Mallorca: logbook to spend the summer like a king


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The royalty chose it as a summer resort for a simple reason: here it is summer like a king. But Mallorca is not only for July and August, but also (and even more) for the rest of the year. It is true that not long ago, the island spent a sleepy time, but in recent years an infinite number of projects have put it back in its place.

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Fachada del hotel OD Port Portals, Mallorca

Facade of the OD Port Portals hotel, Mallorca © DR Traveler Writing


Cap Rocat Here is a princess story. Or the closest thing to it, since this luxury hotel occupies a medieval military fortress. Its privileged situation, which in its previous life had defensive functions, now offers the best views of a handful of lucky people: guests of its 24 suites (from € 530), some with private pools.

The gastronomic offer is in line with the height of the hotel in its two restaurants, both in the Sea Club, where the binomial Mediterranean product plus Mallorcan oven prevails, as in La Fortaleza, with gastronomic menus of haute cuisine by chef Víctor García. For many, "the site" to celebrate something special. They open from March 15 to November 5-10.

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The residence. The romantic town of Deià and the Sierra Tramuntana, cypresses, bougainvillea, olive trees, postcard panoramas, lots of art and a swimming pool where you can envy yourself: Mediterranean cube with the seal of the Belmond group. The night costs from € 730.

Its gastronomic restaurant, El Olivo, brings the same concept of simple luxury to the plate: the most exquisite of Mallorca under a contemporary look. Closed in winter until March 22.

Gran Meliá de Mar. From € 233 per night, it is an Adults Only to unleash epicurean pleasures. You have to bathe in its small cove, enjoy its Spa by Clarins and try the breakfast designed by Marga Coll, a 2 and a half hour tour of the archipelago in the form of jams, salted fish, coconuts, sweets …

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Terra Santa's Inn . Behind the cathedral, in an Mallorcan mansion located in an alley of difficult access, this intimate, elegant and discreet hotel is hidden , perfect for romantic and / or passionate escapades.

Staying in one of its 26 rooms, from € 160 (without breakfast), is a pleasure of the real ones. As it is also go up to your roof to have a cocktail or relax in the heated pool (in the old grain warehouse), or dine at its restaurant, La Despensa del Barón.

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OD Port Portals. Architect Victor Rahola and interior designer Mayte Matutes have given new life to an old building in Puerto Portals.

The result is this arty hotel with 77 rooms from € 130.50 (with breakfast) of contemporary Mediterranean air, a terrace where fun things always happen and common areas perfect for all kinds of meetings.

Can Mostatxins Crude is a suitable word to define this hotel in a 15th century house in the old town of Alcudia. Crude is its decoration, sober, without artifice, leaving the stone in sight. With rooms from € 140 and breakfast included.

Crude is the design of its furniture, of pure lines and Scandinavian air, and crude are, also, its colors, in the range of the ocher. In August they open a second hotel in the house next door, the Can Mostatxins Frare, with 11 restaurant rooms and champagne bar.

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Ca's Papa. This little hotel located in Valldemossa was decorated by interior designer Lluisa Llul, one of the best known of the island.

The cozy air of its thirteen rooms from € 150 (some with a frontal view of the Cartuja!), With details such as Nenuco colony in the bathroom and a spectacular homemade breakfast confirm the original intention of the name: being here is how to be at home to (from dad).

Santa Clara Urban Hotel and Spa. From € 116 the rooms are sober and functional, with wooden beamed ceilings and stone walls. Its strengths are the spa (for clients, with sauna and Turkish bath) and a rooftop overlooking the imposing Cathedral.

Mom Hotel. This boutique hotel, of the Capuccino Group, is the latest addition to the hotel landscape of the capital. We anticipate that it has an inspiration spa in a hammam and a cinema, all decorated by Jacques Grange, nothing less. The price of the rooms is from € 142 per night.

Hotel Gran Meliá Mar

Gran Meliá Mar Hotel © DR Traveler Writing


Yard. With an average price from € 50 Macarena de Castro is one of the flags of the new Mallorcan cuisine. Mallorcan really: in the recipes, in the suppliers, in the calendar, but also in embracing the airs that blow on the island in the 21st century.

