Places to drink (and where food is an excuse)


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Because if there are 'fudis', there are also 'drinkis' (worth the word) and the drinkers (I like it much more) we have, throughout Spain, places where we know that we will be in our sauce, which is wine, of course.


Barcelona has a few places to taste rich wines, corners that could be considered small theme parks because there are more or less specialized in types of wines. But since it's not about listing everyone, I choose two where I'm a repeat offender.

One, Bar Brutal (Barra de Ferro, 1), with retro air, as of old grocery store, and specialist in natural wines. What does this mean? Get ready for a rock session with murky wines, wild aromas, fierce acidities. But also for surprising, aromatic, drinkable and seductive wines from any part of the globe.

Let yourself be tempted by a Jura straw wine, a red wine made in jars in Georgia or a sparkling punk that you will drink without realizing it. A note: Brutal is not suitable for classics, and better read the letter or ask for prices before ordering, to prevent the free will of the service give you a fright in the account.

Another, Mut Bar (Pau Claris, 192), and almost an Eixample classic where you can enjoy whole bottles and, if you have a lazy day or something lost among the letter, let yourself be advised by the staff. Oh, and here, the food, excuse, excuse, is not, to prove it try his (famous) egg carpaccio. Oh.

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Champagne … Can you really say no? Well, in San Sebastián, capital of the cinema (and the pintxos, of course) you can find Essencia (Zabaleta, 42) a place run by a real madman of the French bubbles (and wine in general), Dani Corman.

Corman is an authorized ambassador for the champagne's employer and defender not only of the big houses, but of small producers, rare products, limited editions …

To eat, the options are more local (that tortilla!). In addition to bubbles, r ebusca in its selection of other wines. You will not want to get out of there.

Essencia alt=

Essencia, the Bilbao temple of champagne © Essencia Wine Bar & Store


Come on, it is a play on words to bring up an essential among drinkers: Cork ( Mr. Poza, 45), wine tempelazo where the priest is Jonathan Hernando and where the adepts would be the envy of any Scientologist.

How a small bar, modest in appearance and in the middle of pintxos area (where what prevails is that, the pintxo and txikiteo with local wines) has become an essential for winelovers? Well, in part, for that wonderful option of drinking amazing wines by the glass.

Thanks to Coravin (a gadget that allows wine to be served without uncorking it), Jonathan serves bottles that are unusual, or almost impossible, to drink by the glass: Terroir al Límit, Lousas de Envínate or the very rare Pandorga are just a few. But you stop by Cork and … become a corkist.

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Blessed the day I landed in this seaside town of the Arosa estuary, but not because of the beautiful beach of fresh water (to say something) or how lively it is in summer, no.

Blessed because here is A Curva (Rua Rafael Pico, 56), site of wine (eye, you do not eat anything, nothing bad, but those of wine we see first the liquid card and then we look away “to see what we eat with this ").

Here Miguel Anxo Besada uncorks real treasures that, as Michelin says in his reviews, justify the trip there: with special zeal in the Galicians, you can meet old Albariños (yes, old, with a decade), monterreis, ribeiros, ribeiras you will take … not to get tired.

And if you are also a little group of the processors, you may run into one and start exchanging drinks with your table. If that happens.

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Fortunately, in Madrid you will find one with places where you do not want to order a beer when you meet the wine selection, and then there are some places that begin to consecrate (alive!).

La Fisna, which began as a corner of wines in Lavapiés and for some time has expanded functions and is a magnificent tavern on Calle Amparo, 91 (which still maintains a shop, with an appetizing selection of Burgundy, especially, but also wines special and small production Spanish and French).

Here you can order what you see on the shelf (and uncork it for a fee) or get carried away by what Delia and Iñaki tell you, captains of this project that, not without much effort, has made a place among the best bars à vins (pronounce baraván) of the city. Now that you have set up a kitchen, you know when you enter La Fisna, but not when you leave.

La Fisna

You know when you enter La Fisna, but not when you leave! © La Fisna

Although if you go out … and wanting more, stop by Bendito, wines and vinyls (Mercado de San Fernando, 41) and relax while José Ángel, the owner, uncorks any of the samples of his selection. A note: he loves natural wines and looks for labels with something to tell.

In Angelita (Reina Street, 4) the concept is another, but what a concept. David Villalón creates an impressive (and long, very long) wine list based on kicking vineyards and knowing places to bring some samples and leave the drinkers the good part, that of the drink. Glasses, half glasses, bottles … and something to eat, please … above all, their cheeses.

Angelita Madrid

David Villalón carries the wine in the genes © Angelita Madrid


Hidden since 1978, says its motto. Open secret between 'sherrylocos' and other wine fauna, it can be said. Taberna der Guerrita (San Salvador corner with Rubiños) is another one of those altars dedicated to wine that have, as always, a disturbed search engine for special, hard-to-find, exclusive things.

The Tavern has been standing for forty years and today Armando Guerra, son of the founder, maintains it at the top, who honors his surname because he gives good war in the capital of Chamomile: he organizes shameless tastings, with varied guests and scoundrels, and it is also a place where wine people take refuge to talk, exchange, learn.

Do not fear, do not bite. There you can start wandering around the store and choose from more than 200 bosses, who uncork it for a small fee. Do you want more? Yes, you also eat, but you know that is the excuse …

Der Guerrita

40 years of war © Taberna der Guerrita