There are 25 burgers hidden in Madrid, do you accept the challenge?


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If today you are in Madrid through the areas of Plaza España, Tribunal or Chueca and you see people as crazy looking through the bushes, through shop windows or under street furniture, do not panic, it is not that they are back to the Pokemons hunt: they are hunting hamburgers!

On the occasion of the International Hamburger Day, which will be celebrated worldwide on May 28, the North American chain Carl's Jr. has hidden 25 hamburgers 'lying' for various places in the capital so that those who find them can exchange them for the real ones, those that contain the authentic Californian flavor in their recipes.

Not only for one, no, but for many (they will give a total of 240). For example, of the eight hidden today Friday, four will have as a prize a check with a free hamburger a week for a month and the other four will contain the same weekly amount only that the period to enjoy them will be three months.

And if you are not lucky - or at work they do not accept that you have to go out to meet this hamburger objective - do not worry, the challenge continues throughout the weekend and until Monday.

On Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 there will be seven hidden burgers every day. Four of them with free hamburger checks for one month and the rest for three months.

The jackpot will arrive on International Hamburger Day, when those who locate any of the three hidden hamburgers get a weekly hamburger for half a year as a reward .

Carl's Jr Gran Via Madrid

California Dreams! © Carl's Jr

The mechanics are very simple: you must be very attentive to the social networks of Carl's Jr. from early in the morning, which will be when they begin to give clues about the secret hiding places of hamburgers.

Then you will have to go out to do the field work: that if you look under this bank, if what I see in the distance is a piece of beef with barbecue sauce and onion rings, will it be a Western Bacon Cheeseburger, a Portobello Mushroom or a Guacamole Bacon Angus?, if "sorry to bother you, but this hamburger is mine." Anything to get your coveted and exquisite prize.

When you have located one, you should go to Carl's Jr., in Gran Vía, 45, so that you can change the fake for the corresponding checkbook with its associated prize.

And if after so much effort you have not been able to find any, quiet, you may not go home on an empty stomach, since Carl's Jr. will leave a little more in sight 30 stars with direct invitations to his famous milkshakes Ice cream and another 30 stars to try their Chicken Tenders.

So stop reading this news and run to get your burger. And if you do not live in Madrid, this may be another good reason to visit this city this weekend.

Why not a great hangout with friends to hunt burgers? These, unlike the Pokemon, will end up being deliciously real and not virtual. Of course, remember that the weekly prize is personal and that you can only share it with your companion if you divide your hamburger in two.

Los batidos de Carl's Jr

Natural and smiling shakes. © Carl's Jr