Among its last dishes, grilled red mullet with seafood fideuà or baked porcella with roasted apple, fried eggplant and spicy onion . More casual is its El Bistro restaurant .

Andreu Genestra, at the Predi hotel are Jaumell tasting menus from € 58. This hotel is valid for everything: to rest, to fall in love, to write a bestseller or to give yourself a gastronomic tribute.

Behind this part is Andreu Genestra, a Mallorcan chef with talent and determination, involved in revaluing the recipe book and the products of the island. His orchard, which he supplies, is a good reflection of this concern. It has several tasting menus, from € 58 to € 105 (without harmonies).

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Zaranda Fernando Pérez Arellano receives the diners to porta gayola: in the castle of San Claret, which does not stay big for what awaits them at the plate.

With an average price from € 130, yours is a Mallorcan cuisine in constant evolution and with impressive and contemporary presentations (as shown, the Oyster Majorica or the Blue Hole). You should not miss the proposals of casquería: embroider them.

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Ca Na Toneta. With a menu from € 55 and an average price of € 70, the Solivellas sisters do a real archeology job by digging into the culinary tradition of the island and digging up some almost forgotten ingredients, which they serve in their Caimari restaurant without a hint of claim.

The seasons are the ones that organize the menu, the popular recipes that shape it and, from its garden and from local suppliers, the raw material comes out.

You have to arrive in time to have the aperitif in your cocktail bar, and leave without haste to browse your store, which sells the dishes of the restaurant, designed by them and made by artisans and artists of the island.

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Cinnamon. The Mallorcan chef Fabian Fuster runs this restaurant in a little street in the center that is, without a doubt, one of the best places to eat in Palma right now.

Parisian decoration and Mediterranean food with Asian fusion . Sounds like this: scallops wrapped in kataifi on seaweed and flying fish roe or Vietnamese lobster rolls. It has an area with open kitchen. It works for a romantic date and the price goes from € 40.

From Tokyo to Lima. Nikkei-Mediterranean fusion on the roof of the Can Alomar hotel, on the Paseo del Borne. In Bernardi's German menu, there are raw and marinades such as fish and seafood ceviche or beef steak tartare steak with Bombay curry aioli.

There are also hot dishes such as glazed white fish or lobster creamy rice. A must with an average price from € 50.

Nola Rich and different New Orleans food in the Santa Catalina neighborhood, accompanied by a curious selection of craft beers.

They are not lacking (they could not miss) the fried green tomatoes with cream of pepper cheese or the gumbo of tiger prawns and Creole sausage with grits of new Orlianense cheese. From € 25 average price.

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Brut Carrer la Carretera 37. Industrial environment in a ship in the middle of the town of Llubí, for a maximum of twelve people around a bar. Match your dishes with your own craft beers . Changing and surprising menu with an average price of € 50.

Amadip Absolute recommendation because it is a place that never disappoints. Value for money (from € 20) unsurpassed and fried eggs to skip the diet.

In addition, the establishment belongs to an association that collaborates with people with disabilities, who serve in the restaurant and work in their orchards. Vegetables, fruits, oil and wine leave there. Desserts and breads … are made at home.

It's Baluard In addition to eating here very well (it has a Mediterranean menu with some typical dishes of the island and the price goes from € 25), it is made with stunning views of the bay and you can enjoy the appetizer or have a drink Between sculptures

The Aquanauta Just arrived in the city, it is one of the hot spots. Among other things, for its decoration, surf and casual air, and for its informal and fresh atmosphere.

The food comes from California and Mexico (from € 20): tacos of all kinds, quesadillas, ceviches… As a good place on the crest of the wave (and never better said), here it is better not to improvise and book before.

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Polka dot pattern . It's nothing new, but Miguel Bonet's, in the Santa Catalina neighborhood, is still infallible if it's all about having fun and eating well (from € 25) in a contemporary seafood aesthetic canteen .

Be careful: the desserts have no mercy with the diner : they finish it (and not vice versa).

Badal Burger. The queues outside the establishment, in front of the Mercado del Olivar, are formed until summer and it is that with an average price from € 20 and good quality of their burgers it is not surprising. It must be said that he has some tables outside … and also that his burgers are equally good all year.

