New York will premiere its first museum dedicated to pizza


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Pizza is shared, it is something universal, everyone likes it, it unites us at the table, in the street, at home, it makes us happier, it fills our stomachs with joy and joy. Admit it, the Italians designed the best invention in the world .

Why not dedicate a museum to him then? New York is already preparing the opening of The Museum of Pizza, the first in the United States dedicated to this Italian delicacy. From October 13 to 28 in a secret location Mopi will open (that's what they call it) although it will surely be located in the center of New York near the World Trade Center. Hurry because there are few days and the presale is already open.

La pizza es cultura.

Pizza is culture. © Kate Owen and Nameless Network.

But most importantly, what will you find in this museum? It is a psychedelic experience around the pizza culture . A place to have fun, make selfies and eat, although do not dream of tons of pizza, because it is a museum and eating is the least (or so they explain).

Nameless Network, the youth video company based in Brooklyn, is to blame for this madness made museum. "Pizza is more than a food, it is a cultural phenomenon that transcends geography and language. With The Museum of Pizza we combine our passion for storytelling and popular culture to fuel discovery, friendship, art, culture music and selfies, ”said Kareem Rahma, CEO of Nameless and founder of The Museum os Pizza.

Las entradas ya están disponibles.

Tickets are now available. © Kate Owen and Nameless Network.

The Museum of Pizza, which is the first in the world, has multisensory programming in different spaces, from immersion rooms inspired by large-scale pizzas to movies, music, art and more.

The most outstanding? An art gallery, a pizza cave, a fun house about pizza, a pizza beach, an interactive story, a “Pizza Zen” experience, and many more remain to be confirmed.

For each ticket sold, which costs $ 39.01, The Museum of Pizza will provide a free meal for a family in need. In addition, you will be entitled to a free portion in the museum or outside, because as they say here you don't just come to eat.

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