Fourteen unique dishes for seven islands: that's how we eat the Canary Islands


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Mestizaje cuisine using the local product takes hold on the islands as one of the most replicated trends in 2017. We will meet them all.

Onion cod . Stew with stir fried onion, pepper, garlic, wine, bay leaf and spices.
Goat meat in sauce . Powerful flavor, with wine and spice sauce (and cooking hours).
Fish Casserole It is one of the great Canary stews. In the 'mashed' of spices and the fish chosen is the secret.

Black pig
Variety of native pig in recovery process. Smaller, fatty and juicy meat.

Rabbit in Salmorejo . Stew with a strong flavor and picón that is accompanied by stewed potatoes.

Gofio Escaldón . A kind of thick porridge based on wheat and / or roasted corn and ground with fish stock or stew. Take chopped cheese, onion or meat.
Chickpeas Stew very tasty. Every master has his own trick.

Doce platos únicos para siete islas: así nos comemos las Canarias

Grilled barnacles with coriander mojo © iStock

Grilled Barnacles They are placed in a pan on their backs and coriander mojo is added.

Roasted cheese with green mojo . It is made with fresh hot goat cheese and green mojo is added.

Potatoes with ribs and pineapples . Pork rib stew, millo pineapples and potatoes, with coriander mojo.
Black potatoes with palmo red mojo . It is the most consumed cover on the islands. Wrinkled old potatoes (don't wrinkle!) With mojo picón.
Potas in sauce . Mollusc very similar to squid that is stewed in a blunt and spicy sauce. It is served with potatoes.

Watercress soup. Traditional stew of La Gomera. The usual thing is to eat it accompanied by gofio.

Canarian stew. It takes up to 15 ingredients: vegetables, legumes, meats and tubers. It is completed with its soup and gofio escaldón. Each island has its own variants.

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