Paco Pintón signs the new Condé Nast Traveler campaign


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Becoming one of the mainstream of Paco Pintón's followers (@pacopinton) is inevitable. We have already done so by making him captain of our first foray into the world of traveling fashion. From today you can get your #YoSoyTraveler sweatshirt designed by Paco Pintón by subscribing to the Condé Nast Traveler Spain magazine .

Designer and art integrator in everything he does - he comes from the world of publishing, he loves music and is also a dj -, he began creating sweatshirts and t-shirts inspired by the taste of his friends, “who were responsible for creating a kind Pintón aesthetic current ”, jokes the designer.

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Its textile minimalism has always been attracted to pure colors, simple geometric shapes, natural fabrics and simple language.

"However, what truly captivates me is that fusion between an artistic trend that claims the least with the most lush and profuse proposal of tropicalism, with its warm colors and certain motifs that are part of my most recognizable universe, " he explains.

But Paco Pintón is also rock and roll, with pieces that always wink at icons that are already effigies of fashion.

“In The Kiss, my latest collection, I was inspired by the figure of the pirate and his secret islands that existed outside the reach of kingdoms and governments. Enclaves that can be considered societies guided only by freedom, ”he confesses.

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The trips are also “an eternal and recurring suggestion” in his work, as in the Rock the Club collection, the result of “a summer in Tangier. The desert and its colors are an unprecedented exoticism for a European retina. "

He continues that “ the Mediterranean also inspires me , always the Mediterranean, with its cities like Beirut, Palma or Alexandria. I am seduced by southern indolence, living in the present moment in an eternal dolce far niente .” Visit his website to learn more about This artist and his works.

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