The best restaurants in the province of Álava


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Bideko (Bideko, s / n Lezama tel. 945 89 06 33) $$$

Beautiful farmhouse in the Alava Valley of Ayala with many details that will appreciate the most demanding diners.

Undisputed gastronomic reference in this Alava area bordering Vizcaya . Everything that surrounds this unique hamlet is a luxury for the traveler, even more so in a province still lacking in appealing addresses.

Timeless cuisine and pleasant service by the Guinea brothers, fine hills that always offer golleries such as their foie gras; a sausage sausage of the best that can be found or dishes with academic sauces that seem from another place less bucolic. Its success is also due to the fabulous stew of beans with tripping.

It is legendary among lovers of perretxics, mushrooms with a unique perfume.

Bideko alt=

The hamlet of the Ayala valley © Bideko


Lola (Mayor, 26 tel. 945 33 70 62) $$$

Who writes this has chosen it as "restaurant of the year in Álava". A surprise in a small town.

It is incredible that still many fans of good gastronomy do not know about this establishment of Berantevilla, a former popular steakhouse of chops and lamb that for years has totally turned around to turn it into a restaurant with exciting cuisine.

The surprise they will take will be capitalized when tasting the creations of Alberto Molinero, a young and virtuous chef who demonstrates in his menus tasting great delicacy and sense of harmonies at prices that should be studied, by measure, for the level that is offer.

Ask the chef for his other places in the nearby Miranda de Ebro, which go "like a shot".

El sueño de Alberto Molinero

Alberto Molinero's dream © Oula


Marquis de Riscal (Torrea, 1 tel. 945 18 08 80) $$$$

Enogastronomic tourism summit for its cuisine and for the spectacular building, designed by the architect Frank Ghery, where it is located.

Advised by Francis Paniego, chef of Echaurren de Ezcaray (La Rioja), since his opening he smelled successful.

Located in the futuristic titanium building designed by the architect of the Guggenheim for the centennial cellar of Elciego, it is a restaurant with two clear options: the one that proposes that avant-garde kitchen contained and well thought out, Paniego style, and the one that is offered at prices more content in Bistro 1860, annex dining room where the popular recipes of Marisa, the advisor's mother, succeed.

Strategic point to visit the rest of the great wineries in the area and contemplate the sea of ​​vineyards.

Marqués de Riscal

The Marquis de Riscal Wineries, by architect Frank Gehry © Getty Images


Villa Lucía (Ctra. Logroño, s / n tel. 945 60 00 32) €€€

Very interesting gastronomic space with new restaurant grill and multiple activities during the year.

The recent opening of the Villa Lucía Wine Theme Center restaurant has solved the lack of a large grill in Laguardia and its surroundings.

When applying this adjective we refer to a site where different types of embers are cared for, fed with removed strains, pruning branches or holm oak branches .

An admirable fire where meat from the Alavesa mountain and from nearby farms are roasted, in a decorative environment perfectly integrated into such an international landscape. The Lavín are still looking forward to new experiences.

It has a small but curious Museum of Wine, with magnificent audiovisuals.

Villa Lucía

The grill is taken care of here © Villa Lucía


Laua (Langarika, 4 tel. 945 30 17 05) $$$$

Apart from the mundane noise, in the plain of Alava, it surprises with a remarkable and unexpected tasting menu.

Peculiar restaurant that in the purely gastronomic goes out of the norm that prevails in this province, since the chef and owner offers an exclusive menu, in which you can find references of creations of the “stellar” chefs, although always with the touch staff of their own authorship.

The composition of this long, and not exactly narrow , menu (which must be booked at least one day in advance), depends on what can be found in the market and the culinary concerns of the host.

His time as a teacher in the Hospitality Schools is evident in the technique of dishes. PS My gin-tonics are mythical, prepared with the Articube glass cooler, an Alava invention that is also very popular in many places.


Hotel Viura (Mayor, s / n tel. 945 60 90 00) $$$$

Among vineyards in the middle of Rioja Alavesa, in the hotel of the same name. Outstanding attempt for a level kitchen.

Hotel-restaurant that simulates a large cluster of cubes lying on the town of Villabuena de Álava, village of eminent wineries that do not want to be left behind in the successful wine tourism career.

All the iconography of the wine, obviously, is present in any corner, from the vats suspended in the ceiling of the dining room to the associations of dishes of the tasting menu with very well selected wines.

