Young Spanish women are the most adventurous (and traveling)


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Since last March 8 we know that Spanish women are massively committed to equality and feminism. Defending their pensions, our elders reminded us that they have a revolutionary spirit that has invaded them since the 1970s. And what about the new generations? How are those young Spanish women who will collect our social witness?

Well, according to a study prepared by the startup GrowPro Experience (specializing in the management and organization of trips and stays abroad), "six out of 10 young Spaniards who undertake an adventure abroad are women."

That is, of the 4, 000 young people who used the services of this startup that offers experiences and advice to people who want to live, study and work abroad, 60% were women.

Australia y Canadá, los destinos favoritos de los jóvenes españoles que viajan al extranjero para trabajar y formarse.

Australia and Canada, the favorite destinations of young Spaniards who travel abroad to work and train. © Element5 Digital on Unsplash

But the thing is not there, since the same study reveals that 65% of those who used the GrowPro Experience services have a university degree; also that his main motivation is to improve his professional profile and / or turn his career with the new opportunities offered by the countries of destination. So we continue adding: adventurous, traveling, prepared and, after their international experience, with command of foreign languages.

“Although the employment situation in Spain has improved, the same has not happened with working conditions. Therefore, the number of applications does not stop growing. Now the motivation is more experiential and the objective is to improve the professional profile to be able to find a quality job, to live an experience that will empower the CV in the face of future opportunities ”, confirms Goiko Llobet, co-founder of GrowPro Experience.

El Gobierno australiano casi triplicó el número de visados ‘work and holiday’ para españoles .

The Australian Government almost tripled the number of work and holiday visas for Spaniards. © Getty Images


"Today your neighbor is more likely to have lived in Australia for a year than in England, " says Goiko Llobet, who also adds that one in four young people who travel to Australia with a student visa do so with the help of GrowPro Experience to undertake the adventure.

Last year, the Australian government increased work and holiday visas from 600 to 1, 500 for Spaniards who want to work and live in Australia, a figure that shows that Australia has established itself as one of the favorite destinations for young Spaniards to Live an experience abroad.

“It is a country where you can study, work, travel and have a good quality of life. The fear of launching the experience is being lost, even if it is on the other side of the world, "Goiko concludes.

On the other hand, in GrowPro Experience they have detected that there is a new favorite city when looking for opportunities abroad: it is about Vancouver. Surely this trend has a lot to do with its commitment to the environment, its commitment to public transport, the widespread use of bicycles and the quiet nature of its inhabitants, characteristics that place the Canadian city among the best in the world to live .

El puerto de Vancouver (Canadá), una de las mejores ciudades del mundo para vivir, según varios estudios.

The port of Vancouver (Canada), one of the best cities in the world to live, according to several studies. © Getty Images