is known as the Island of Beauty . First you could start with the Pietracorbara valley, located in the northern part of the island and characterized by its beautiful villages, windmills, wells and the Venetian bridge.

From here, the Cap Corse trails from the port of Macinaggio to the port of Centuri are also suggestive . The sunsets are sacred, so you can enjoy them from anywhere and in Misíncu with music and food.

Todas las habitaciones tienes vistas al mar.

All rooms have sea views. © Misíncu

The day is to discover the 25 beaches of Corsica, from Brando to Olmeta di Capocorso: the gray sands of Misíncu and the white sands of Saleccia, Barcaggio and Sainte-Marie, the black pebble beach of Albo … which one more beautiful!

More experiences? Meet the small artisan producers in the region, their well-known cookies, canestrelli, vineyards and olive oil and honey presses.

And the Agliate Marine Natural Park, the eighth French marine natural park located in the Pelagos sanctuary, which today protects about a hundred large dolphins, swordfish and bluefin tuna, hundreds of species of migratory birds, and a valuable natural resource of coral and posidonia atolls.

A Spartera.

To Spartera. © Misíncu