Five getaways near Madrid to go with your dog


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We may have run out of bridges until next fall, but with the arrival of good weather there is always an excuse to celebrate every weekend as if they were a mini vacation. If it is with the whole family, much better.

Prepare your backpack, collar and leash, and discover the best weekend getaways near Madrid to go with your dog. We have searched for you the best plans for one or two days, and the most special hotels .

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Hiking trails, cultural walks, tapas… take advantage of the weekend with your best friend! © Getty Images


It is not necessary to go far to escape the bustle of the city . If you do not want to spend the night away from home, the surroundings of Madrid are your best option. You can opt for a hiking trail with your dog through the Sierra de Guadarrama, always being careful to avoid the hottest hours and with the water prepared to cool your dog.

In the summer months, the perfect getaway includes a dip. The route of the Purgatorio Waterfall, in Rascafría, is a circular walk of about 15 kilometers.

During the route you will pass in front of the Rascafría Presillas, some natural pools in which dogs are not allowed to bathe, but along the walk you will see many other areas where they can take a dip without any problem.

The road runs mainly in the shade, thanks to the vegetation of the area, which makes this route an ideal walk to enjoy with your dog even the hottest days.

Although this is a perfect option for a one-day getaway near Madrid, nobody says you can't extend it. In the heart of the Lozoya Valley, in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, there is Monte Holiday, an incredible complex composed of three tree houses, and several bungalows and ecolodge. Precisely in the latter they accept pets for a supplement of six euros per night.

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National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama, ideal for hiking with your pet © Getty Images


Not everything is going to be hiking and nature. If what you want is to enjoy some good tapas, Salamanca is your destination.

Although there are still a shortage of places where you can take a cap accompanied by our dog, fortunately more and more are those who sign up. How could it be otherwise, Mr. Dog maintains an updated list of dog friendly bars in Salamanca .

If you've never been to the city, don't miss its Plaza Mayor, the wonderful Casa de las Conchas, the Cathedral or the views of the Tormes River. Its historic center is perfect to discover while taking a walk with your furry. Although you cannot visit the buildings inside.

With a full stomach, and only 20 kilometers from the city, you will sleep like kings in El Castillo del Buen Amor. An authentic 15th-century castle that was later restored and converted into a majestic hotel, with unique rooms where dogs are also accepted. A perfect enclave to enjoy tranquility and visit the medieval villages of the nearby regions.

Castillo del Buen Amor

20 kilometers from Salamanca we find El Castillo del Buen Amor, an ideal place to relax away from the mundane noise © Castillo del Buen Amor


Burgos is probably one of the few places in Spain where your dog can accompany you on a tourist visit. The Santa María de Rioseco Monastery can be visited at any time of the day.

In summer, in addition, a group of volunteers organizes free guided tours to which you can also add your dog.

If you stay for the night, choose a rural hotel, away from the noise of the city. In La Torre de Bisjueces your dog will not be discriminated against because of its size and you can even stay in the room resting only while you go out for dinner.

Monasterio Santa María de Rioseco

Don't miss the Monastery of Santa María de Rioseco © Monastery Santa María de Rioseco


A stone's throw from Madrid, Cuenca is one of those perfect weekend getaways. A visit that is not understood without admiring its hanging houses and its cathedral.

In the Natural Park of the Serranía de Cuenca you will find the Enchanted City, an impressive geological phenomenon caused by water wear for thousands of years. Your dog must remain tied during the visit, but you will surely enjoy the walk as much as you.

After the cultural visit, some wild nature. At the peak of La Mogorrita, the highest in the province, there is a circular route of 23 kilometers but of low difficulty. During the route you may encounter wildlife (mainly deer and roe deer), so keep an eye on your dog, especially if it is one of those who likes to run away.

Overnight at the Pinar Boutique Hotel, very close to Cuenca, and surrounded by hiking and biking trails. The hotel is organized in bungalows with fireplace, air conditioning, WiFi, minibar and everything you could expect from a luxury hotel. For an extra ten euros a night, your dog can stay with you.

Ciudad Encantada Cuenca

The walk through the Enchanted City of Cuenca will leave you impressed © Ciudad Encantada


Surely you've been to Toledo on more than one occasion, but have you ever been with your dog? Traveling with a dog always offers a different point of view. Sometimes, unfortunately, worse, when finding a dog friendly space is almost impossible mission.

Other times, however, the visit becomes even more special. Take a walk around the Tagus, overlooking the city, following the 18 kilometers (you can make a shorter journey) of the ecological path.

Visit the historic center and get ready for another spectacular route. The ecological path of the Barrancas Natural Monument, 25 kilometers from Toledo, offers a landscape reminiscent of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

Spectacular orange cliffs and incredible views. The walk, which does not reach 5 kilometers, is perfect to disconnect and enjoy the silence and the pure air.

If you want to enjoy your weekend getaway more calmly, book a room at the Villa Nazules hotel. A perfect fusion between design and comfort.

The next day you can know the first section of the Quijote route or follow the route of the Castles of Toledo. In addition, the hotel has its own horse riding, a spa, Turkish bath, swimming pool and several tennis courts. Although we don't know what your dog will think of all that.

The pet stay has a supplement of 15 euros per night and, as in most of the accommodations, they cannot be in the common areas.

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The historical case of Toledo and the ecological path will leave you speechless © Getty Images