Gordonut: a hamburger only suitable for the brave


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If you dared with the rainbow bagel, the traco, the cronut or the sushirrito, you are already taking to add to your list the last madness of Goiko Grill: the GORDONUT.

Kevin Bacon, M-30, Yankee … Are you faithful to one of them or every time you open the Goiko Grill letter invades the decision? Dear burgerlover, we are pleased to introduce you the Gordonut, the new addition of the chain that is loaded with sugar.

The ingredients? Two beef burgers, American cheese, bacon bits, fried egg, maple syrup and two donuts flanking everything!

Gordonut alt=

Goodbye bread … hello donuts! © Goiko Grill

"This is a special edition framed within the FOB movement (F * ck Operation Bikini), which defends the freedom to treat ourselves at any time of the year while we are happy and we are comfortable with our body, " comment from Goiko Grill to Traveler.es.

You can order your Gordonut from Monday to Friday at all Goiko in Spain until June 21.

We donut care!

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A special sweet and savory edition only until June 21! © Goiko Grill