The best restaurants in Guipúzcoa


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Alameda (Minasoroeta, 1 tel. 943 64 27 89; €€€)

Outstanding family restaurant with the Txapartegui brothers always on top of Basque cuisine.

The years pass and this splendid food house with a glazed terrace is still among the favorite places of those who appreciate the kitchen of “fetén” product, nuanced with modern and elegant touches, always harmonious and respectful with that luxury pantry eminently linked to the Basque.

Culinary jewelry such as txipirones, cimarrón, anchovies, draft birds, beef, apples or walnuts parade through the Txapartegi tables , in aesthetically and gastronomically well-designed ways.

The feeling of familiarity that floods the entire restaurant is one of his greatest successes.

Restaurante Alameda

The Txapartegui brothers always on top of Basque cuisine © Restaurante Alameda


Elkano (Herrerieta, 2 tel. 943 14 00 24) $$$$

One of the undisputed temples of the grill and seafood cuisine. Pioneer in some roasts. In this legendary barbecue at street level, a hake of a hake was grilled for the first time, a great contribution to the Basque culinary collection that we owe to chef Pedro Arregi. His son Aitor is the continuation of the legend and also the transition point towards new adventures or risks.

Although there is an annual pilgrimage to eat his grilled turbot, which is really very good, one advises not to miss out on anything in the world his apotheosis of lobster, possibly the best in the world. The Michelin star has done great justice to its history.

Thank you for your diligent room service and the new wine list open to the world.

La sencillez de unas buenas brasas: Elkano

The simplicity of good embers: Elkano © Elkano

Fagollaga (Barrio Ereñotzu, 68-69 tel. 943 55 00 31) $$$$

The getaway is justified with some of the memorable creations of chef Ixak Salaberría.

At the end of the last century this family-run restaurant rose to the altars of criticism for the superb dishes that rounded its chef, a member of the clan.

He won a few prizes with unforgettable bites, such as the updated French toast with green apple sorbet and pine nuts or with its elegant broths and infusions.

Virtuoso cook, gifted for creativity and the best traditional cuisine, combines both culinary. There is a good quality price relation. If you find seafood dishes on your visit, do not hesitate. They are extraordinary.

Fagollaga alt=

The great surprise of Hernani © Facebook / Fagollaga

Martín Berasategui (Loidi, 4 tel. 943 36 64 71) $$$$

In the countryside, very close to Donostia, with a full reputation justified in every way.

Perfectionist in the different areas of his work, with a technical and cultural mastery of the admirable profession, Martín Berasategui is leaving a portentous culinary legacy that shelters, with its corresponding vintage, in its tasting menus.

There are dishes that can not be missed to understand the importance of its author, such as caramelized smoked eel strudel, foie gras, spring onion and green apple .

Restaurant with ample spaces, own orchard, superb cava and a dream terrace to enjoy during the best days of spring and summer.

It is usual, and it is appreciated, that the chef shows diners the impressive facilities.

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Landa (Garagartza, 32 tel. 943 75 60 28) $$$$

Many have it on their top of product restaurants, with seafood at their head.

The fame of this restaurant in Mendaro, a Gipuzkoan population in the Deba river basin, is a food house with few tables served in all aspects by the Landa brothers and their wives .

The obsession of the owners to provide themselves with the best of the market and offer it at any price, without fear of the location, almost clandestine, has provided the place of worship with the place.

The genre of the day is sung in the room and is officiated in a classic way with grill included. The foie gras and the best wines and sausages are never lacking. The Landes are expert mushroom hunters and gatherers, so, in season, ask for both.

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Zuberoa (Araneder Bidea Barrio Iturriot tel. 943 49 12 28) $$$$$

One of those places to go at least once in a lifetime: great pleasures.

It is, possibly, everyone's favorite restaurant, although then in the media, lists and lists it is not granted the recognition due. Located in a beautiful and ancestral family-friendly hamlet with a porch-terrace that would delight Luchino Visconti, the Zuberoa retains that style that fuses Basque with the deeds of the French border cuisine.

Result: silk sauces, a truly masterful combination of products and the signature of the majestic Hilario Arbelaitz, who hopefully never retires.

It is imperative to try the foie gras stew with chickpea broth, an authentic masterpiece of cooking .


Your porch-terrace would delight Visconti © Zuberoa


Mugaritz (Aldura Aldea, 20 tel. 943 52 24 55) €€€€€

Cooking without limits of any kind is that offered by Andoni Adúriz, for many the greatest chef in the world.

Wonderful design hamlet embedded in a unique rural setting and chaired by the border oak ( mugaritz in Basque ). This is a bright restaurant where the new gastronomic ceremonies of the 21st century are executed masterfully , from the choreography of the room by employees of many countries to the fact of eating on the move.

