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Whether you just debuted as a celiac or if you are already an expert in feeding with caution and gluten-free, this report will be good for you when traveling. Why? Because surely in your day to day, in your near surroundings, in your city, you have located and scheduled trusted places and restaurants where you can go to have a feast, but what happens when you have to change city or country? How to be sure where to go or what local recipes to take when you are on vacation?

It is true that in Latin or Anglo-Saxon countries you will have it a little easier because of the languages ​​(and specifically in Madrid even more thanks to our complete restaurant route), but you know that yes or yes you will end up joining a gastro route through Norway or Denmark And it's a matter of time before you end up having breakfast at the Tsukiji Sushi Fish Market, one of the #glutenfree movement's star recipes. But be careful, you should never let your guard down, because there, in the country of the rising sun, will be the soy sauce stalking you with its natural appearance (which it is) and its composition loaded with wheat to the top.

Con la Lista de Alimentos Sin Gluten 2018 de la FACE no te equivocarás a la hora de pedir un plato.

With the 2018 Gluten Free Food List of the FACE you will not be wrong when ordering a dish. © FACE


We have contacted the FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain), which takes advantage of the celebrations of May 27, National Celiac Day, to continue claiming and fighting for the rights of this group, to give us some basic advice and This is what they have told us:

1. Find out about exactly what typical foods of each country you can eat and which ones you should avoid because they contain gluten or are contaminated.

2. For the first days at the place of vacation, take the necessary gluten-free food in your suitcase, so you can have something to eat until you find a store to buy them. That way you won't have to start the holidays with the stress that comes from having to do the shopping. The key product is bread.

3. If you are thinking of taking a cruise or traveling by plane, find out if they have gluten-free menus before booking.

4. Consult opinion forums to learn about the experiences of other traveling celiacs.

5. If possible, try to speak directly with the cook, so you will be sure that your requests reach the most appropriate person.

You can consult this information on its website and complement it with that provided by the CYE (Celiac Youth of Europe), belonging to the AOECS (Association of European Celiac Societies).

Con la Lista de Alimentos Sin Gluten 2018 de la FACE no te equivocarás a la hora de pedir un plato.

With the 2018 Gluten Free Food List of the FACE you will not be wrong when ordering a dish. © FACE


It is important to travel with a list of gluten-free foods in your pocket, which will make your job easier when it comes to consulting what you can or cannot eat at the destination. The FACE has been publishing the Gluten Free Food List for more than twenty years and this year it has already been sent to its more than 21, 000 associates. A list of foods reviewed and that comply with European regulations that will help you when choosing the dishes suitable for celiacs of any menu.

And most interestingly, if you travel in Spain, your mobile application Facemovil uses a geolocator so you can identify the restaurants, points of sale and #glutenfree hotels closest to your position (more than 3, 000). It also includes a barcode reader so you can check products suitable for people with celiac disease (for Iphone and Android).

La Oriental

Gluten free at any time of day © La Oriental


An interesting offer of specialized travel guides for "the gluten-free adventurer" worldwide is that of The Gluten-Free Guides. All editions are divided into an index by food and others by neighborhoods, restaurants, hotels, B&B, cafes, bars and supermarkets in Italy, Spain, France and the USA. UU are perfectly ordered and classified.

For its part, Jodi Ettenberg, creator of Legal Nomads, offers on its website a downloadable Gluten Free Restaurant Cards directly on the mobile that will facilitate research work in countries such as Japan, Mexico, Greece, Vietnam, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. A field work contrasted by "a celiac who loves to eat" and by translators familiar with local recipes and languages.

Memela-stravaganza, just what the body needs. ? Memelas, corn discs topped with pork lard, beans, and toppings of your choice - often chicken tinga or fresh cheese, or the case of these memelas, salpicón medley - are delicious snacks found everywhere in Oaxaca. When I first got here I ate 4-5 a day, but have reigned myself in now? Delicious way to improve your day !! A shared post by Jodi Ettenberg (@legalnomads) on Mar 17, 2017 at 7:44 AM PDT

Experiences that combine wanderlust with the love of food is what the Glutenacious Life website gathers, which it shares from a Churros & Chocolate guide in Madrid to another essential of Parisian venues.

Behind most of the initiatives related to this disease there is usually a person diagnosed with celiac disease or who shares his life or is in the care of a celiac. This is the case Dave, who when he was in the position of having to reserve a table at Disney restaurants months before his trip (it must be done in advance) did not know very well in which of all to do so that his wife, with intolerance to gluten, I could dine normally.

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So he saw a need and created a solution: the Gluten Free Disney Dining app, which is constantly updated with the menus served in Walt Disney World (Florida) and in Disneyland (California). As he says, it is an application for those who "love Disney but can't eat gluten."

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On Amazon you will find a wide range of travel guides for celiacs written in English about countries like Italy or cities like London or New York, but it is to write the same search in Spanish and the answer is daunting: 0 results for "gluten free travel guide ".

That is why we must continue celebrating the National Celiac Day every year, so that thanks to the media interest aroused, society will be aware of its needs and rights and thus emerge more and more books, applications and travel guides, those so necessary for They can travel without stress and well informed.