Cuisine with personality and modernity in the staging within a philosophy that seeks to respect traditional flavors.

It is a pleasure to have a few glasses of wine (or the others) contemplating the summer nights.

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Andere (Gorbea, 8 tel. 945 21 49 30) $$$$

He is advised by David Yarnoz, from El Molino de Urdániz, a guarantee.

Restaurant of the historical of Vitoria, commanded by the great professional Fabián Tobalina and his son Álvaro, responsible for the transition that the business has to experience to attract other audiences.

With a decoration that should be updated and large spaces for celebrations, the arrival as an advisor to the great chef Navarre allows you to savor some of his extraordinary creations, such as the anthological sardine to beech smoke with pickled mayonnaise and roasted tender onion. To focus on the letter, first of all.

It has a magnificent interior terrace and an attached pintxos bar that has a lot of level.

Restaurante Andere

Don't miss your terrace © Restaurante Andere

El Clarete (Near Low, 18 tel. 945 26 38 74) $$$

Updated Basque cuisine with signature touches, very smart and tasty, at prices that are appreciated

Enduring with everything that is put forward, call it “crisis” or “new hotel trends, ” the brothers Unai and Patxi Fernández de Retana continue to challenge all the devils of the business with a small place, limited in service and staff, but where gastronomic acquires one of the highlights of Gasteiz.

Renovated in a substantial way to gain space, the menu has also been redesigned, adapting to the infrastructure and day to day with its skillful menus ; a change that has not touched at all the philosophy of the house and its passion for the pantry of the earth .

Unai has an eye-magnifying glass to select wines from the category that do not scare VISA .

Alubia arrocina alavesa del Clarete

Bean rice Clavete alavesa © El Clarete

El Portalón (Correría, 151 tel. 945 14 27 55) $$$$

Located in an impressive building, an old 14th-century post house. Classic kitchen very remarkable.

For decades it has been the restaurant of celebrations and business enterprises for its magnificent facilities and its careful architecture.

The Ortiz de Zárate family, well-known Vitorian hoteliers and also owners of the successful Arkupe, has taken over the property and has expanded its offer of the Basque popular recipe book with some more modern dishes and a good oven for roast lamb.

Hake kokotxas in green sauce are wonderful, like being served even by perfectly uniformed waitresses.

On weekends they propose an informal pecking in the entrance area, which is sweeping.

Ravioli de langostino de El Portalón

El Portalón shrimp ravioli © Twitter / El Portalón

The House of Napoleon (Portal de Castilla, 54 tel. 945 77 88 00) €€

In the house that the French emperor named after him once occupied , chef Jorge Ezquerra has made a target.

After several attempts, it seems that this historic house has found its right chef and its business model.

Jorge Ezquerra is a hardworking Vitorian cook, with a great hand for “yummy” stews and with a grateful sensitivity to turn the simple into something memorable, as evidenced in any of his splendid tasting menus and menus of the day, both at prices almost laughable for his gender and culinary level.

The complement of the glazed terrace adds attractiveness . Won battle.

Depending on the season, there are always artisan products in the House to take note.

La Casa de Napoleón

Dining room of La Casa de Napoleón © La Casa de Napoleón

Zaldiarán (Avda. Gasteiz, 21 tel. 945 13 48 22) $$$$

Haute cuisine with star . The best chefs in the world have passed through their kitchens thanks to their mythical congresses.

If this restaurant in Vitoria had been in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Bilbao, we are convinced that it would be one of the great ones, within what is understood by the gastronomic academicism of our country.

But, unfortunately, the Basque capital does not have the pull it should, despite the fact that the great revolution of modernity was forged in these halls.

The important thing for the traveler is to pass memories and taste in a pleasant way the impeccable dishes of chef Patxi Eceiza, very delicate and with a product that the boss, Gonzalo Antón, takes care with absolute primacy.

Buy the book that tells the story of the Zaldiaran Congresses . All started here.

Bogavante asado y flambeado al Armagnac con ajos confitados y patata torneada de Zaldiarán

Roasted lobster and flambéed with Armagnac with candied garlic and turned potato from Zaldiarán © Zaldiarán

€ Less than € 10

€€ Up to € 20

€€€ Up to € 50

$$$$ Over € 50

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