A total performance, with a kitchen that is as sensitive and sensory as sometimes unheard and risky, but always of extreme delicacy. Long and diligent menus with many sublime details.

Botany has a very important role in space and in the kitchen of Mugaritz.

Esto es un bocadillo de kokotxas aliñadas

This is a snack of seasoned kokotxas © José Luis López de Zubiría / Mugaritz


Agorregui (Portuetxe, 15 tel. 943 22 43 28) $$$

Essential in Donostia if you want to taste a large updated classic kitchen.

Gorka Arcelus, one of those great Basque chefs not at all media, has carved over the years an almost hidden restaurant, in the university area and next to the Diario Vasco, where the local cookbook that has given such fame has brought to glory with elegance and surprising interpretation to the city

Spartan facilities, few tables and some dishes for the memory, such as the "Garlic" with carabineros, the squid in its ink with cream of cabbage, or the spicy veins and calves. Beatriz Bengoetxea, Gorka's wife, is in charge of the room.

There are also more cosmopolitan airs, such as tomato ravioli with Parmesan air.

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Akelarre (Paseo Padre Orcolaga, 56 tel. 943 31 12 09) $$$$$

Tall kitchen that admirably combines modernity and the first Guipuzcoan tradition.

Spectacular stage with endless windows open to the Cantabrian where the great Pedro Subijana, one of the architects of the New Basque Kitchen, acts as a master of ceremonies squandering imagination with his praised trapntojos, edible simulations of classic and modern dishes in which the native raw material It occupies a special role.

Their tasting menus are exemplary by conception, variety and aesthetic sense. Impeccable service, wine list and spirits. Dazzling new design hotel for gourmet travelers.

The reception and coffee-cup area has been renovated, with very appropriate interior design.

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Amelia (Moraza, 1B (Gate in Prim, 34) tel. 943 84 56 47) $$$$$

It is, without any doubt, the riskiest restaurant that has opened in Donostia in many years.

A gastronomic and sensory experience like those offered by the great chefs is what the Argentine Paulo Airaudo has proposed to be embedded in the Donostiarra jet of the restoration, something difficult.

It has a very well mounted place and with a proposal that will leave no one indifferent to content, creativity and price of three figures. Nomadic chef where there are them, Paulo preaches the revaluation of forgotten products and artisans. Aim for the highest.

Complex schedule to reserve and possibility of harmonizing each dish with its glass of wine.

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Arzak (Avda. Mayor José Elosegui, 273 tel. 943 27 84 65) €€€€€

Legend among the legends of our kitchen, Arzak is a wonderful luxury family food house

Juan Mari Arzak, the most legendary chef in Euskadi, still keeps the clientele and criticism in suspense, season after season, with his inexhaustible creative energy, which owes in large part to that fabulous dream team that accompanies him and that his daughter Elena captains.

Its restaurant is still among the first of the already essential guide The World´s 50 Best Restaurants and is the longest among our three Michelin stars. Camaraderie atmosphere, a sparkling kitchen with luxury produce and always a few crazy things in snacks and desserts.

Eating in the kitchen or visiting the creative laboratory are those privileges that are not forgotten.

Arzak alt=

Infallible © Arzak

Bokado (Pza. Jacques Cousteau, 1 tel. 943 43 18 42) $$$$

The location dreamed by any hotelier, at the top of the Aquarium and overlooking La Concha. On the table . Few places in the world are so privileged to share a table, pintxos and a remarkable cuisine like this restaurant of the Santamaría brothers, owners of one of the most prestigious hotel companies in the country for their events and their offer of miniature cuisine, which is all the rage .

This Bokado is also a business exploitation partner of the one in the San Telmo Museum, but just for the visual spectacle of the landscape it is worth coming here. His skillful cuisine ranges from the recipes that San Sebastian likes most and international dishes.

If time permits, eat on the terrace. If not, its large windows solve the photo.

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Casa Urola (Fermín Calbetón, 20 tel. 943 44 13 71) $$$

Over time and the arrival of chef Pablo Loureiro has become one of the indisputable Donostiarras.

Located in the heart of the Old Town, the Urola was one of the historical ones in the area until its fame went out. A few years ago, this chef resumed that dazzled us in Brandar de Ondarreta for his virtuosity when it comes to handling and treating fish and shellfish primarily, which he continues to do today.

He also officiates mushrooms and meats with temper, but diving with delight and tranquility one of his sublime squid, boat soles or his grilled hake kokotxas is something absolutely unforgettable.

The original street bar of the Urola continues with the pintxos and portions of the chef's author.

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Eme Be Garrote (Camino de Igara, 33 tel. 943 22 79 71) €€€

The highly anticipated contemporary cider house by Martín Berasategui lives up to his business skills.

Maintaining the essence and respecting the original architecture of the old Urkiola cider house in Igara, Martín Berasategui expands his gastronomic emporium with this Eme Be, initials of his name.