There are several fixed ones, but you can also choose the meat (the type, the weight and the point), the bread, the ingredients (bacon, onion, mahón cheese) and the accompaniment (french fries, deluxe, sweet potatoes …) Also vegetarian .

De Tokio a Lima, en el hotel Can Alomar

From Tokyo to Lima, at the Can Alomar hotel © DR Redacción Traveler


Ca'n Joan de S'aigo. Chocolate and ensaimada in individual format, better than anywhere else in Palma in this great classic. Since 1700 this establishment is open with a hearth and two branches in Palma de Mallorca. They make artisan ice cream.

Grinding Specialty in original coffees and breakfasts with local organic products . The coffees are produced by microtostadores and the milk is fresh (from Menorca) or of various vegetable types.

Arabay Coffee Roasters. It is a true coffee temple, three plants dedicated to coffee: shop, barista academy, tasting classes … and a cafeteria that serves coffee of origin and has all kinds of extraction methods.

It uses sustainable processes (no glasses or cardboard plates) and has direct contact and fair treatment with suppliers.

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La Rosa Vermutería. You can hang out with friends and drink tap vermouth in its marble bar at this beautiful neo-taverna aesthetic place . But not only that, but also to chop the portions that leave your kitchen, including your must-have tortilla.

Avoid rush hours. They make reservations for a minimum of seven people. They have recently opened a grocery store next door to buy sobrasadas, cheeses and preserves. His replica, the Rosa Chica, is in the Santa Catalina neighborhood.

Brassclub After trips to various parts of the world, the Salamanca bartender Rafa Martín has found in Passeig Mallorca de Palma the perfect place for his cocktail bar.

New York Aires, classic drinks, own creations and snacks. Martín is also in charge of Coquetier, where he serves classic cocktails with southern inspiration.

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Nicolás bar. Cult cocktails where you can enjoy good classic cocktails (Bellini, Aperol Spritz, Manhattan …).

Impressive selection of distillates (especially gins from around the world), which can be accompanied with something to snack on: bravas, cheese board, salads (they are very famous)… It is close to Plaça del Mercat. In summer, terrace.

Ginbo Huge variety of gins (hence its name, Gin bo, "good gin") and good team of bartenders.

Its signature is the Ginbo Garden (Hendrick's, peppermint, cucumber, ginger, lemon juice and liquid sugar). Good atmosphere and good music.

La Rosa Vermutería & Colmado

La Rosa Vermutería & Colmado © DR Redacción Traveler


The Babel Library. The modernist building of the first hotel in the city (the amazing Gran Hotel, made by Lluís Domènec i Montaner) is now occupied by the Caixaforum.

Inside, in addition to several exhibition halls, there is this bookshop with a selected selection of books that make mustaches to paper lovers, art, design, photography … and beautiful things in general.

Literanta Here the hours pass at full speed . A lifelong bookstore attended by vocational and passionate booksellers. It also has a cafeteria to “wet” the pleasure of reading. They offer creative writing workshops .

Rialto Living It is the closest thing to a concept store in Mallorca. Decoration, men's and women's clothing and various whims in a beautiful Mallorcan stone house that makes everything exposed. You can not miss the cafeteria or, of course, the art gallery.

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Sant Feliu style. Typically Mallorcan decoration brand and shop where ceramic, olive wood or iron objects, cushions and all kinds of textiles with decorations of Majorcan languages fit . Its latest development is the launch of an organic wine with DO from the island.

German watchmaking. From 1879 dates this elegant boutique of the Colón street that runs the fourth generation of the same family: the Fuster.

The beautiful building where it is located and the modern design of the store serve as a chest to what is sold here: unique pieces such as Danish jewels Ole Lynggaard, Italian Vhernier or New York Mizuki and watches of the best European firms. It has several branches in the capital.

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Paula's room. Antonia Julià personally chooses the garments and accessories that are sold in this multi-brand boutique that does not conform to the conventional.

Clothing from firms such as Anine Bing, Amator, Samsoe & Samsoe, Momonì, IRO, Rocking Horses or Magnolia Trendy, jewelry from Hevn or Cristina Zazo, and shoes from It Shoes .

Mallorca Puzzles. A playful store where they sell puzzles of all kinds, puzzles, wooden games, logic … Highly recommended to get out of the usual toys.

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