Local adapted to the times of modernity that touch us, with a spectacular look where the kupelas (giant barrels) are protagonists next to firewood and other design accessories. As David de Jorge has said, with great ingenuity, a “Basque” steakhouse with a different and very well established traditional menu . Desserts with the teacher's signature.

Fantastic creamy fish soup with hake and shrimp dice, with service ritual included.

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Kokotxa (Bell Tower, 11 tel. 943 42 19 04) $$$

An oasis in the meantime pintxo in the Old Town, with Dani López as responsible.

Small restaurant in the heart of the most popular neighborhood of San Sebastián, which since its opening was planned to get out of the norm: the crowded miniature snack bars and the traditional cuisine.
He did it with style and personality, thanks to his chef, a professional outside the mass media, who prefers to focus on his concerns.

Harmonious cuisine, of magnificent raw material and with a plus of creativity that is appreciated. Great market menu with seasonal products. The framework is perfect to live the “kokotxa experience” live.

Restaurante Kokotxa

The product squared © Kokotxa Restaurant

Viewpoint of Ulía (Paseo de Ulía, 193 tel. 943 27 27 07) $$$$

Tall kitchen in a strategic place, ideal to contemplate the city in all its splendor.

Rubén Trincado is involved in keeping alive the flame of the new generation of chefs who preserve the gastronomic prestige of the capital.

This is a place that takes away by its elegance contained in the decorative, by the feeling of being in one of those great food houses of a lifetime and, above all, because in this stately villa converted into a restaurant there is a sensible kitchen in its technical and ideological modernity . Dining-terrace of the best.

Trincado has a special interest in tuning the gilda, the quintessential San Sebastian pintxo.

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Rekondo (Paseo de Igueldo, 5 tel. 943 21 29 07) $$$

Classic among the classics of San Sebastián. A whole alphabet of the best Basque cuisine.

Staying 50 years at the summit and having one of the most exciting wineries in the world allows us to talk about legends and luxuries by portraying this wonderful Donostiarra farmhouse, hanging on a bend with a curve of aúpa on the climb to Monte Igueldo.

The cuisine in a permanent state of appreciation is due to the fact that it captures the essence of the traditional Basque and Guipuzcoan cuisine in an honest and masterly manner, with some raw raw materials and with a wisdom in the facts that are not easy to find. Txomin Rekondo is due this joy.

The charming bar at the entrance is perfect for uncorking some of its oenological jewels.

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Xarma (Miguel Imaz, 1 tel. 943 31 71 62) $$$

Apart from the "superstars" it is possibly the most interesting haute cuisine restaurant in the city.

The couple formed by Aizpea Oihaneder and Xavier Díez handle with their ten short tables and offer a subtle, modern and tasty cuisine in the El Antiguo area, near the universities.

Its small size allows an enviable kitchen control and guarantees a couple of tasting menus (the only offer) of those to take note by measure, variety, harmonies and execution technique, without fireworks. Some of his creations have been worthy of a prize, such as the unforgettable marrow with a sweet broth of chickpeas.

Very modern desserts with a traditional aroma, such as curd ice cream with vanilla snow.

Xarma alt=

The most interesting haute cuisine restaurant in the city (beyond superstars) © Xarma


Kabia (Legazpi, 5 tel. 943 72 62 74) $$

One of our favorite Gipuzkoan restaurants. A media cover, one of those to visit anyway.

Mushrooms, cod and game make up the favorite list of Juanma Hurtado, a high school chef who worked with the Cousseau in the luxurious Hotel López de Haro in Bilbao and would end up being head chef. Which indicates that we are facing a first level chef, who preferred to return to his village and open this sensational food house with his wife.

The greatness of its cuisine is that it also gives a simple but great roast chicken than a dish a more sophisticated tad when the occasion requires it. Everything is as cozy as it is lovely.

His menu of the day has triumphed for years, something logical given the chef's class.

Kabia alt=

Mushrooms, cod and game … the best © Kabia


Asador Bedua (Barrio Bedua, s / n tel. 943 86 05 51) $$$

One of the steakhouses that are always among the best in the Basque Country. Exceptional raw material.

Located next to an old shipyard and surrounded by orchards that line the Urola River and provide the pantry, the Bedua is one of the great Basque steakhouses. The environment is somewhat dilapidated, but it has a special charm that is transmitted to the interior, where stone and wood predominate with cozy lights.

In the culinary, there is an absolute prominence of its masterful “wrapped” potato omelette, home-grown vegetable salads and the majestic pieces of fish and meat, impeccably grilled .

For curious travelers, here was the scene of the restaurant of Eight Basque surnames.

€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

* You can find the Gastronomic and Wine Guide of 2018 in digital version for your devices, in Apple, Zinio and Google Play .

Asador Bedua

Its surroundings impress © Asador Bedua